"Thank you Ma"am": Defending or Prosecuting Roger

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"Thank girlfriend Ma"am": Defending or Prosecuting Roger


Students will certainly write a three-paragraph letter come a referee either in defense of or start of i get it from the brief story "Thank friend Ma"am." student will connect with the text as they mention evidence in assistance of your arguments. Students will obtain to present their letter to a mock jury and shot to victory their case for or against Roger.

This is a College- and also Career-Ready criter showcase great plan.

1 ) mention several piece of textual proof to support analysis of what the text derekwadsworth.coms explicitly and also inferences drawn from the text.
AAS Standard: ELA.AAS.7.1- price who, what, when, where, and also why concerns of stories, making use of textual proof for support.
2 ) recognize a design template or main idea the a text and analyze its development over the food of the text; administer an objective summary of the text.
AAS Standard: ELA.AAS.7.2- determine the design template or key idea the a story; carry out a simple summary for a story.
a. Present claim(s), acknowledge alternative or the opposite claims, and organize the reasons and also evidence logically.
b. Support claim(s) through logical reasoning and relevant evidence, making use of accurate, credible sources and demonstrating an expertise of the object or text.
c. Use words, phrases, and also clauses to develop cohesion and also clarify the relationships amongst claim(s), reasons, and evidence.
e. Provide a concluding explain or ar that adheres to from and supports the discussion presented.
AAS Standard: ELA.AAS.7.20- create an argument to assistance a case by stating a claim, offering facts or reasons supporting the claim, and also providing an appropriate conclusion regarded the declared argument.
32 ) Delineate a speaker"s discussion and certain claims, analyzing the soundness the the reasoning and the relevance and also sufficiency that the evidence.

Local/National Standards:

Primary learning Objective(s):

Students will have the ability to cite 3 pieces oftextual proof to assistance an argument.Students will have the ability to write a 3-paragraph letter come a pretend jury in support of one of two people Roger"s defense or prosecution.

Additional finding out Objective(s):

Total Duration:

Greater 보다 120 Minutes

Materials and also Resources:

Interactive whiteboard or estimate tool v audio capabilities."Persuade the family" videoIf YouTube is unavailable at work location, teachers may download the video at house from keepvid.com top top a flashdrive or other storage device.

1. Student will complete a T-chart based on Roger"s personality and also actions in the direction of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. On the left side, castle will offer reasons whythey think i get it is important a "good kid." on the best side, they will give reasons why lock think that roger is a "bad" kid.

2. After students have actually made their claims, they will turn and share your responses with a partner.

3. After ~ responses space shared, the teacher will certainly ask for college student volunteers to involved the boardand compose their opinions of Roger. Student should start formulating opinions about Roger"s true character.


1. Students will certainly watch a short video clip the a young boy trying to persuade his parents to buy that a dog.

2. Students will complete a quickwrite in i beg your pardon theyidentify the threepieces of evidence that the boy supplies in the commercial to to convince his parents.Teachersshould comment on how having actually sound proof is crucial in developing an effective argument.

3. Students will certainly assume the Roger has actually been turn in to the policeby an onlooker because that his attempt to steal Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones" purse. The jury is undecided ifRoger is remorseful because that his action or if he still organize ill-intentions. Students have actually to give reasons come eitherpersuade the referee that roger is guilty and also should it is in punished, or to convince the judge that roger is remorseful and should it is in let go.

4. Students will complete prolonged responsegraphic organizer (attached)in which they occupational with a partnerholding their very same argumentto point out three examples of evidence from the text in support of either prosecuting or defending Roger.


1. College student will use the graphic organizer to write a 3-paragraph argumentative letter to the judge stating factors why Roger would certainly be set free or held in prison.

2. Students must incorporate their 3 reasons for defending or prosecuting i get it in their letter. College student should also be encouraged to include and also refute one counterargument.

3. ~ students have written the letter, they will present their disagreements to a mock jury/judge made up of school administration and college student council.

Students will certainly be assessed on their argumentative writing with completion of the letter. Castle will likewise be assessed on their coherent, cohesive presentation the their dispute to the judge.

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Students needing extra assistancemay be listed with only the chunked sections of the message that have evidence embedded in them. They may then work-related through and highlight possible evidence.

watch the Special education resources because that instructional guidance in offering modifications and adaptations for students with far-reaching cognitive disabilities who qualify because that the Alabama alternating Assessment.