Hi everybody. Ns need rapid help. So recently i was playing about with my sim card and put it into an old call i have for a bit (nexus 5). I noticed that after a few days, i was immediately unable to send message messages, make phone calls, usage cellular data. I placed this sim back into my common phone and its tho acting choose this. Once i shot to make a call it speak me to dial 611. If I have to do that, ns will but can someone you re welcome tell me why this could be happening?


was the nexus ever reported lost/stolen? that's sort of what it sound like, like it suspended the line due to the imei being blacklisted.. Ns can't really think of another reason.. Call in and ask, they can go v the notes and see what happened

I was center swapping because that months to my old unlocked nexus 6 and also they suspended mine account today. I called and had it revived to my my consistent phone however figured I'd provide it a second try and also the very same thing happened, this time once I called earlier before reactivating my account i was told to promise to never ever swap mine sim into a non at & t phone?? Lol really wierd experience

Same thing occurred to me. Walk you ever get LTE on the non AT&T supported device? i am stuck at h+ on mine Oneplus6, i m sorry so because that last 3 years had actually LTE and even VOLTE through AT&T themselves.

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What exactly did you ask them? ns was using a Nokia 3310 3g (which plainly doesn't assistance a 4G) and then ns realized my line acquired suspended. Why on planet are lock doing this btw? Like, it's simply a phone swap. Bruh.

All of this replies are wrong. It's because the Nexus 5 doesn't assistance VoLTE through AT&T.

As the 1/19 you can not activate, sim swap, or anything come a 3G phone or her line will certainly be hotlined/suspended since of the 3G sunset.


Wanted to include the support write-up further details.

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I’m tho able come swap 3G phones. I don’t think they space hotlining for that. Now if you try to update the IMEI come a non-VoLTE device on the account, that will certainly fail. However the SIM will still occupational in those gadgets until Feb 2022.


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