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Neither go I till I to be driving my guys to school and heard it on the radio. A rapid google find told me the indeed, national Superhero day is a genuine thing. It’s a day to celebrate her favourite fictitious superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spider Man, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. It’s additionally a day come celebrate actual super heros in your life!

With 3 boys in the house, ns can’t think I didn’t know around this day sooner, but definitely wanted to have actually some fun with it! I created this fun word find puzzle in honour of the holiday and our favourite superheroes! Who’s yours?


Superhero native Search

You’ll Need

Printer White document Pencil or Pen Word search Printable PDF

Simply print the free superhero themed word find onto white press paper. Search for the words provided at the bottom of the document among the random letter in the net above.

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When you’ve uncovered a word, one it through a pen or pencil. Save going until you’ve found them all!


Benefits of Word find Puzzles

Helps v spellingImproves processing speedImproves memoryExtends vocabularyEncourages difficulty solvingEntertaining way to happen timeInexpensivePortable, take them anywhere!

Planning a Superhero birthday Party?

Use thisSuperhero word Puzzle during the party! children could job-related on that while wait for all the youngsters to arrive, or make it competitive and also the very first one to discover all the words can win a prize! This is a good way to reign in chaos as soon as the excitement gets a bit out that control.

Whether you space planning an epos superhero party or simply want to go all out for nationwide Superhero Day, check our Superhero Craft principles Superhero Food Ideas and also Superhero joke to finish the day!




Another supervisor idea is our printable Superhero Lunch box Notes to tuck into your child’s lunch bag!