Get the coffee cup dimension wrong and your favourite caffeinated beverage might feel off. In fact, there are different coffee mug sizes for each kind of coffee. For example, the Italian Espresso academy has defined clear demands for a perfect espresso cup size. Other standards space not the stringent, but it doesn’t average you do not do it know around them.

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This post provides a comprehensive overview the the conventional and devoted coffee cup sizes. By the finish of it, you’ll be able to make a more educated selection in state of size for any form of coffee or occasion.

Standard Coffee Cup Size

In general, the traditional cup sizes are between 30ml and 295ml, i beg your pardon works great for drip coffee. Top top the other hand, cups can go all the means up to 15oz or an ext to accommodate those that really need to fill up on caffeine. Together indicated, over there is also a cup size for every coffee type. Relying on what type of coffee friend like, the cup may be bigger or smaller than the standard.

part cups autumn under the barista standard. This method that lock fit perfectly under coffee device group heads.

In the adhering to sections, we’ll discuss the conventional coffee cup size for renowned coffee types. The list starts through the the smallest of lock and likewise includes a rundown of oversized models.


Espresso cups are usually between 60ml and 88ml, however there room 103ml and also 118ml models together well. These cups are also known as demitasses and are designed to accentuate the espresso flavour. They function a vast rim and also a small base i beg your pardon brings all the aromas closer to your nose and also palate. (1)

Ideal cup because that Italian espresso is a white china cup, totally free of any kind of inside decoration, elliptical in shape, v a volume of 50-100ml.


These are usually twice the dimension of one espresso cup and also come at 147ml come 177ml. The rim can be quite wide, however the basic still remains narrow. Usually, cappuccino cups/mugs come through a saucer plate. See our favourites here.

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