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Whether you desire to offer your hair a much-needed rest from heat-styling, or you simply don’t have anywhere to go, air-drying your hair deserve to save girlfriend time and also money.

But is air-drying your hair an excellent or bad in the lengthy run? If you Google this specific question, you’ll acquire a multitude of differing answers.

Ultimately, whether you must air dry her hair will mainly likely come down to your particular hair type.

When girlfriend air-dry your hair, girlfriend maximize the lot of time your hair retains moisture. Back this seems favor something that would certainly be good for your hair, it can actually it is in harmful end time.

“Air-drying works finest when the hair is damp, but I strongly advise against air-drying directly from as soon as it’s soaking wet,” claims Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, a celebrity hair stylist and the founder of hair expansion line TSD Hair. “The longer your hair remains wet, the an ext the cortex of her hair will swell and also break, bring about brittle ends and also lots of flyaways.”

A 2011 examine supports the assertion. It discovered that, despite hair dried with boosting levels of warm showed surface ar damage, hair that was air-dried showed much more damage to its cortex.

It transforms out, some types of hair are an ext susceptible to this.

“Thick hair can absorb a lot of water and also be prone to more damage, as hair is weakest when wet,” says Shaun Pulfrey, a hair stylist and also the founder of Tangle Teezer. “But thin hair is much less likely come absorb water, and it will certainly be less susceptible to this damage.”

So … deserve to air-drying your hair be good for you?

It can be!

Overusing her hair dryer or other heat-styling tools can eventually damage your hair. This happens because a dryer blows intense, focused heat straight onto your hair, which causes hair to shed all moisture best away. This can lead come dehydrated strands that break more easily.

That exact same 2011 study over also discovered that the higher the warm level (which researchers simulated through shortening the distance in between the hair dryer and also hair), the an ext cracks they experienced in the hair cuticle.

So, if you’re someone who depends on her trusty hair dryer every day, it might pay to give your locks a break occasionally by air-drying her hair.

Pulfrey claims your ideal bet is a combination of air- and also blow-drying. “If you have actually the deluxe of time, leave your hair come air-dry … because that about fifty percent an hour. And also then blow-dry it the rest of the means on the lowest setting,” the says.

Air-drying your hair in a way that avoids weakened strands and provides good styling calls for time and a couple of key techniques.

No matter your hair type, you’ll desire to set yourself up for success by first washing her hair through a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This can assist keep frizz in ~ bay.

Have wavy, fine, thick, or right hair? shot the Garnier totality Blends Replenishing Shampoo legendary Olive. (You have the right to pair it with the matching conditioner.) Reviewers swear by its hair-softening results and its fresh, pleasant scent.

Folks v curly or coily hair might want to try a co-wash, choose the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk curly Cleansing Conditioner. Reviewers with all curl varieties love the lavender scent, and say that the co-wash help them maintain healthy, shiny, bouncy locks.

Next, gently towel-dry your hair as best as friend can. Blot softly, focusing on her roots, till your hair is quiet wet yet not dripping or soaking anymore. Try not to approximately rub or tousle your hair.

How you end up the procedure will depend on your details hair type.

If her hair is wavy

Step 1

After friend shampoo and condition her hair, brush that out through a comb, such as the Tangle Teezer initial Brush, i beg your pardon is designed come be supplied on both wet and also dry hair.

Step 2

Apply a mix of light gel and cream with each other in her palm. “Apply through patting the product indigenous mid-length to the ends. Then, gently squeeze the product into the hair through a scrunching motion,” says Penny James, a trichologist and also the founder of new York-based coin James Salon.

Step 3

“Leave alone until fully dry. Then, you deserve to run her hands with your hair and get quite wavy, unfrizzy hair,” James adds.

If her hair is curly

Step 1

On rather wet hair, apply a mousse or gel, like the Keranique Thickening & Texturizing Mousse or the 7 Minerals Aloe Vera Gel, anywhere the hair.

Step 2

Carefully work-related the product right into the hair without fluffing the hair up as well much.

Step 3

“Leave until dry. Then, tenderness twist a couple of sections to get rid of frizz,” James says.

If her hair is coily

Step 1

When you acquire out that the shower, use a hydrating product, prefer the Alodia Haircare Curl improving Butter Crème, almost everywhere your hair and also scalp.

Step 2

“Take organized, 2-inch part of hair, starting from the sides of head, and twist the hair,” James says. “Do this everywhere the scalp till your hair is currently stretched right into a new shape.”

Step 3

“Once dry, you can gently un-twist your hair, and also you will have popping curls,” James adds.

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If her hair is fine

Step 1

After washing her hair, merely use a wide-tooth comb to part your hair the way you usually would. Let the sit and dry there is no any added products.

Step 2

“You will need to finish with a product as result of the lightly of the hair,” James notes. “Once dry, usage a little amount of L’Oréal progressed Hairstyle Lock that Bold control Hairspray to hold it right into place.”

If her hair is straight

Step 1

Apply a little amount of volume spray, like the Paul Mitchell Extra-Body rise Root Lifter every over, and brush it into your hair.

Step 2

“If your hair is cut into a lob, tuck it behind her ears and also let it collection that way,” James says. “Once dry, you deserve to release indigenous behind ears. It create a quite soft face-framing wave.”