The Girl That gained Stuck in the wall surface Manhwa also known as (AKA) “벽에 끼인 여자”. This perfect webtoon to be released on 2017. The story was written by Gaehoju and also illustrations through Gunnermul. The Girl That acquired Stuck in the wall surface webtoon is around Comedy, romance story.

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The Girl That acquired Stuck in the wall surface Manhwa – Summary

Jieun is smart and also witty, yet she’s got a penchant for running late. Luckily, she’s obtained a few tricks up she sleeve, choose a quick shortcut to aid her get to job-related on time.

Jisoo, ~ above the other hand, is make the efforts to discover his first corporate project while parenting old wounds. Everyday’s the very same boring routine, to the library and ago home whereby he stays alone. In ~ least, until one day when he take away a wrong turn down an alley and discovers Jieun… stuck in a wall.

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