So my band just played a display with these males on Saturday in Chicago and HOLY CRAP talk around an entertaining show. I had never heard of casderekwadsworth.come before, however man can they absent the house!
Sort of remind me that a funky old college R&B version of the Aquabats. They save their real identities a secret, yet are all impressive musicians. They room based out of Nashville and also rumor has it, have 3 grammy winners in the band. Has anyone else here heard the them/ understand who any kind of of the musician in the band are? The horn players are INSANE.

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Yes, they are great, listened to them a many a few years back
" tiderekwadsworth.come="">^ funny pic from a good album They supplied to be much more garage punk btw:
Actually, The Mummies from the 90s room a really different band. Here Come the Mummies
created in 2000 v no knowledge of the garage-punk band The Mummies.'Here is another gem:
different band?The music is nice great, happy you post this. Also I love see bands when they're obviously having a sick great time top top stage like these guys.
Not a large fan of this style of music to it is in honest however the sheer raw talent these guys have makes it exciting to hear to.
On September 19 2011 23:28 Serejai wrote:
Not a large fan the this format of music to be honest yet the sheer life talent this guys have makes it enjoyable to hear to.

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Exacderekwadsworth.comy! They space so damn tight top top stage, and also run around like crazy! Seriously civilization class performance and also they fully avoided mine radar till now. The videos posted are mild compared to their live show. The lyrics room pretty lot 100% sexual innuendo and also hilarious. Never ever seen a group of musicians have so much fun on phase before, which is type of why i wanna discover out who they actually are in genuine life.
On September 19 2011 23:25 MooseyFate wrote:
Actually, The Mummies from the 90s space a an extremely different band. Here Come the Mummies developed in 2000 with no knowledge of the garage-punk band The Mummies.'
Makes sense, currenderekwadsworth.comy found it a bit strange the they readjusted up their format that much.So anyway, you to be playing together with them? did you have to wear a mummy suit together well? ^^
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On September 19 2011 23:25 MooseyFate wrote:
Actually, The Mummies indigenous the 90s space a an extremely different band. Below Come the Mummies formed in 2000 through no expertise of the garage-punk tape The Mummies.'
Makes sense, already found that a litderekwadsworth.come strange that they adjusted up their style that much.So anyway, you were playing together with them? go you need to wear a mummy suit together well? ^^
Haha, ns WISH I had a costume. Stunner story actually:My band acquired the speak to at prefer 3PM that day since House that Blues necessary an opener because that HCTM. I guess the other opener bailed or got booted. Half of my band was the end in the suburbs because that the weekend, yet once I uncovered out who we were opening for I convinced them every to perform anything feasible to gain to the city through 6:30 (Sound check). Ns rented a uhaul (they very own the cars, i bike) and also loaded my entire band's (5 piece) gear (3 tube amps, 3 half stacks, drum kit, etc) through myself and also got to the venue through JUST sufficient time to load, setup, and also finish soundcheck 3 minutes before the doors opened. It was the many hectic show I've ever before been a component of however we finished up playing a 45 minute collection to a sold out crowd at house of Blues in Chicago. Entirely insane because that how small potatoes my band is. Crowd really appeared to reap our set, despite being a really different genre. (Which is great cause ns heard few of HCTM's openers have been boo'd if they aren't funky) the town hall HCTM do made me realize exacderekwadsworth.comy how much my band needs to work on showmanship, that's for damn sure, haha. Anywho, if everyone is interested my band's surname is The Second
and we are based the end of Chicago. Right here is our very bare-bones Facebook page with a current recording: