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Popular shed Cities author David Childress opens the door come the amazing human being of old technology, native the derekwadsworth.computers of ancient world to the "flying machines of the gods." an innovation of the god explores the modern technology that to be allegedly provided in Atlantis and the concept the great Pyramid of Egypt was originally a gigantic power station. Childress also uncovers plenty of other mysteries, including: -- the modern technology of ancient flight-- just how the ancients offered electricity-- megalithic building techniques-- the use of decision lenses and the fire native the gods-- ancient evidence the high-tech weapons, consisting of atomic weapons-- the role of modern-day inventors, such together Nikola Tesla, in bringing ancient technology into modern-day use-- impossible artifacts, and more, lot more.Childress has actually done the again From beginning to end, technology of the god is filled v facts, to crawl observations and also tales that challenge modern presumptions in a humorous, intelligent and also derekwadsworth.compelling means that is quintessential Childress.

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Prefacep. 9
The Enigma of ancient Technologyp. 11
The Megalith Mastermindsp. 35
Ancient Metallurgy and Machinesp. 73
Ancient Electricity and Sacred Firep. 117
Ancient Flight and also Aerial Warfarep. 147
Ancient atom Warfarep. 211
The planet as a gigantic Power Plantp. 259
The Cyclical Nature of Historyp. 327
Bibliography and also Footnotesp. 337
Table of Contents detailed by Syndetics. All legal rights Reserved.