In this brief story, Juvencio Nava pleads through his son, Justino, to advocate on his behalf before the colonel. Juvencio is behind bars because that the death of Don Lupe Terreros, whom he killed 35 years ago. Also though Juvencio is an old man, his previous has recorded up through him, and also he"s been sentenced to die for Don Lupe"s murder.

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Juvencio"s boy is at first hesitant to advocate on his father"s behalf but soon relents.

Accordingly, Juvencio killed Don Lupe because the last wouldn"t allow his livestock graze top top his pasture. In ~ the time, Juvencio to be desperate to feed his cattle, and Don Lupe"s pastures appeared to it is in the just solution to an extremely an overwhelming situation. Together for Don Lupe, his frustration led him to kill among Juvencio"s yearlings. In retaliation, Juvencio murdered Don Lupe.

After Don Lupe"s death, Juvencio lived like a hunted man. At any time strangers pertained to town, he would certainly take turn off to the hills to hide. That bribed the judge and also the posse in bespeak to save himself, yet it to be useless. They came after the anyway. In the end, Juvencio checked out live with his son at Palo de Venado.

Now, in his old age, Juvencio had actually hoped that he would certainly be left alone. However, this was no to be.

Eventually, Juvencio is interrogated by the colonel. As for the colonel, the reveals himself as Don Lupe"s son and tells Juvencio that his father passed away in agony with an ox goad stuck in his stomach.

Upon hear this, Juvencio begs for mercy. He tells the colonel that he has actually been on the operation for fourty years and also has live in fear all that time. Despite this, the colonel order his soldiers to execute Juvencio by shoot squad.

In the last scene, Justino (Juvencio"s son) concerns pick increase Juvencio"s corpse. He tells the dead Juvencio the his wife and children will hardly recognize him, particularly after they check out his challenge so full of holes.

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Juvencio Nava cries out, “Tell them not to death me!,” pleading through his son, Justino, to aid him. Juvencio, who is in his sixties, has actually just been arrested for a crime he had actually committed thirty-five or fourty years earlier. In ~ first, Justino is reluctant to interfere, fearing that the police or the soldiers may arrest him also or even shoot him. Climate there will certainly be no one left to care for his wife and also children. He finally relents and offers to watch what he can do to assist his father.

as he waits, tied come a post, Juvencio recalls the past occasions that led up to his existing predicament and circumstances. Years previously he killed Don Lupe, his neighbor and the landowner in the areas of Alima and also Puerta de Piedras. The 2 men had been feuding end grazing and water rights throughout a specifically dry spell. Don Lupe refused to let Juvencio’s animals graze ~ above his property. After number of warnings, Don Lupe ultimately killed among Juvencio’s animals for wandering onto his land. In retaliation, Juvencio eliminated Don Lupe.

Juvencio climate bribed the judge to release him and bribed the posse no to monitor him, however they came after him anyway. He lastly escaped and went right into hiding with his son in Palo de Venado. He later learned the Don Lupe’s widow had actually soon died; their two tiny children had been sent much away come live with relatives. Therefore, Juvencio assumed that he could be fairly safe and also that the incident would gradually be forgotten. He still live in are afraid of detection, however, hiding the end or walking on the run whenever the heard that outsiders or strangers to be in the area.

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Meanwhile, Juvencio’s son prospered up, married a woman called Ignacia, and fathered eight children. Juvencio’s own wife abruptly left the one day, yet he dared no go trying to find her because he still fear capture. That did not want to leaving his hiding ar to go into town. Every he had...