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Remember the way it supplied to be? Bring back memories about the good times spent with friends, family, and old flames. Do a playlist that pop, rock, and also country songs about memories and reminiscing.

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Making Memories

My dad traveled six hours to take it my nieces and nephews trick-or-treating because that Halloween, because their household of seven doesn't "do" Halloween. Asked why that would travel so far for a night the costumes and also handout candy, he happy remarked that they "were do memories."

Making memories is what we all carry out each and every day. That you spend time with, as well as how you spend those moments, will certainly be what tomorrow's memories space made of. Spend that time well. Someday you may need her memories to bring you through.

While you're in a nostalgic mood, make a playlist that pop, rock, and country song to storage remembering and the memory you hold dear. And also then go make some brand-new memories with world you care about.

1. "Good Old Days" by Macklemore (featuring Kesha)

You frequently don't understand you're living with the good old days until they've passed you by. That's the emotion expressed in this 2017 pop track which establish the worth of appreciating the moment.

Don't fritter away her youth worrying about tomorrow, dreaming relentlessly about finding success. The future will be below soon enough, and all you'll have is memories. Make certain they are an excellent ones.

I wish somebody would have told me babeSome day these will be the an excellent old daysAll the love girlfriend won't forgetAnd all these reckless nights girlfriend won't regretSomeday quickly your entirety life's gonna changeYou'll miss out on the magic that these great old days.

2. "When us Were Young" by Adele

In this emotionally wrought pop tune from 2016, the narrator suddenly runs right into an old lover at an night event. Although it's been years, the storage come flooding back to her. Being in his existence again is choose coming home, and she seeks a moment in addition to him come reflect on what they once mutual when they to be both young and in love.

3. "19 Somethin'" by note Wills

Gen Xers will identify all the significant cultural highlights of your youth in this fun 2002 nation song. The track rattles off a perform of trends and events native both the 1970s and also 1980s:

Stretch ArmstrongPac Manthe Farrah Fawcett hairdoDaisy Duke and her cutoff jeansthe Rubik's cubethe Challenger an are Shuttle catastrophe andbig hair and also parachute pants

If you lived through these great times, climate take a expedition down storage lane. If girlfriend weren't born yet, listen to whatever you missed the end on.

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4. "Automatic" through Miranda Lambert

Technological conveniences assist us navigate life top top automatic, and also it's straightforward to forget just how we did that when everything was old school. This country song indigenous 2014 reminds united state of the much easier days before cellphones and texting, automatic dryers, navigating systems, email, and everything else that's instant. Back then, we put in the time, learned the manual means of act things, and waited our turn.

5. "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen

This 1984 rock classic drives the suggest home the one day, we'll all look earlier on the previous as the an excellent old days and also wonder just where time went. The song defines a male in his thirties that recounts his high institution days when he runs right into an old friend.

... Ns hope as soon as I get old ns don't sit roughly thinking around itBut I more than likely willYeah, simply sitting back trying to recaptureA tiny of the glory of, fine time slips awayAnd pipeline you with nothing, mister butBoring story of glory days.

6. "Sixteen" by cutting board Rhett

Oh, to be 16 again! The guy in this 2017 nation tune recalls gift a wild, free, and confident teenager. In ~ the time, that was learning to drive, sneaking in after curfew, and always looking forward to gaining older. Now, together he looks back, he wishes he can go earlier and recapture some of that emotion again. There room no "redos."

7. "I walk Back" by Kenny Chesney

Music is favor a date stamp, a time an equipment that have the right to transport you to an additional era. The guy in this 2004 nation song hears "Jack and Diane" and suddenly he's carried back to his high college days. The human being made an ext sense then, and also he feeling invincible. And when the hears "Keep on Rockin' Me Baby" he think of the frat parties of his college days v the gnawing feeling that time was slipping away.

What songs serve as her time machine?

8. "Thnks fr th Mmrs" by autumn Out Boy

The couple in this 2007 rock tune are out of love but still going through the activities of a relationship. Your affair has come to be one that convenience, and the narrator acknowledges the it wasn't fulfilling now that the looks back: "Thanks because that the memories even though lock weren't therefore great."

And in situation you're wondering around the title v no vowels? Well, the was the band's response to their document label's request the they shorten the song title. Castle "disemvoweled" it.


"Take care of her memories. For you cannot relive them." - Bob Dylan, American musician

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9. "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams

The guy in this 1985 standard rock song recounts the finest days of his life native the summer of '69. The remembers just how alive that felt playing with his high school garage band and also being in love for the an initial time. Emotion young and restless, he to be high ~ above life and also felt the the magic would certainly last forever.

10. "Graduation Song: hold Onto the Memories" by Corey Tynan

Tell me this hasn't occurred to you. As soon as you walk across the phase at graduation time (or watch a loved one do so), there's a lump the grows in her throat. You realize that this is a sea adjust and girlfriend will never see most of these human being again. Because that those you do see, life will never be the same.

This sentimental 2010 song records the weird juxtaposition the emotions the is graduation: eagerness to embrace the future that awaits and tentativeness around leaving behind everything that is familiar:

The lights go dim as we suddenly seeIt's time to uncover who we're expected to beWe couldn't wait for this come endNow us wish we can start again.

11. "I will Remember You" by buy it McLachlan

This Grammy Award-winning pop ballad native 1999 captures the solemn, mournful emotion of saying goodbye. The narrator was standing on the leaf of a significant transition in her life and also has so much to to speak in parting. However, she cannot find the words to express herself except to questioning whether her friend will remember her.

12. "Kids" by OneRepublic

When you're in the moment, it's so easy to believe that life will always be this way. The narrator in this 2016 pop track recalls the wild job of his youth when he and also his friends had actually time on their sides and couple of adult responsibilities.

As funny as those storage were, however, he looks forward to making much more memories in the future:

I refuse come look back thinking days to be betterJust because they're younger daysI don't recognize what's 'round the cornerWay i feel right currently I swear we’ll never ever change.


"What i remember most around high college are the memory I created with mine friends." - J.J. Watt, American football player

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13. "Amnesia" by 5 seconds of Summer

If you've ever before experienced a break-up in i beg your pardon the partnership is over but the heart refuses to relocate on, climate you recognize that memories deserve to haunt you. In this 2014 popular music song, a broken-hearted male wishes he had amnesia so the he can escape the storage that keep him stuck in the past. His ex has uncovered a new love, yet he wonders how can she it is in fine when he feels choose such a mess?

14. "Springsteen" through Eric Church

Memories take the narrator in this 2011 nation song back to gift carefree, 17, and also in love. The method he recalls it, the attraction was instant. It to be love at an initial sight, and also they spent the summer together—two teens, a Jeep, and also a Bruce feather soundtrack blaring in the background. Also now, years afterwards, Springsteen songs take him back to the time, and he wonders whether it's true for her as well.

15. "Unbelievable" through Owl City (featuring Hanson)

Anyone who flourished up in the 1990s can find plenty the nostalgia to relate to in this 2015 pop tune as the narrator recalls memory of childhood. From putting Mentos in Diet Coke to watching VHS tapes and also playing Nintendo games, growing up during that era was so enjoyable that he thought it couldn't get any better. However, his present self comment that as unbelievable together the past was, the future holds promise of even better memories.

16. "Unforgettable" by cutting board Rhett

When you autumn in love v someone, girlfriend can frequently recall every detail of very first meeting them. Because that the man in this 2017 country ditty, the rattles off every unforgettable portion of the memory, from what job it to be to the track that to be playing and also what she was wearing. He even told her that he was going to marry her. Apparently, his bolder prediction came true.

17. "If drink Don't kill Me Her storage Will" by George Jones

The incomparable George Jones was well-known for his drinking and his song of relationship regret. In this 1980 country classic he belts the end longing because that an ex whose storage still haunts him. George spent memorable year in the '70s in a rocky marital relationship to nation star Tammy Wynette. Theirs was a romantic that finished in divorce and also a string of nation hits.

18. "(You want to) do a Memory" through Bon Jovi

Two old lovers reconnect and also share part memories in this 2007 absent song. And also as lock look in ~ an old photograph, lock play v the possibility of creating a brand-new memory.

19. "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran

This 2014 popular music ballad was influenced by the singer's long distance love partnership with singer Nina Nesbitt. He assisted keep their partnership alive with the assist of memories and feelings evoked by photos:

Hmm, we keep this love in this photographWe made this memories because that ourselvesWhere our eyes are never closingHearts were never ever brokenAnd time's forever frozen still.

In the end, image weren't enough to sustain the love affair i m sorry Nesbitt explained it as a "love/hate" relationship.

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20. "Memories" by Shawn Mendes

The heartbroken guy in this 2015 popular music song at first invested so lot hope in the relationship he had with his girlfriend. That hoped the it would last forever, yet now every that remains are the photographs and also the memories:

All these priceless momentsThat we carved in stoneAre just memories ~ all.


"You can close your eyes come reality yet not come the memories." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, polishing poet

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Even an ext Songs about Memories and Remembering

Know a song about memories that must be top top this playlist? do a ide in the Comments section below!