Long ago, a great war raged. Few books remain which record the forging of good and terrible weapons to fight that war. But my memory stretches long. Write, little one, lest expertise be lost.

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To a goblin, ‘long ago’ was the an excellent Usurpation. Bah! two decades is but the pause in between the peal the thunder and also the cracked of lightning.

To a human, ‘long ago’ were the Fey Wars, once the Elves still dwelt in the Nordfast and the humans’ an excellent mechanical cities crawled across the Gwyrddeang. Come me, 5 hundred year is yet the transforming of spring to winter again.

To one elf, ‘long ago’ to be the good Conflagration, once the giants burned the floor to destroy the Abomination. Those long ages are the cultivation of a son to a man.

Long ago, by my reckoning, once I was but a wyrmling, Long Ago were forged the Swords of Power. The races of men were still new when the fallen Titans search to overthrow the elder Celestials. It was then the Twelve were created by crafts lengthy forgotten.

The Twelve are not constantly Swords. They answer to the require of their wielder. The siege sword, Stonecleaver, has frequently been a fight axe or war hammer.

Each is legendary in its very own right. The stone Cleaver. The Wound Healer. The town Saver. The Shield Breaker. The mental Sword. The Coin Spinner. The method Finder. The sight Blinder. The far Slayer. The doom Giver. The one of which I will not speak.

But the greatest and terriblest – terror-blessed is not much off – was the spirit Cutter. No an excellent hand ever wielded the accursed weapon. When drawn in battle, it harms not a single body, yet it feeds on every spirit nearby. A raging beast or fanatical warrior under that foul influence loses the will to fight, come love, come eat, come breathe. Even its wielder is no its master, however its slave.

‘Long ago,’ once discovered and unsheathed, heart Cutter provided rise come the Abomination, who wielded it without mercy. Lot was lost in the age, but finally, at good cost, the Tyrant’s Blade to be destroyed.

Do you no feel it? have the right to you not taste that in the air? In the prickle under your tailspine? walk the earth not transition and tremble beneath your claws? The soul Cutter has been remade.

These words were relayed native the High priest of Dunesong temple to the historian, Lucine. They are words the warning, indigenous the Brazen One, the old Bronze Dragon.




Who hold Coinspinnerknows an excellent OddsWhichever relocate he makeBut the sword of Chance,to you re welcome the gods,Slips indigenous him like a snake.

Sword of Fortune

Weapon (longsword or rapier +1), legend (requires attunement through a creature of chaotic alignment)

You get a +1 bonus to attack and also damage rolfes made through this magic weapon.

While attuned, you are Lucky, just like the feat. You have actually inexplicable happy that seems to kick in at just the right moment. You have 3 luck points. Anytime you do an assault roll, an capacity check, or a conserving throw, you have the right to spend one luck suggest to roll secondary d20. Girlfriend can choose to spend among your luck points ~ you role the die, but prior to the result is determined. You pick which the the d20s is used for the assault roll, capability check, or conserving throw.You can likewise spend one luck point when an assault roll is made against you. Roll a d20, and also then select whether the strike uses the attacker’s roll or yours.If more than one creature spends a luck point to influence the result of a roll, the points release each various other out; no additional dice are rolled. You restore your expended happy points when you end up a long rest.

While attuned, each night in ~ midnight role a d100. On a 1-3, Coinspinner instantly teleports away, recognize a brand-new owner and also breaking attunement through the present owner.


Coinspinner is the only one of the Twelve that is important sentient. Those most acquainted with the Lore that the Twelve refer to Coinspinner as a male personality, as result of his excessive gambling habits and foolish have to prove his worth. Those who have wielded and lost her, however, swear that she was ever a fickle lover.

Regardless, Coinspinner is a Chaotic Neutral personality with an intelligence of 8, Wisdom that 12, and also Charisma that 14. The sword has actually hearing and also darkvision the end to 120 feet. It have the right to speak, read, and understand Common, and communicates telepathically v its wielder.

Thirst because that Adventure

If it it s okay bored, Coinspinner will start complaining to its wielder that it desires something fun to do. This desire have the right to be satisfied by gambling, ability contests, tavern brawls, risky combat maneuvers, breaking right into secure areas, or any type of sufficiently risky and also potentially attention escapade. The DM decides whether Coinspinner is satisfied that the owner has pressed their luck. On any day that Coinspinner does no feel entertained, it may distract the owner providing disadvantage top top the role to retain ownership. Once this happens, the conserve DC (starting in ~ 3 on a d100) is permanently raised by one. If Coinspinner is lost in this way, the lucky feat is lost, and also the former wielder may also experience a greater degree of misfortune.

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History: The Talons

Twice in Coinspinner"s memory, it motivated its wielder to attract from the Deck of plenty of Things. The first time, the foolish warrior lost Coinspinner to the Talons card.

The second time, a rogue called Acela claimed two draws. On the first, she won 3 wishes. But fate turned, and also Acela likewise drew the Talons. Coinspinner laughed through glee together he disappeared from she grasp. She offered her very first Wish come undo the draw and also Coinspinner returned. However according come the rule of the Deck, Acela was obliged to draw again, since the 2nd did not happen.

Once again, fate decreed the Talons. Because that the 3rd time, Coinspinner was shed in this manner.

Acela used her second Wish, despite it cost her 3rd as well, and again Coinspinner went back to her.

"Thrice mine!" she cried, without doubt the luckiest of Coinspinner"s wielders.

Sword of Justice

Weapon (sickle or scythe +1), legendary (requires attunement by a biology of lawful alignment)

You obtain a +1 bonus to attack and also damage roll made through this magic weapon.Once every round, whenever friend take damages of one of the following varieties – Fire, Cold, Thunder, Lightning, Poison, Necrotic, Force, Acid, or Radiant – girlfriend may include 1d4 of that kind of damages to your following melee hit versus the creature that inflicted the damage on you.Doomgiver has actually 4 charges and also regains expended charges every day in ~ dawn. If attuned, when you are the sole target of a spell actors by a biology that you deserve to see, you might expend one fee to make the caster the target the the spell. If the order is 4th level or higher, you need to roll a spell examine (using her spellcasting comprehensive or her Charisma comprehensive if you room not a spellcaster) with a DC of 10 + the spell’s level.If any creature you deserve to see wields any kind of of the Twelve, consisting of Doomgiver, against a weaker target (determined by the DM), role a d100. On a 50 or greater, the attacker takes all damage and also harmful results of the attack.

Sword that Reaping

Doomgiver normally presents as either a sickle or a scythe, a touching reminder the the inescapable natural law: what friend sow, girlfriend shall reap. Your own will return to you, in complete measure.

Scythe - Proficiency: Martial - Damage: 1d10 slashing- Weight: 6 lb - Properties: Heavy, reach, two-handed

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I have long feared that my guilty would return to haunt me, and also the cost would be an ext than I can bear.

- Benjamin Martin

Twin Swords

Loremasters have long provided the similarities in between Doomgiver and also Townsaver. Both present themselves as devices to typical folk, together though castle were never ever intended because that heroes or good warriors. Part speculate that these two were the critical of the Twelve, created so the basic could stand versus the good and terrible works wrought through the mighty wielders of the initial ten.

However, Doomgiver and also Townsaver are as patent opposite as any pair the twins ever was. The sword of fury cries the end in the warm of passion, in self-sacrificing empathy for those needing to it is in saved, a scourge that righteous flame versus danger.

But Doomgiver, the knife of Justice, is cold, grim, unfeeling. Dispassionately neutral. Doomgiver is no much better suited come an angel 보다 to a demon, for it care nothing for good or evil. It seeks just balance. The weak will find in it an excellent gain, the power to cancel the mighty, however often in the long history a remarkable warrior has wielded Doomgiver to his own downfall.

The wise would certainly take care never to attract Doomgiver versus a weaker foe. Even the wielders of Farslayer, that Sightblinder, the Mindsword, the Soulcutter, of good Shieldbreaker itself have actually restrained their strength lest Doomgiver revolve it ago on them.


Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer,how d"you slay?Reaching because that the heartin behind the scales.Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer,where d"you stay?In the belly of the giantthat my tongue impales


Sword that Heroes

Weapon (greatsword +2), legend (requires attunement)

You gain a +2 bonus to attack and also damage roll made v this magic weapon.

You have benefit on all attack rolls versus chromatic dragons and also non-good draconic creatures, including drakes, wyverns, dragon turtles, (and maybe even kobolds)

On a an important hit versus a chromatic dragon or draconic creature, roll a d20 v the complying with effect:

Dragon SlicingRollEffect
1-9Normal an important damage
10-12Deep slash to dragon"s flank. Add 2d6 slashing damage
13Remove hind leg. Reduce dragon"s movement by 20 ft.
14Remove foreleg. Reduce dragon"s movement by 20 ft. And reduce dragon"s attack by one claw attack per round.
15Sever wingtip. Reduce dragon"s flying speed by half.
16Sever tail. Disable dragon’s tail attack.
17Sever wing. Alleviate dragon"s flying rate to 0 and disable dragon"s soup attack.
18Break jaw. Disable dragon’s bite attack.
19Slash throat. Disable dragon’s breath attack.
20Decapitate dragon.

History: A Worthy Name

A terrible fight raged between a powerful, insidious blue dragon bending on destruction and the ancient One, the great bronze, patron the the Dunesong Temple, friend of the Montescue monarchy, protector of Kalyva.

Folk in Dunesong spoke only in hushed whispers of that knife which was feared above all amongst dragonkind. Though the ancient One desire it for his collection, he additionally refused to name it, together did any kind of who wished to remain in his grace...

...Until came another would-be king, seeking to take it the monarchy by providing the third of the Twelve in return because that the blue"s allegiance. The deal was struck; the vile usurper asserted the throne. The heroes beholden to the rightful heir faced the savage blue.

The heroes in defeat parlayed their tools to the fierce dragon in return for your lives. Wayfinder. Coinspinner. Sightblinder. Townsaver. Woundhealer. All right into the bag, offered as tribute come the blue. Dragonslicer got in the bag together well, and all sheathe tightly in the dragon"s claw.

But wily artificer Parch had actually a trick up she sleeve - a ago door right into the bag. Despite it price her life, she companions were every able to retract their tools again secretly. Fearless and cunning, the assassin Acela forwent her own Coinspinner and also instead i was withdrawn Dragonslicer native Parch"s magic hat.

Acela"s feat is legendary. The ancient blue slain in a solitary stroke. In acknowledgment of this victory, the an excellent bronze currently refers to the 3rd as the sword of Heroes.


Farslayer howls across the worldFor your heart, for thy heart,who aside from that wronged me!Vengeance is his that casts the bladeYet he will in the end no triumph see.

Image: Daniel Kamarudin

Sword of Vengeance

Upon attunement, Farslayer arouses feelings of vengeance in the owner. The affected person relives viewed injustices, coming to be obsessed v their oppressor. This obsession may reason nightmares or hallucinations.

As one action, the wielder may choose a target for vengeance. The is customary, though not strictly necessary, to activate the weapon by chanting "For thy heart, because that thy heart." The wielder then fires Farslayer as component of the exact same action. Farslayer will certainly pass harmlessly through any type of object or creature until it get the love of its intended target, striking inerrantly.

If the target is a creature with fewer 보다 100 fight Points, it must succeed on a DC 17 Constitution conserving throw or it is in slain soon (a build or one Undead is immune). A creature slain in this way cannot it is in resurrected except by a Wish. If the target has an ext than 100 fight Points or succeeds ~ above the conserving throw, the takes 10d10 piercing damage.

Blood Feud

Regardless that the result of Farslayer"s strike, the initial wielder"s attunement is broken. Farslayer does not return to its previous owner, nor will certainly it attune to a previous owner till it has actually been attuned and also used by one more creature.

A target struck however not slain by Farslayer automatically attunes come it, due to the initial wielder"s hateful focus on it. An ally of a creature slain by Farslayer have the right to spend one activity to attune come Farslayer and also target it versus the previous wielder.

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Sword that Glory, knife of Madness

Weapon (staff +2), legendary (requires attunement by a biology of evil alignment)

You acquire a +2 bonus come attack and damage rolls made through this magic weapon.Poison Blade. add 1d4 poison damage to every melee hit with Mindsword.

While attuned to Mindsword, her Charisma becomes 25 unless it is otherwise higher. Additionally, whenever you attract Mindsword, every creature of 6 intelligence or greater that have the right to see or listen you must make a DC 25 Wisdom saving throw or autumn under the result of charm person. girlfriend can choose not to impact creatures v this feature. If you stow Mindsword, the charm effect ends after ~ one hour, uneven you draw the weapon again.

Mindsword has actually 9 charges and regains 2d4 + 1 expended dues every day in ~ dawn. You might use an action to expend one or an ext charges to cast the adhering to spells: command, crown the madness, suggestion, conquer person, geas, massive suggestion. each spell needs a number of charges same to the order level and may be actors at a greater level by expending the required charges. If girlfriend expend the last charge, role a d20. On a 1, Mindsword division attunement and also cannot be reattuned by the exact same creature.

Charisma is your spellcasting capability for every of these spells. If a biology succeeds ~ above a conserving throw against Mindsword"s initial charm result or versus any of these spells, that biology is immune to every one of Mindsword"s effects and spells (including the innate rise to Charisma) because that 24 hours. Furthermore, the creature becomes mindful of her evil intentions and also may provide other creatures advantage on their following saving throw against Mindsword"s effects.

Skull Twister

Mindsword may existing itself together a crown quite than a scepter with the following variants:

Mindsword walk not function as a weaponThe charm effect proceeds as long as Mindsword is wornMindsword might be with splash by creatures of any alignment. Each spell cast by expending Mindsword"s dues is an action of domination that will progressively turn the wielder"s alignment come evil.


Once drawn in combat, Shieldbreaker cannot be removed prior to the end of the encounter. You cannot be disarmed, can not stow Shieldbreaker, and cannot strike using any type of other weapon or unarmed strike, no one retreat native combat or end combat until every opponent is destroyed. Unless you success a DC 25 Wisdom conserving throw, you have to use your activity on each revolve to take the attack activity or actors a spell i beg your pardon directly strikes opponents. If you lose hit points due to “friendly fire,” consisting of an ally"s area-of-effect spell, you must succeed top top a Wisdom conserving throw, DC 10 + the damages taken, or law the attacker as an adversary for one minute.

Maul - Damage: 2d6 bludgeoning- Weight: 10 lb - Properties: Heavy, two-handed, thrown (range 10/20)

Strongest and Weakest the the Twelve

On a vital hit, in addition to the damage dealt, Shieldbreaker destroys the primary weapon wielded through the target.

Shieldbreaker is capable of targeting and also destroying any of the Twelve Swords that Power, nevertheless of your form. Because that example, Mindsword worn as a crown or Farslayer together an arrowhead could it is in targeted and destroyed by a successful melee attack versus the wielder"s AC.

Shieldbreaker can not be used to attack any kind of creature the is not wielding a weapon or improvised weapon. A herbal weapon, such together claws, or an unarmed attack does not count as a weapon because that this feature.

Image: Jos

It is a usual misconception the Shieldbreaker is a weapon i m sorry destroys shields. This has actually never been the case. In truth, Shieldbreaker is a shield i m sorry destroys weapons.

At first glance, Shieldbreaker appears to be a straightforward metal buckler, a small round shield strapped to the forearm. When attuned, when Shieldbreaker is fitted for fight it spirals open up like one iris, broadening both in size and weight to become a man-sized tower shield with a spiked front and also bladed edges. The straps which host Shieldbreaker come the bearer"s eight encase the entire forearm and fist in one unbreakable stole grip. One does no so much wield Shieldbreaker together Shieldbreaker supplies the wielder"s body because that combat maneuvers.

While attuned, you have resistance come piercing, slashing, and also bludgeoning damages from nonmagical weapons.While attuned, friend have advantage on saving throws versus all wonder effects.While attuned, you space immune to every harmful special results of any type of of the Twelve Swords that Power. You may still take it all damages from a successful attack.

Strongest and also Weakest the the Twelve

On a an important hit, in addition to the damage dealt, Shieldbreaker destroys the main weapon wielded through the target.

Shieldbreaker is qualified of targeting and destroying any kind of of the Twelve Swords of Power, nevertheless of their form. For example, Mindsword worn together a crown or Farslayer as an arrowhead could be targeted and destroyed by a successful melee attack versus the wielder"s AC.

Shieldbreaker cannot be offered to attack any type of creature the is not wielding a weapon or improvised weapon. A organic weapon, such as claws, or an unarmed strike does not count together a weapon for this feature.


Once equipped in combat, Shieldbreaker can not be removed before the end of the encounter. You can not be disarmed, cannot stow Shieldbreaker, and cannot assault using any kind of other weapon or unarmed strike, nor retreat indigenous combat or finish combat until every adversary is destroyed. Uneven you success a DC 25 Wisdom saving throw, you should use your action on each revolve to take it the attack activity or actors a spell i m sorry directly attacks opponents. If you lose hit points because of “friendly fire,” including an ally"s area-of-effect spell, you need to succeed top top a Wisdom conserving throw, DC 10 or half the damage taken (which ever before is higher), or law the attacker as an adversary for one minute.

While equipped through Shieldbreaker, your Constitution becomes 18, if it is not otherwise higher.You may add your structure modifier to attack and also damage rolfes made through this magic weapon.


Image: Jon Hodgson

SHIELD BASH. Melee Weapon Attack: reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (2d6) piercing and the target need to succeed on a DC 16 Strength conserving throw or take secondary 3 (1d6) bludgeoning damage and also be knocked prone.
Dagger - Damage: 1d4 piercing- Weight: 1 lb - Properties: Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60)


Image: Daniel Kamarudin

Sword that Deception

Despite its reputation for stealth, Sightblinder does not make the wielder unseen. Rather, you pick how you wish to it is in seen.

Three times per long rest, you may disguise yourself in a manner comparable to the spell. Her appearance, her voice, and also any equipment you space wearing or transferring will be completely disguised. You take on the illustration of any type of humanoid creature you wish, in a fully convincing manner. Girlfriend may show up to various observers in various disguises in ~ the exact same time, and also you may readjust disguises there is no breaking the illusion. An knowledge (Investigation) check, DC 25, is required to disbelieve the disguise. A creature that stops working the inspect will think the disguise unquestioningly, versus all reason.

Sightblinder cannot fool Shieldbreaker or Farslayer. Sightblinder supplies some defense (advantage ~ above the conserving throws) versus Mindsword and Soulcutter. Sightblinder has actually never to be tested against Doomgiver, though sword loremasters think it would be unwise to tempt fate in that way.

You gain a +2 bonus come attack and also damage roll made through this magic weapon.

Aura of Despair. when unsheathed, Soulcutter tasks an aura with a radius that 120 feet. Any creature within variety must succeed on a DC25 Wisdom saving throw or take it no action and do no motion on the turn. ~ above a effective save, a creature may take either one action or one bonus action, but not both. The wielder should succeed on this conserving throw in order come stow or sheath Soulcutter.

Creatures within the Aura that Despair have disadvantage on concentration checks. Any type of creature that fails its Wisdom saving throw automatically fails that is concentration check.Any biology that makes an attack or spell assault within the Aura of Despair takes 1d4 psychic damage.

Double-edged. Soulcutter"s wielder and allies are also subject come the Aura of Despair. The wielder the Shieldbreaker alone is immune to Soulcutter"s effect. The wielders the Mindsword and Woundhealer have benefit on the Wisdom conserving throw to resist Soulcutter.

Cursed. as soon as you attune to Soulcutter, you experience a long-term -1 penalty to Constitution. Every time you attract Soulcutter, role a d20. On a 1, friend suffer another permanent accumulation -1 punish to Constitution. This reduction can be healed by a wish or by Woundhealer just after you space no longer attuned come Soulcutter.

History: The Tyrant"s tongue Reforged

By inscrutable magicks, the magician Shoo and also the bard Paws "acquired" a soul cord.

One must never be too fast to go into into a fey bargain. The fool who did, a merchant, considered himself the winner of the barter, never ever imagining castle would have the way to collect. But collect they did. One strand that the it s not for long time silvery triple-braided cord that connects one"s soul to the body.

Then, many unwisely, Paws the Dance strung the heart cord upon a masterwork lyre. Therefore was the Soulcutter, though damaged eons ago, remade.

Not learning what she had done, Paws attracted the untried tool in a moment of great need. Together her allies fought bitterly against the devastating blue dragon, Paws started to beat a lament. One by one the heroes succumbed, helpless even to defend themselves against the vicious teeth and also claws of their adversary. Yet then, their foe as well folded his wings, lay himself down....and stopped.

Stone Destroyer

When attacking stone walls, fortifications or objects through Stonecleaver girlfriend may add 1d6 force damage. A effective melee attack versus any object made of stone is taken into consideration a vital hit. Stonecleaver ignores the damages threshold of rock walls, fortifications, and also objects. Given enough time, friend can destroy any rock object no matter the size. You may pick whether Stonecleaver cut or smashes with stone.

When attack creatures of rock with Stonecleaver you may include 1d6 force damage, but you do not instantly score a crucial hit.

Stone Shaper

While stop Stonecleaver, you may actors stone shape together a 4th level spell through no product components. You may do this 3 times per lengthy rest.

When girlfriend speak the command word, Stonecleaver reduces come the dimension of an artisan"s tool. You might use Stonecleaver to carve any natural rock or gemstone. Girlfriend are considered proficient through mason"s tools and also jeweler"s tools when using Stonecleaver because that those purposes.

Sword the Salvation

Weapon (any an easy weapon or shortsword, +3), legend (requires attunement through a creature of an excellent alignment)

You gain a +3 bonus come attack and damage rolls made through this magic weapon.While attuned, you have proficiency in light, medium, and heavy armor. Friend may include your complete Dexterity modifier to her AC, nevertheless of heavy armor limitations.When an unarmed noncombatant is the single target that an assault that you deserve to see, Townsaver will usage your reaction to pressure the strike to be redirected towards you.
Defender the the Defenseless

Townsaver"s distinctive properties activate only once unarmed noncombatants are at risk. If just you and also your allies room at risk, Townsaver is naught however an simple weapon +3. That is crafted because that the defense that the innocent. The alignment or moral culpability the the victim does not matter, for Townsaver can be offered to protect helpless cultists or orclings or even human politicians. Any kind of who help or sign up with you in combat - henchmen, hirelings, retainers, etc.- carry out not count, nor perform pets, beasts, or other non-sapient creatures.


Once drawn in combat, Townsaver cannot be removed before the end of the encounter. The wielder cannot be disarmed and also cannot stow Townsaver. Girlfriend cannot leave the encounter until all foes are beat or retract from battle.

Last Hope

You cannot die before the end of the encounter. Nevertheless of just how low your Hit clues fall, you room able to continue fighting. If you room at 0 HP or below when the conference ends, you immediately fall unconscious. If you have actually sustained damages equal to one 4 minutes 1 of your maximum total HP below 0, girlfriend are considered to have actually failed one fatality saving throw. If you have actually sustained damage equal to one fifty percent of your maximum full HP below 0, girlfriend are thought about to have actually failed two death saving throws. Your allies still have actually the chance to stabilize or heal you. If you have sustained damages equal to your maximum complete HP below 0, you are thought about to have actually failed three death saving throws and you die automatically at the end of the encounter.

Sword of Humility, sword of Fury

Though numerous of the Twelve are known to present themselves in different forms follow to need, Townsaver is the most malleable the the Twelve. Maybe this is as result of its nature as a protector that the usual folk. Often, it is one brave soul amongst the civilization moved to take up a basic weapon. For unlike the rest, Townsaver is never ever seen together a weapon an ext sophisticated than a simple shortsword. A guard"s spear, a shepherd"s staff, and if one ancient tale be true, even a widow"s wood spoon.

The common aspect is a righteous anger. Tragically, Townsaver walk not regularly manifest prior to trouble strikes. Once the remnant cries out for relief, once the oppressed rise to litter off the chain of tyranny or the scourge that evil, as soon as a survivor cannot stand to see one more innocent harmed, Townsaver presents itself together the catalyst which sets the pot of rage boiling over.

When stone and mortar fail, you space the wall. No issue what comes through, friend will hold your ground.

-Fladnag, Captain the the Guard

You obtain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolfes made with this magic weapon.

You can use a bonus action to toss this magic weapon right into the air. Once you perform so, The Glaive begins to hover, flies as much as 30 feet, and attacks one biology of your selection within 5 feet that it. The weapon supplies your assault roll and ability score comprehensive to damage rolls.

While The Glaive hovers, you can use a bonus action to reason it come fly up to 30 feet to an additional spot in ~ 30 feet that you. As component of the same bonus action, friend can cause The Glaive to attack one biology within 5 feet that it.

After the hovering weapon strikes for the fourth time , it flies up to 30 feet and tries to go back to your hand. If you have no hand free, it falls to the floor at her feet. If The Glaive has actually no unobstructed route to you, it moves as close come you together it can and then falls to the ground. It likewise ceases to hover if you grasp it or move more than 30 feet away from it.

Sword the Wisdom

While with splash to Wayfinder, you acquire proficiency in Wisdom (Insight) and also Intelligence (Investigation) checks. If you currently have proficiency, you gain expertise.

Find A Path

Once per brief rest, you may cast find a path. This is similar, however not identical, come a usual divination spell. Casting time is one minute. No material materials are required. Wayfinder acts as a spell emphasis for this spell. Duration: Concentration, as much as 1 day.

This spell permits you to discover a sure course to a goal on i beg your pardon you should concentrate. This path will be neither the shortest, no one the safest route, yet will definitely lead to her goal, whether the be to discover a creature, object, or a place. At the DM"s discretion, it may also lead to a more abstract goal, together as riches or a relaxed solution to a conflict.

Unlike the an ext common spell, Wayfinder does not need a specfic location known to you. In fact, it performs far better when given less rigid guidelines. Wayfinder can discover a means to various other planes the existence, moving targets, or nonspecific goals. Upon casting the spell, girlfriend become conscious of as much as 3 intermediate steps vital to attain the finish goal, such as finding a key, obtaining payment because that a service, or beating a guardian. Wayfinder will automatically guide you to the very first or nearest intermediate step. If more than 3 intermediate procedures are required to with the end goal, Wayfinder will expose to you only the next 3 steps, but not the specific variety of steps.

When you cast the spell, Wayfinder will start to hover and move up to 30 feet away from girlfriend in the direction toward your goal. That will start to spin faster as you approach each waypoint toward your final goal.

As a bonus action, you may return Wayfinder to your hand or reason it come recalculate its directions.

Find the yourself

Wayfinder has 4 charges. That regains expended charges daily at dawn. Together an action, you might expend charges to actors augury (1 charge), locate animals and also plants (1 charge), locate object (1 charge), or locate creature (2 charges), without any material contents required.

Sword of Mercy

Weapon (pistol +2), legend (requires attunement through a biology of non-evil alignment)

You get a +2 bonus come attack and damage rolls made through this magic weapon.While attuned, you get a short-term +1 bonus to your Constitution. If you preserve attunement for one year, the bonus becomes permanent and also you gain one more temporary +1 bonus to her Constitution. This function may repeat adding cumulative bonuses for long-term ownership, approximately a maximum structure of 25.On a vital hit, Woundhealer confers on the target the impacts of power indigenous heal.

Image: Qas Illustration


When you strike a willing or incapacitated creature through Woundhealer, you have benefit on the attack roll. Top top a hit against any living, necessary creature, including organic constructs such as a flesh golem, the target take away no damage and also instead regains a variety of Hit Points equal to the damage dealt. The target regains the same variety of Hit point out on every of its turns as lengthy as Woundhealer continues to be active.

Woundhealer has no effect on inorganic constructs, or dead or undead creatures.

Blissful Agony

Woundhealer does cause pain equal to the damage dealt, even as that heals. For this reason, a creature should succeed top top a DC 15 Wisdom conserving throw in order come be taken into consideration a willing target. Every time a creature is struck with Woundhealer, the DC because that this saving throw is permanently and cumulatively boosted by 1.

Wholeness that Mind and Body

Each time it restores fight Points, Woundhealer can likewise have one of the adhering to effects:

Remove any type of one that the adhering to conditions: Blinded, Charmed, Deafened, Frightened, Incapacitated, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned, Stunned, or UnconsciousRemove one level of exhaustionEnd one an illness affecting the targetEnd one capability score reduction or preferably Hit suggest reductionRemove one curse or end attunement to one cursed objectCure madness

Woundhealer can likewise regenerate shed body components or lacking organs, given enough time. If the severed component is held in place during Woundhealer"s attack, it is revitalized immediately. Otherwise, the time compelled for rebirth is at the DM"s discretion.

Uniquely Miraculous Ammunition

Woundhealer stays active, proceeding to work-related until healing is complete or you attack one more target with Woundhealer. For example, a biology drowning or top top fire would experience the pain, yet would be cure as fast as the damages was done. As soon as healing is complete, the silver bullet fired by Woundhealer is expelled from the target"s body and becomes inert.

Woundhealer can heal only one target in ~ a time. If another shot is fired indigenous Woundhealer, the previous cartridge becomes inert even if heal was no yet complete. In this case, the inert bullet is no expelled native the target"s body.

Acquiring ammunition because that Woundhealer might be difficult. Each shot expenses 1 cp, for the covering casing; 1 sp, because that the silver shot; 1 gp, for the crafting; and also 1 pp, for the blessing that a default healer.

Technical Difficulties

The Twelve Swords, if you think the stories, are powerful enough to destroy gods. If they have the right to be attuned and wielded by mere mortals, it would be wise to law them with the respect and also caution early out such legend powers.

Though I have tried to carry out justice both come the Twelve and also to the DnD fifth edition, the mechanics space still not completely tested. I discover us adjusting the manner of their usage as us go. Ns love the swords together a boon to roleplaying, and I hope the mechanical strength doesn"t unbalance the game too much. For that reason, I would certainly reserve or limit the swords" presence until later in the video game when the growth of magical powers reaches world-altering proportions anyway.

I expect you enjoy. Ns hope you adapt these to her world and also find provides that neither i nor Mr. Saberhagen ever before envisioned. Happy hunting, my friends!

History: The Vilest Act

Perhaps the most evil abuse that the strength of the Twelve due to the fact that their creation was a scheme enacted by Matthias the Nameless, lieutenant to the Abomination itself. The frost giant King Windsisslaus led the alliance of cost-free peoples to fall the depredations of that devastating age.

The nameless one, a skulking collapse celestial, lured Windsisslaus right into a shrewd trap. He-who-must-not-be-called-Matthias slaughtered plenty of legions that helpless innocents till the large king to be compelled come intervene. But the nameless Matthias, having currently enslaved his victims to the Skulltwister"s power, currently commanded castle to rotate on their rescuer, that was quickly overpowered. Grievously wounded, Windsisslaus" banner-bearer shooting the fallen King v Woundhealer prior to himself succumbing. Hence the catch was sprung.

Windsisslaus, currently pierced by Woundhealer"s shot, was captured and also bound also while the healing functioned its magic. Matthias, may his name be forever forgotten, though unable come wield Woundhealer nevertheless asserted it and also kept it, because that the healing power proceeds until the is complete or Woundhealer fires again.

Thus was Windsisslaus subjected to an endlessly torture. For over 75 years, the nameless one and also his abominable grasp ensured the their perpetual victim never completely healed nor ever gained the relax of death. Windsisslaus was consistently boiled and also dismembered and asphyxiated and baptized in lava and drowned in acid and ever-more-imaginative method of particular death. However each time he endured. Surely that would have actually fallen right into madness, had actually Woundhealer not additionally cut off the escape.

The story of good King Windsisslaus was spread out far and wide, his assorted torments shown like a travel circus from city to town, come instill terror in any kind of who would certainly oppose the omnipotent ascendancy of the Abomination. This depravity continued until one day a humble peasant the the youngling gyeongju of people beat his plowshare into a crude sword, dubbed it the Doomgiver, and Justice called the name "Matthias."

Did he to speak "Remade"?

Here us go again with the entirety "perilous times" business and also where is ours help? Some team of idiots damaged every one of the Twelve. Just how in Avernus walk they manage?

More importantly, might it be feasible to reforge them? Better. Stronger. Faster. What would it take?

Reforge the Twelve

To reforge among the Swords of Power requires exotic materials. Many require a rare kind of metal, though some are primarily wood, equally rare. Each also needs a special secret ingredient. Of course, forging a legendary Artifact is not virtually as straightforward as hammering a hunk of iron into the shape of a quick sword. Each will additionally require a unique technique, and maybe also a search to find those materials and also methods. And also don"t forget a highly expert smith. You"ll should hire one - or come to be one.


Primary Material: Quicksilver

Secret Ingredient: Gem worth 5,000 GP

Proprietary Process: Coinspinner requires a crafting dispute to the death. A patron offers the materials and the wager. The smiths each create the ideal weapon castle can. The losing patron i do not care the gambler"s love eternally maintained in the winner"s soulgem, which renders Coinspinner the only truly sentient that the Twelve.


Primary Material: Obsidian

Secret Ingredient: Modron computational distinction engine

Proprietary Process: calls for perfectly well balanced measured quantities of earth, air, fire, and water.


Primary Material: Mourningsteel**

Secret Ingredient: The ashes that at least 3 victims eliminated by dragons

Proprietary Process: The build must be heated v dragon fire or lightning.


Primary Material: Asmoroch Steel*

Secret Ingredient: Aerocrystal* native the elemental aircraft of air

Proprietary Process: Forging must be add by song of lament and prayers of imprecation


Primary Material: Plaguesteel*

Secret Ingredient: Aboleth mucus or drider venom

Proprietary Process: needs the sacrifice that slaves. Does it matter just how many?


Primary Material: Adamantine

Secret Ingredient: Tarrasque hide

Proprietary Process: have to be forged totally with pressure damage. No bludgeoning with a hammer.


Primary Material: mainly Iron*

Secret Ingredient: Leprechaun gold

Proprietary Process: must be forged completely in darkness


Primary Material: Darkwood*

Secret Ingredient: heart cord - the ephemeral silver cord the connects the soul to the body together in one astral projection. The cord is three braided strands, matching to three death saving throws.

Proprietary Process: The wood need to be shaped and the soul cords strung in pure silence.


Primary Material: Orichalcum*

Secret Ingredient: True Ice**

Proprietary Process: A jealously guarded Dwarven an enig - Time. Stonecleaver can only be forged end the course of years, one of two people in real-time or under the result of time manipulation spells.


Primary Material: Mithral

Secret Ingredient: The blood of a tragic hero

Proprietary Process: can only it is in forged by the desperate victim of a lengthy period of oppression and also injustice.


Primary Material: Darksteel*

Secret Ingredient: Chlorophyte**

Proprietary Process: various phases of the forging process must take ar on at least 3 different planes of existence.

See more: The Parson Canterbury Tales, The Canterbury Tales: Character List


Primary Material: Ironwood**

Secret Ingredient: Unicorn blood (from a living donor)

Proprietary Process: Crafting needs spellcasting of heal spells indigenous at least 2 different classes.