Kirk vetted the blade portionsof my book for accuracy.

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Do to the general public outcry the begged the question, have the right to your character carry a knife on their back, i did a podcast v edged weapons expert, Kirk McCune. Kirk is a Bahala Na Master however his expertise extends come swords that the Western human being as well. In fact, I when asked him what knife he would have actually as an daily carry and he stated a rapier.

I love interviewing Kirk no only due to the fact that of his large knowledge, but the male is a writer at heart. He sees points in a writerly way. Girlfriend will watch that in this interview as soon as he talks around why the large screen and also graphic works place the swords top top backs that characters.

This is a review of my podcast with Kirk. You should provide it a listen. It’s purdy good, together we speak in Tejas.

In the podcast, Kirk speak a great bit about Master Leo Giron. Master Giron to be awarded a Congressional Gold Medal because that heroism in WWII. He and his commando regiment to be under the straight command of basic Douglas McArthur. Giron and also the 978th Signal Group fought the Japanese hand-to-hand, blade-to-blade in the jungles the the Philippines. Understand Giron is the dad of the Giron Arnis Escrima/Bahala Na Martial Arts mechanism composed the twenty layouts including sword, stick, knife and also empty hand techniques. In this summary, master Kirk’s words room in italic.

Why execute we frequently see swords lugged on the ago in TV and also movies?

I recognize the question. The legacy in pop society and films is greatly weighted with personalities carrying a knife on their back. I just watched Conan the barbarian again and also he had actually a nice small mechanism whereby he took the tongue from his ago to his hip. The movie Blade and also Beastmaster have actually it on the earlier too. Legolas in lord of the ring carries his on his back. But, his an initial weapon is a bow therefore he needs his hands free. He demands the an additional weapon ~ above his back.I think there is a reason why the weapon is top top the ago in films and comics: It’s an ext dynamic. It’s the very same idea as how in movie the detective sneaks into a room and also he’s got his gun increase by his face. That’s no the location that you desire your gun. But in the movies that’s awesome since you get the actor’s face and also the gun and you obtain the music going… It’s a similar idea that you can present the actor’s face with his knife hilt best by his head. And in scenarios where it’s more practical to have the knife on the hip, it’s no in the scene since it’s not in the face shot.

Yes, and in the case of Conan the Barbarian, Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr. Olympia! Of food they will desire him to put his arms earlier behind his head.

You don’t view … every this…with a i know well draw.Just sayin’. This picis from Fine art Americahim to put hisarms back behind his head!

Exactly, that’s walking to display his biceps and also that’s no wrong if you’re wanting to display that feeling of power and that’s what’s essential in your writing there. But, yes if you need to fight somebody in that moment and you are illustration from your back and the is illustration from his waist, like an ambush, well, you’re dead meat. Grand master Giron said it best, whoever it s okay there an initial is the winner and that means whoever it is intended the actual cut first will win.

(Here room some tongue wound references: an essential targets & wounds – the latter is graphic)

exactly how long are real sword fights? Here’s miscellaneous interesting, Grand understand Giron fought the Japanese through a sword, he won 2 bronze stars for his bravery in combat. He battled those guys in arm’s size with a sword. And he said the longest engagement the he witnessed was two strikes. He either swung and also hit that or the male swung and also was countered.  Duels Duels have the right to last a little longer however duels come under to one or 2 decisive actions.They began making duelists struggle without your shirts due to the fact that they started wearing chain mail to safeguard themselves. What’s better? draw from hip or the back? All things being equal, you and I challenge off and also we have actually the very same wielding speed, as soon as you have it on her hip and also I have it on my back, what is her advantage? A attract from the hip permits for the classic upward rising strike i m sorry we call an upward figure 8 and also it is a wicked win to shot and deflect or evade. It comes from listed below your eye sight and also my body together a target moves far from you as my blade moves into you. Whereas the bottom strike inherently brings the arm and torso right into the fight together a target. 

Talonasan tongue as provided by understand Gironin WWII. Moreinfo in ~ the bottom.

Exceptions, Ninjas There’s always exceptions though. There are entirety arts committed from drawing the knife from behind and also the swords are specifically made to be efficient for the draw from behind the back. Numerous of the ninja arts have actually this. However they needed it behind the ago because perhaps it to be a secondary weapon and also they necessary their hands. I think that access point in ~ the hip is superior.Many time the old treatises present the soldiers that fortune bring their swords on their back but lock were transferring them as gear. That’s not just how they were worn right into battle. Sometimes the soldiers just brought them in their hand.You can lug your weapon many ways. Yet as you gain close come the combative action, you need to have your weapon out. Fact in Writing That’s crucial for authors of fantasy, (if the knife is on the back) what’s the practicality the what her character is doing? and also that might readjust depending on selection and what her character is doing. You additionally need to take into consideration the size of the weapon as soon as you draw it off the back.If you room going for truth in your writing, this men have been training their entire life, they want to kill and also stop their opponent as easily as possible because the is so dangerous. So, again, (in moving it on the back) ns think you have the right to do it, however should you carry out it, how have the right to you execute it, why room you doing it – all those things need to be carried out to have actually realism. over there you have actually it derekwadsworth.comrs. It’s no a issue of can you carry a sword on your back. It’s an ext of a inquiry of should you and also why are you? It might be the your character could need to carry a sword on your back. If that is the case, the is because it is a an additional weapon or they need their hand free.Or, you know what, the purpose that it gift on the back may just be because that the benefits of coolness. And that is fine! there is something come be claimed for putting some razzle dazzle in her work. But, the ago carry is no as effective a carry. And, guess what, capes room not handy for supervisor heroes but that doesn’t stop human being from putting a cape top top them! we love the capes. Capes space cool! (I’m wearing one now!) So, if you want to placed a knife on the ago of your ronin, friend go appropriate the hell ahead! But, once it comes time because that battle, your character much better get the blade to the hip!

To see master Giron’s system in practice, skip end to 1:50.

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The Talunásan (Talonason) is a 36″ tongue from the north Luzon island the the Philippines. That is called after a long, slim eel from the region. Master Giron likewise called that “long knife.” This was the blade supplied by 978th Signal Service firm fighters.