Taken from the “Superhard IQ test”, produced for those through IQs above the maximum for the typical IQ test. I should admit I have actually no idea on this one :P

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I was reasoning that it has to be something missing in a nest, as Hens dont have actually teeth, therefore what dont nests have?

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The only relation in between the 2 sets is that hen and nest are related. The relationship is one where the hen sits inside of the nest. We can assume that the missing word in the second comparison is related to teeth in some way, and also carrying over the analogy the a hen is in a nest, teeth room in a mouth.

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Jack_Haas is correct. The answer is mare. Why?

Well… ns googled it, and, lo and also behold, found the answer. Yet when I reveal where, i pray the nobody lynches me.

Here it is.

* prays for safety and security *

Saturated_Brain. But I wouldn’t desire to check out such idioms supplied in an IQ test, as idioms require cultural knowledge i m sorry many human being would be without, myself included.

dynamicduo same here. I think that it’s unfair, i beg your pardon probably just goes to show that there have the right to only be so small arbitrariness in together tests..

dynamicduoThis is why valid IQ tests are various for different language target groups.There is a test arisen that walk not use language: the Snijders-Oomen non-verbal intelligence test. (Adpotions) that this test can be offered for toddlers, authistic and deaf people

Even the test has actually such a cultural bias, though, that it cannot so easily be provided for non west cultures.

I i think you don’t have access to Google or any type of books as soon as you room making this test. Likewise don’t you gain a collection amount that time to offer the answer? So uneven I to be wrong in my assumption, that would know which bird has actually teeth uneven you are a biologist or something? This question sounds choose it belongs much more in a swedish cryptic puzzle instead of an IQ test.

markyy I understand what birds have teeth and I to be Swedish, nor biologist. But then again – I’m Dutch and that may be taken into consideration cheating.

markyy It’s nothing to perform with bird having teeth. It’s to execute with the idiom ‘Hen’s teeth’. Of course, we know that hen have no teeth, so that expression is meant to describe something that’s impossible.

Saturated_Brain, give thanks to you because that explaining the idiom. I must have been therefore angry that I offered the wrong answer that ns didn’t stroked nerves to check out the explanation completely ;)

I would have actually said “tongue”.

The reasonable is the a hen stays in a nest and also a tongue resides in a mouth (nested by teeth). So you start by “nest is to hen what teeth is to tongue”. And also then swap them roughly so they do no sense. At least that’s exactly how I figured it.

Why mare?

The expression “as scarce as hen’s teeth” is a colorful idiom definition “nonexistent” since hens do not have teeth.

The expression “to find a mare’s nest” means to come ~ above something cheat or deceptive, choose a hoax. You expected something real, but you uncovered a mare’s nest. Therefore again, it’s something the doesn’t exist or is not as it appeared to be. (The idea the a jumbled chaos is a current association and also does no make any type of sense to me.)

Jeruba (51821)“Great Answer” (2) Flag as… ¶

i agree—if you’re looking for something that’s as scarce together hens’ teeth, you’re searching for a mare’s nest. The principles aren’t exactly the same, yet close enough.

LexWordsmith (964)“Great Answer” (1) Flag as… ¶

The answer is “mare”.

The expression “as scarce as hen’s teeth” means that that doesn’t exist (because castle don’t). The original definition of “mare’s nest” is other illusory—or doesn’t exist.

In addition to the parallel an interpretation between the two expressions or idioms, over there is likewise a parallel construction, with a own in every case: hen’s teeth; mare’s nest.

This is necessary in an analogy question, i m sorry requires an accurate parallel for the answer to be exactly (A is come B together X is to Y).

The parallel building provides the test against which other “possible” answers come this analogy deserve to be tried. There room plenty of points that don’t exist, for example, however only one expression or idiom that shares through “hen’s teeth” both definition and the own construction.

ewar4 (11)“Great Answer” (1) Flag as… ¶

immediately jumped to my mind, “men”. It rhymes (yay), and hen has actually teeth as guys (don’t) have actually nests….

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