In this guide, i will give you all the info I discovered inside the searching Zone code and also data.

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Data coming from Terra battle version 2.4.0.

Character level influence very first important thing: I never ever saw any type of indication that your personalities level have actually an affect on hunting Zone drops. Ns am sure that it have actually no affect when the autumn items room chosen. Over there may have some covert code in one more place, however it is unlikely. I searched a lot, and also never uncovered something like that. The only affect of the indicated levels (1-19, 20-39, 40-69) is to it is adapted the monster levels: lock will never ever go external of the range.

Bosses that is the very same behaviour for all the various zones, no matter their kind or their level: the boss have actually a 10% chance of appearance, and he will always drop 3 items: 2 basic items picked from the exact same table, and also one advanced item. No all bosses deserve to loot all items. You have the right to see the feasible items for each boss later.

Drop Tables Asides indigenous the bosses, every monster have actually a fixed collection of 1 to 3 items that have the right to drop. Every item have an associated drop rate. It method that you can loot up to 3 items on the exact same monster. The drop price in hunting zone 3 is higher than ar 2, i m sorry is higher than ar 1. Every data below.

As you deserve to see in the following tables, Puppet Time is a little special: the same kind that ennemy may appear several time in the table, through a different loot table. It way that the game handle them as if castle are various monster types.

Pudding Time

MonsterItemsRatio region 1Ratio ar 2Ratio ar 3
PuddingFire Ring Dark Ring Orichalcum17% 17% 3%46% 46% 4%68% 68% 5%
Star PuddingIce Ring White Ring Dark Matter17% 17% 3%46% 46% 4%68% 68% 5%
Teddy PuddingLightning Ring eco-friendly Ring Animaton17% 17% 3%46% 46% 4%68% 68% 5%
Runny PuddingOxsecium4%5%7%

Spawning rule (same dominance for every 3 ar levels) each round, either 3 or 4 enemies are spawned at a time. Every pudding have actually the same possibility to be one of the 4 pudding kind.

Note that on every battle, one arbitrarily pudding is chosen, and its drop proportion is forced to 100% for its first item (so Fire ring, ice cream ring, lighting ring or Excecium). This may be come ensure friend will always have at least one drop every battle.

How plenty of of every item deserve to you intend for one run, or if you invest 100 stamina? Those number room computed on average, hence the decimal. If you kill every monster, you have on mean 3.5 monsters per stage, 5 stages every run.

Note the the 10% ceo appearance is no taken right into account: the real numbers should be contempt higher.

Item for one runZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Fire Ring0.742.012.98
Dark Ring0.742.012.98
Ice Ring0.742.012.98
White Ring0.742.012.98
Lightning Ring0.742.012.98
Green Ring0.742.012.98
Dark Matter0.130.180.22
Item because that 100 staminaZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Fire Ring7.4413.4214.88
Dark Ring7.4413.4214.88
Ice Ring7.4413.4214.88
White Ring7.4413.4214.88
Lightning Ring7.4413.4214.88
Green Ring7.4413.4214.88
Dark Matter1.311.171.09

Boss drop boss will constantly loot 3 items

2 items choose from:Fire RingIce RingLightning RingDark RingWhite RingGreen Ring1 item picked from:OrichalcumDark MatterAnimatonOxsecium

Tin Parade

MonsterItemsRatio ar 1Ratio region 2Ratio ar 3
Tin FencerTerra Swordsteel spirit Tears soul Particle17% 3%46% 3% 4%68% 4% 5%
Tin KnightTerra Spearbronze Moon Tears Lore Particle17% 3%46% 3% 4%68% 4% 5%
Tin ArtilleryTerra Bowstring Rainbow Tears wish Particle17% 3%46% 3% 4%68% 4% 5%
Tin ElectrocasterTerra Staffwood Sea Tears Warped Particle17% 3%46% 3% 4%68% 4% 5%
Tin FlamecasterTerra Staffwood Sea Tears Warped Particle17% 3%46% 3% 4%68% 4% 5%
Tin DarkcasterTerra Staffwood Sea Tears Warped Particle17% 3%46% 3% 4%68% 4% 5%
Tin FrostcasterTerra Staffwood Sea Tears Warped Particle17% 3%46% 3% 4%68% 4% 5%

Spawning rule (same rule for every 3 ar levels) in ~ start, 3 opponents are spawned. Then, 2 brand-new enemies each round, come a best of 12 (meaning than if you death everybody, only one foe will generate on last round) Each foe can be: – 25% chance: among the 4 caster (equal possibility for each) – 75% chance: one one the 3 weapon user (equal opportunity for each)

Expected autumn Count

How plenty of of every item have the right to you expect for one run, or if you invest 100 stamina? Those number are computed on average, hence the decimal. If you death every monster, you have 12 monsters every stage, 3 stages every run. Note that the 10% ceo appearance is no taken into account: the actual numbers have to be contempt higher.
Item for one runZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Terra Swordsteel1.534.146.12
Terra Spearbronze1.534.146.12
Terra Bowstring1.534.146.12
Terra Staffwood1.534.146.12
Spirit Tears0.270.270.36
Moon Tears0.270.270.36
Rainbow Tears0.270.270.36
Sea Tears0.270.270.36
Spirit Particle0.000.360.45
Lore Particle0.000.360.45
Wish Particle0.000.360.45
Warped Particle0.000.360.45
Item for 100 staminaZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Terra Swordsteel15.3027.6030.60
Terra Spearbronze15.3027.6030.60
Terra Bowstring15.3027.6030.60
Terra Staffwood15.3027.6030.60
Spirit Tears2.701.801.80
Moon Tears2.701.801.80
Rainbow Tears2.701.801.80
Sea Tears2.701.801.80
Spirit Particle0.002.402.25
Lore Particle0.002.402.25
Wish Particle0.002.402.25
Warped Particle0.002.402.25

Boss drop boss will always loot 3 items

2 items picked from:Terra SwordsteelTerra SpearbronzeTerra BowstringTerra Staffwood1 item picked from:Spirit TearsMoon TearsRainbow TearsSea TearsSpirit ParticleLore ParticleWish ParticleWarped Particle

Puppet Show

MonsterItemsRatio zone 1Ratio ar 2Ratio region 3
Projectile PuppetSerenity Shoot52%
Projectile PuppetBenevolent Fang52%
Projectile PuppetClaw the Fate52%
Projectile PuppetForlorn Stone52%
Casting PuppetSerenity Shoot claw of Fate22% 22%
Casting PuppetBenevolent Fang hope Stone22% 22%
Piercing PuppetSerenity shooting Wisdom Flower52% 52%
Piercing PuppetBenevolent Fang Tail the Insight52% 52%
Piercing PuppetClaw of Fate Pelt that Knowledge52% 52%
Piercing PuppetForlorn rock Shell of Madness52% 52%
Casting PuppetWisdom Flower Pelt of Knowledge22% 22%22% 22%
Casting PuppetTail of insight Shell of Madness22% 22%22% 22%
Slashing PuppetWisdom Flower Wisdom Flower Serenity Shoot20% 80% 17%
Slashing PuppetTail of insight Tail of understanding Benevolent Fang20% 80% 17%
Slashing PuppetPelt of understanding Pelt of knowledge Claw that Fate20% 80% 17%
Slashing PuppetShell of Madness shell of Madness hope Stone20% 80% 17%

Spawning rule (same dominance for all 3 region levels) Puppets show up by 2 or 3 at a time (random between these 2 numbers), yet there will never be an ext than 4 concurrent puppets on the board. Each new puppet have the right to be: – around 14.3% (1/7) chance: casting puppet. Then, arbitrarily determines which one of the two type of drop that may have – around 85.7% (6/7) chance: other puppet (Projectile because that zone 1, Piercing because that zone 2, Slashing for zone 3). Again, pure random for selecting which one top top the 4 drop perform is picked.

Expected drop Count

How plenty of of every item can you mean for one run, or if you spend 100 stamina? In Puppet time, ns cannot know how many foe girlfriend will be able to kill. Therefore the numbers room not so important: the most vital are the difference in between zone levels. Because that those numbers, i made the presumption that specifically 20 ennemies are eliminated per run. Readjust the numbers depending upon your kill speed. Together always, 10% ceo appearance is no taken right into account.
Item for one runZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Serenity Shoot2.542.230.73
Benevolent Fang2.542.230.73
Claw of Fate2.542.230.73
Forlorn Stone2.542.230.73
Wisdom Flower0.002.544.60
Tail of Insight0.002.544.60
Pelt the Knowledge0.002.544.60
Shell that Madness0.002.544.60
Item because that 100 staminaZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Serenity Shoot25.4314.863.64
Benevolent Fang25.4314.863.64
Claw the Fate25.4314.863.64
Forlorn Stone25.4314.863.64
Wisdom Flower0.0016.9523.00
Tail of Insight0.0016.9523.00
Pelt that Knowledge0.0016.9523.00
Shell the Madness0.0016.9523.00

Boss drop ceo will constantly loot 3 items

2 items choose from:Serenity ShootWisdom FlowerBenevolent FangTail the InsightClaw the FatePelt the KnowledgeForlorn StoneShell that Madness1 item picked from:Spirit ParticleLore ParticleWish ParticleWarped ParticleOrichalcumDark MatterAnimatonOxsecium

Gormandizer Hunt: Tears

In this event, there is no fixed drop table. Each monster can drop a arbitrarily item, and only one (the only exemption being the boss, who have 2 items).

Tear Hoarder have actually 100% chance to fall a Tear. The type of tear is preferred randomly (equal chance for each).

All Bombers have actually 25% chance to drop only one item of the adhering to pool (each items on the pool have actually an equal possibility to it is in picked): Serenity Shoot, Wisdom Flower, Benevolent Fang, Tail that Insight, claw of Fate, Pelt the Knowledge, hope Stone, shell of Madness, Terra Swordsteel, Terra Spearbronze, Terra Bowstring, Terra Staffwood, Fire Ring, ice cream Ring, Lightning Ring, Dark Ring, White Ring, green Ring

The gormandizer boss have a 20% opportunity to appear. He constantly drop precisely two items: one random Tear, and also one arbitrarily Ore.

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Some fast conclusions from every this data:

If you require some particular items and also can’t death all monsters, concentrate on the suitable targetAs constantly with random-based data: some will certainly be lucky, and some incredibly unlucky. Even with a 5% autumn rate, you deserve to never success an Animaton from the last 100 eliminated Teddy Pudding!The fall rate rise for some items (Ores) is low, reduced than the stamina increase. You will certainly win less Ore per stamina in ar 3 보다 in ar 1, but much more rings, and it will take less time to farm. It’s approximately you to decision which searching zone is far better for you.Read closely the charts: Forlorn rock for circumstances seems to have actually a much higher drop price in ar 1 and also 2 than in region 3 (it may be a bug or an error from mine side, however I confirm twice, and also it seems this is correct)Some items never drop in region 1 (asides from bosses, that course): Tail of Insight, Wisdom Flower, Particles, …

Hope this is helpful.