It took both Oenomaus and Gannicus to bring down the Egyptian... both of which were season 3 Spartacus level and could fodderize multiple high tier gladiators at once.

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Hinestly if you want to make this fair you"d give the Egyptian a brinze sword and Bjorn a steel

EDIT: Honestly it would be fair to say Oenomaus was still above Spartacus considering he still feared him when they planned the Escape.


j_normal: The way i see it, eveyone except Spartacus underestimated the Egyptian, Oenomaus was still wounded and no longer in his prime as well, but when Gannicus was bloodlusted he easily defeated him, i"m not saying he"s not a impressive skillled fighter because he"s definily is, but if all gladiator took him seriously since the begining maybe the battle could not be so hard, Spartacus however knocked him down easily tbh


The issue with that is the Egyptian had already fodderized Crixus and almost killed Oenomaus before that. They new the Egyptian’s abilities well before they fought in the forest battle. Id say Spartacus’ showing was an outlier since he was still on the same level as Cruxus and Gannicus days prior.


People overestimate Spartacus characters, they are surely not "all superhumans "lol, peak human maybe for some. Also they aren"t as skilled as many seems to argue here. But I have to admit , I myself changed position a few times on how strong they are compared to other sword-fight show.



Spartacus did not beat the Egyptian, you guys should rewatch the scene. All he did was kicking him to the ground which is good but not enough to declare him victorious. The Egyptian was already on a defensive stance and ready to fight back when Spartacus was preparing to "finish him" as Glaber troops arrived. So saying that Spartacus won the fight is not true, he did kicked him to the ground but he did not won the fight.

It should be especially noted that against Gannicus and Oenomaus The Egyptian was also kicked to the ground , yet he manage to counter Oenomaus moves and kill him.

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Anyway, regarding the thread I would argue The Egyptian take this with a solid victory , he was arguably the most skilled fighter on the show. Not saying this is a stomp because Bjorn is no pushover, but I don"t see what Bjorn can really bring to the table that could allow him to beat The Egyptian, which is not only very skilled but also a beast physically speaking and with a impressive "durability"

Rollo vs The Egyptian will be a more difficult fight, but I still give the victory to The Egyptian, I don"t think there is a character from Vikings which can beat him in a 1vs1.