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I setup on opening commissions quickly so I attracted some example line art for the commission post. It’s Lǐn Xuě Yā native Thunderbolt Fantasy! It’s to be a while due to the fact that I went totality hog on heat art and Thunderbolt Fantasy has really extra designs so it to be a perfect combination.

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I understand none of my followers really care around my non-Zelda fanart, yet at the very least the hair is nice come look at, i guess.





its a cool action drama puppet show that was directed by gen urobuchi. Perhaps you recognize of him.

theres 2 seasons and two movie out together of this post and also theres a third season that will be airing april 2021

the whole premise the the first season is there’s a princess (dan fei) that had component of a an effective sacred sword stolen by this evil guy so if on the run from his henchmen. 2 men, shang bu huan and lin xue ya save her. And also lin decides to conference his friends to help her ~ above the trip to his ar to take earlier the sword

thats every im gonna to speak bc i dont rly wanna spoil it because that ya and also theres some components that will probably make you lose your mind

the characters are super neat and have such cool designs… to add the puppetry and also fight scenes space just. So fine done in my opinion. Plus the bangin soundtrack done by hiroyuki sawano

all of the is top top crunchyroll yet its likewise on some not legal anime website if thats an ext your thing

thunderbolt fantasy
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ive been city hall Thunderbolt Fantasy,, Sha Wu Sheng fans,,, increase up

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Thunderbolt Fantasy~ Lin Xue Ya

Artist: 但美脁 Original post Pixiv

+Permission was provided by artist to upload on Please perform not repost somewhere else or usage for advertisement purposes.

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anybody watching thunderbolt fantasy!! It’s yes, really amazing.

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Beautiful personality design, elegant and classic.

看東離的感想就是,啊啊啊啊啊啊 殺無生啊啊啊啊 每個角色都是愛

thunderbolt fantasy ns love u xing hai..........
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in thunderbolt fantasy season 2 shang must defeat The Rat King,

thunderbolt fantasy
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“White Heavens: Lunar Crater Vapor!”

~Thunderbolt fantasy ep13, Lǐn Xuě Yā

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