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Which perform the jovian planets in order in enhancing distance from the Sun?

a. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto

b. Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune

c. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

why does Neptune show up blue and Jupiter red?

a. Neptune is hot which offers bluer thermal emission

b. Methane in Neptune"s environment absorbs red light

c. Neptune"s air molecule scatter blue light, lot as Earth"s setting does

Why is Jupiter denser than Saturn?

a. It has actually a larger proportion of rock and also metal

b. It has actually a larger proportion of hydrogen

c. Its greater mass and also gravity compress that is interior

some jovian planets provide off much more energy 보다 they receive due to the fact that of

a. Blend in your cores

b. Tidal heating

c. Recurring contraction or differentiation

the key ingredients of most satellites that the jovian planets are

a. Rock and also metal

b. Hydrogen compound ices

c. Hydrogen and also helium

why is IO much more volcanically energetic than our moon?

a. Io is lot larger

b. Io has a greater concentration of radioactive elements

c. Io has actually a different internal heat source

What is unusual around Triton?

a. That orbits its planet backward

b. The does not keep the same face towards the planet

c. The is the only moon with its own rings

which moon shows evidence of rainfall and also erosion by some liquid substance?

a. Europa

b. Titan

c. Ganymeade

Saturn"s plenty of moons affect its ring through

a. Tidal forces

b. Orbital resonances

c. Magnetic ar interactions

Saturn"s rings

a. Have actually looked usually the same since they formed together with Saturn

b. Were produced long back when tidal forces tore personally a big moon

c. Room continually provided with new particles by effects with small moons

Most volcanically active in the solar system

Hot because of tidal heating

elliptical orbit due to the fact that of orbital resonance

Has atmosphere 90% nitrogen, rest is methane and ethane

Liquid methane and ethane caused erosion

Hydrocarbon geology

No tidal heating

Only large moon in retrograde orbit

Probably captured dwarf planet

One the coldest surface since of reflectivity

Use to have actually internal heat, but not now

Around the equator, but due to the fact that of tilt, the is vertical

Saw rings because of stellar occultation (trying come observe environment when pass in front of a star)

As Triton philosophies Roche limit and also gets closer to Neptune, it was be damaged and create a lot an ext rings. Sufficient to placed Saturn come shame.

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