“Cortney Davis has an uncanny ability to give voice come the extensive act of daily nursing and also its power in transforming the lives of people. Somehow, she sees the shadows and also ghosts that fill our bodies and also souls and makes sense of them, showing us that the divide in between patient and provider is an synthetic one that can get in the method of true understanding. The Heart’s Truth reminds united state of the strength of reflection and also narrative and challenges united state to reclaim these means of knowing in the attention of healing our patients—and ourselves.”—Diana J. Mason, PhD, RN, FAAN, Editor-in-Chief, American newspaper of education

What is it favor to it is in a college student nurse washing the feet that a dice patient? To it is in a newly graduated nurse, in fee of the Intensive care Unit for the first time, who wonders if her mistake can have cost a life? Or to it is in an skilled nurse who, by she presence and care, stop a patience to this world? Poet and also nurse practitioner Cortney Davis answers these concerns by assessing her own experiences and also through lock reveals a glimpse into the minds and hearts the those who care for us when we room at our many vulnerable. The Heart’s Truth offers the joys, frustrations, fears, and miraculous moments that nurses, brand-new and experienced, face every day.

In these finely wrought essays, Davis traces her twin paths, nursing and also writing, inviting readers to re-superstructure what she discovers along the way—lessons not only around the human being body however also about the person soul. Rich, intimate, and also never shrinking from the realities of illness, the elegant of healing, or the wonder the words, The Heart’s Truth will inspire student caregivers, intrigue readers, and affirm those who have long operated in nursing, a profession the Davis call “odd, mysterious, humbling, addicting, and also often transcendent.”

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Cortney Davis is the writer of 3 poetry collections, consisting of Leopold’s Maneuvers (2004), which won the Prairie Schooner poetry Prize and also the American journal of Nursing publication of the Year Award.

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She has coauthored 2 anthologies the poetry and prose by nurses, between the Heartbeats (1995) and Intensive treatment (2003). Her memoir, ns Knew a Woman: The experience of the Female human body (2001), winner the Connecticut center for the book Nonfiction prize in 2002.