Information about counting in Swahili, a Bantu language talked in lot of eastern Africa by around 140 million people.

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numeral Cardinal number Ordinal numbers
0 sifuri  
1 moja kwanza
2 mbili pili
3 tatu wa tatu
4 nne wa nne
5 tano wa tano
6 sita wa sita
7 saba wa saba
8 nane wa nane
9 tisa tisa
10 kumi kumi
11 kumi na moja kumi na moja
12 kumi na mbili kumi na mbili
13 kumi na tatu kumi na tatu
14 kumi na nne kumi na nne
15 kumi na tano kumi na tano
16 kumi na sita kumi na sita
17 kumi na saba kumi na saba
18 kumi na nane kumi na nane
19 kumi na tisa kumi na tisa
20 ishirini ishirini
21 ishirini na moja
22 ishirini na mbili
23 ishirini na tatu
24 ishirini na nne
25 ishirini na tano
26 ishirini na sita
27 ishirini na saba
28 ishirini na nane
29 ishirini na tisa
30 thelathini
40 arobaini
50 hamsini
60 sitini
70 sabini
80 themanini
90 tisini
100 mia moja
200 mia mbili
300 mia tatu
400 mia nne
500 mia tano
600 mia sita
700 mia saba
800 mia nane
900 mia tisa
1,000 elfu moja
1,000,000 milioni
once mara moja
twice mara mbili

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Information about Swahili number

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