Act 7 is route of Exile’s seventh storyline act, and also the 2nd act of component Two. In this act, the exile lands in ~ the damaged bridge the was as soon as ruled by Kraityn. Currently the bridge is residence to Yeena, Helena and Eramir, who fled The forest Encampment after ~ the gods returned. Sin asks the exile to gain the spirit of Maligaro, that is hiding in his own realm. Meanwhile, the Vaal gods have actually been released and are tormenting the remaining occupants of the woodland Encampment: Greust has actually been possessed by Ralakesh, and Silk has wandered right into the forest and also gained a new obsession because that spiders.

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Action 7 covers monster level 51-54.

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Act 7 Town: The bridge Encampment

The leg Encampment is the city for plot 7 and is linked to The broken Bridge and The Brine King’s Reef. Choose all towns, it has a Stash/Guild Stash, Noticeboard, occasion noticeboard and Waypoint.

NPCs: Helena (weapon and armour vendor), Yeena (magic and potion vendor), Eramir, Weylam Roth, Sin

Master:: Alva, understand Explorer

Act 7 Map


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Act 7 progression Guide

The leg Encampment 
Maligaro"s Sanctum 52 The broken Bridge  50
The chamber of sins Level 1  52  The Crossroads  51  The Fellshrine Ruins  51 The Crypt  51 
The room of sins Level 2  52 The Den  53 
The Ashen Fields  53 
The north Forest  53  The Dread Thicket  53
The Causeway 54 
The Vaal City 54 
The temple of degeneration Level 1 54 The temple of decay Level 2 55

Act 7 Waypoint Guide

Waypoint Area Level
No The broken Bridge 50
Waypoint The Crossroads 51
No The Fellshrine Ruins 51
Waypoint The Crypt 51
Waypoint The room of guilty Level 1 52
No The chamber of sins Level 2 52
No Maligaro"s Sanctum 52
Waypoint The Den 53
Waypoint The Ashen Fields 53
Waypoint The north Forest 53
No The Dread Thicket 53
Waypoint The Causeway 54
Waypoint The Vaal City 54
No The temple of degeneration Level 1 54
No The holy place of decay Level 2 55
Town The leg Encampment 55