I love The Good Stuff !! It renders my dry , frizzy hair look beautiful ! It is not grstraightforward or hefty !! Works good !

I love using the excellent stuff. Makes my hair feel soft, smooth and looks shiny (not oily.) Tames the fly amethods. Also helps make brushing simpler.

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I personally love hair oils and or serums. I love this product and also the whole line to be hoswarm. I use it in my daughters hair too. Helps so a lot through combing out her hair and keeping it frizz free with numerous moisture.
I prefer it but its not for world through thick curly hair. It didn"t really soptimal frizz, it just included oil to my hair.
Perfect for humid summer days and nights! It is light weight product that goes on quickly and also leaves me hair soft and smooth. A little bit goes a long way so no should pile it on like other leave ins. Overall recommend to tame frizz and also keep hair light and also soft.
I received a sample dimension of this product in a subscription box. It really works good in managing the frizz in my hair. My hair is curly, so this helped control my hair throughout the day.
I have actually color treated, tangled dry hair. I was cynical to usage this yet a frifinish recommended it and I am so glad she did bereason I am hooked on this and its been so hard to uncover this in store. This is an excellent detangling, leaving your hair soft and frizz cost-free.
I am so glad that I lastly tried this product. I was on edge around it initially. It made my hair so light feeling. I always need to use detangler yet not through this conditioner. Works prefer none other.
I really choose this product, its the only leave in that does not weight your hair dvery own. It offers your hair lots of volume and body and smells good as well. If your hair tangles, this is the product for you. I have also offered it on dry hair, just to offer it a little body.

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I have frizzy hair and also living in the south just provides it worse. A little bit of this and also it controls my frizz perfectly. Would certainly recommend and buy aacquire.
This lightweight product controlls my frizz perfectly. I usage it on my wet curly hair then i let my hair dry naturally.
My hair gets really frizzy so maybe that’s why the frizz manage just lasted about 4 hrs yet it did occupational when I first used it
This product helps minimize the frizz in my hair yet does not aid it all day long so I would certainly need to usage it 2x a day. That makes it a little bit of a poor worth for the expense. I would certainly just recommend this product if you require it for fifty percent the day.