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Date:May 14, 1607 - September 3, 1783...(Show more)Major Events:American RevolutionFrench and also Indian WarBoston MassacreBattles of SaratogaSiege the Yorktown...(Show more)Key People:Thomas JeffersonBenjamin FranklinGeorge IIIWilliam Pitt the ElderEdmund Burke...(Show more)Related Topics:Western colonialismDeclaration that IndependenceContinental CongressloyalistNavigation Acts...(Show more)Related Places:United StatesNew YorkBritish EmpireMassachusettsNew Jersey...(Show more)

The American colonies were the British colonies that were created during the 17th and early 18th century in what is currently a part of the eastern joined States. The nests grew both geographically along the Atlantic coast and also westward and also numerically come 13 from the time of their founding to the American Revolution. Your settlements expanded from what is now Maine in the phibìc to the Altamaha river in Georgia when the change began.

In 1606 King James i of England granted a charter come the Virginia agency of London come colonize the American shore anywhere between parallels 34° and 41° north and also another charter to the Plymouth agency to settle in between 38° and 45° north. In 1607 the Virginia agency crossed the ocean and established Jamestown. In 1620 the delivery the Mayflower carried about 100 Pilgrim Separatists come what is now Massachusetts, wherein the Plymouth swarm took root.

After the French and also Indian battle the british government identified that the swarms should help pay because that the cost of the war and also the postwar garrisoning that troops. It additionally began imposing tighter regulate on early american governments. Taxes, such together the sugar Act (1764) and the stamp Act (1765), aimed at raising revenue native the colonies outraged the colonists and also catalyzed a reaction that ultimately led to a revolt.

On July 2, 1776, the second Continental Congress, conference in Philadelphia, “unanimously” by the votes that 12 swarms (with brand-new York abstaining) addressed that “These United colonies are, and also of right ought to be, complimentary and elevation states.” two days later, top top July 4, the congress approved the statements of Independence, which formally reduced the colonies’ ties with good Britain and established the United says of America.

American colonies, likewise called thirteen colonies or colonial America, the 13 British colonies that were developed during the 17th and early 18th century in what is currently a component of the eastern joined States. The colonies grew both geographically along the Atlantic coast and westward and also numerically come 13 from the moment of their starting to the American transformation (1775–81). Their settlements had actually spread far beyond the Appalachians and also extended indigenous Maine in the north to the Altamaha river in Georgia when the transformation began, and also there to be at that time around 2.5 million American colonists.

The colonists were remarkably prolific. Economic opportunity, specifically in the kind of readily obtainable land, encouraged beforehand marriages and big families. Bachelors and also unwed women could not live very comfortably and also were relatively few. Widows and widowers needed partners to maintain homes and rear children and also so remarried quickly. Accordingly, most adults were married, children were numerous, and also families containing 10 or an ext members were common. Regardless of heavy losses as a result of condition and hardship, the homesteaders multiplied. Their numbers were also greatly enhanced by continuing immigration from good Britain and from Europe west that the Elbe River. In Britain and also continental Europe the colonies were looked upon as a soil of promise. Moreover, both the homeland and also the nests encouraged immigration, offering inducements to those who would venture beyond the ocean. The colonies specifically welcomed international Protestants. In addition, many civilization were sent to America against their will—convicts, politics prisoners, and enslaved Africans. The American populace doubled every generation.

In the 17th century the primary component the the population in the swarms was the English origin, and the 2nd largest group was of african heritage. German and Scotch-Irish immigrant arrived in huge numbers throughout the 18th century. Other vital contributions come the colonial ethnic mix to be made by the Netherlands, Scotland, and France. Brand-new England was virtually entirely English, in the southern nests the English to be the most numerous of the settlers of europe origin, and in the middle swarms the population was much mixed, but even Pennsylvania had an ext English 보다 German settlers. Other than in Dutch and German enclaves, which lessened with the passage of time, the English language was offered everywhere, and also English culture prevailed. The “melting pot” started to boil in the colonial period, so properly that Gov. Wilhelm Livingston, three-fourths Dutch and also one-fourth Scottish, described himself together an Anglo-Saxon. Together the other aspects mingled through the English, they came to be increasingly prefer them; however, all tended to end up being different from the occupants of “the old country.” by 1763 words “American” was typically used top top both sides of the Atlantic to designate the civilization of the 13 colonies.


Title web page from “An accurate description of the recently founded district of Pennsylvania” through Francis Daniel Pastorius, who established the first German settlement in the colonies, 1700.

Colonization and early self-government

The opening of the 17th century found three countries—France, Spain, and also England—contending for dominance in north America. Of this England, the tardiest ~ above the scene, lastly took control of the starts of what is currently the united States. The French, troubled by international wars and also internal spiritual quarrels, long failed to establish the great possibilities the the brand-new continent, and their settlements in the St. Lawrence Valley flourished feebly. The Spaniards were preoccupied with south America and the soil washed by the Caribbean and Gulf the Mexico. Yet the English, ~ initial failures under sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh, planted firm negotiations all the means from Maine come Georgia, nourished them v a steady flow of people and also capital, and also soon took in the smaller sized colonizing undertaking of the netherlands in the Hudson Valley and the small Swedish effort on the Delaware River. Within a century and also a fifty percent the British had actually 13 flourishing swarms on the Atlantic coast: Massachusetts, new Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, new York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, brand-new Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, phibìc Carolina, south Carolina, and Georgia.

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In a quick time the colonists pushed indigenous the assistant strip towards the Appalachians and also finally overcome the mountains by the Cumberland Gap and also Ohio River. Decade by te they ended up being less europe in habit and outlook and much more American—the frontier in particular setup its stamp on them. Their flexibility from many of the feudal inheritances of western Europe, and the self-reliance they necessarily gained in subduing nature, make them very individualistic.