What's the finest means to save meat? I've heard many different principles but I number you guys are the ideal to ask.

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Store it outside of wherever you are currently living, it lasts many kind of days exterior. You can wait to prepare raw meat and also fish till it is about 50% condition and also it will cook ago as much as you 100%. Doing so prolongs the life of big amounts of food choose a whole days worth of fishing or a bear kill. You have the right to conveniently live off fish, bunnies, sticks and a magnifying glass the remainder of your life if you wanted to.

If I quarter a kill have to I harvest it best as soon as I get earlier to camp or is the degeneration the same harvested or quartered?

Thanks for the pointer. Btw that tactic only applies to pursued meat, right? Like if you store various other items exterior like canned food, garments, or devices they don't deteriorate at any kind of various rate, right?

Similarly, as soon as squatting in a cabin I periodically store items on the floor rather than in cabinets/containers. Thay doesn't rate up decay or anything does it?

Fishing huts, the storage bin in the Mountaineer's Cabin in Timberwolf, and also the metal bin on the PV farmresidence porch are all considered external -- and also will certainly massively slow-moving raw and cooked meat degeneration.

But like Corey307 says, you deserve to simply drop it on the ground as well. Animals won't touch it as far as I know.

Quick note: Do NOT keep raw meat in external containers. Ruined items disappear from containers. You have the right to still cook destroyed meat earlier to 50%.

Learned that that hard method.

Try to store the majority of of your bear and also wolf raw and outside till you hit food preparation 5. Then you won't need to problem about parasites or food poisoning.

Might need to use a fishing hut. I'm at ml waiting for my hides to cure prior to I begin my following trek.

What?? I did some tests at the PV porch with meat and the meat on the porch decayed quicker than it did outside. Are you saying the steel bin spawned on the porch provides a difference? Not trying to troll you or anything, It's just that I have actually put a lot of time into survivor mode of this game, and that doesnt sound right. I am pretty sure that storing meat in a fishing hut would likewise be detrimental. Do some tests before you take this advice!

Anywright here outside. Just drop it by means of the food selection and not the radial or droping as a decoy. I have never before had actually my food taken unless it's dropped as a decoy. I lived at Quoncollection Garage surrounded by wolves and also I constantly stored my meat out in the open exterior.

Apart from the tips right here if you acquire to food preparation level 5 also stuff you cooked periods ago which has actually really degraded won't make you sick.

Came earlier to ML after being gone for two months and had actually no problem eating cooked fish that was ~20%.

Use your DEEP FREEZE! Best is to just prepare sufficient for a couple of days and keep the rest RAW, exterior. It will certainly store pretty much forever, because also if hits 0% you have the right to still lug it earlier up to 50% by food preparation.

Raw meat degrades faster. (and I think the bags from quartering degrade also much faster, so harvest those bags asap!) Optimal meat longevity is accomplished by leaving raw meat outside, then cooking at 50% to make it 100% aacquire. Then it will certainly store for a lengthy time.

bereason even if hits 0% you have the right to still lug it earlier up to 50% by cooking.

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Not in the current version.


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