My story...last year about this time, ns was utilizing Sulfur 8 on mine scalp and also my hair had tremendous growth. Of course, after I acquired all this expansion I acquired the large chop and boy was i sorry. Sound familiar? ns joined LHCF in an effort to discover out the latest tips on growing my hair"s been a slow procedure but I"m in ~ BSL. I readjusted my hair grease to Isoplus Olive Oil and also while I prefer the light load feel and also fragrance, my hair doesn"t seem come be growing as rapid so I"m considering going back to Sulfur 8. While I hate the smell and the thickness, the benefits were worth it! I"m likewise taking viviscal vitamins and a biotin supplement. Simply curious is anyone utilizing Sulfur 8 or am i the only one purchase this stuff off the shelf?

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YES! correct! YES! here I am! I use Sulfur 8 atleast twice a offers me remarkable results! It"s prefer you review my mind b/c i was going come post about it today! critical night,I finger parted and also sprayed mine scalp w/Surge plus 14 together I went. Then, I checked out the back and began again w/Sulfur 8 (after about 5 mins). As soon as I was halfway done applying it (sulfur 8) to my scalp, i realized that ns hadn"t used my Neosporin AF. So...since ns was sleepy, I blended a bit of the two on the sulfur 8 lid and applied as regular to the scalp from mine crown forward. Then, i sprayed my end w/my consistent mix that water, surge moisture aid, and infusium and also covered w/a plastic lid then a bonnet....MAN oh MAN! If girlfriend love the tingle the sulfur 8, climate you would certainly love that! I"m certain it was stimulating every kinds of something under over there b/c generally I only tingle for about 3-5 mins but last night because that over one hour! WHOOHOOO! I"m walk to store this up a couple of times a week and let you recognize what happens!

Me Me Me!!!! i love Sulfur8 hair grease. ns wish ns would have started hear to mine mama a while ago. Thanks for this post... I"m about to obtain up and also grease mine scalp now.

YES!! I use the sulfur 8 products and have also recommended it come others. I use the braids spray along with my surging (since, i"m currently in braids) yet I religiously usage it on my tiny girl"s hair. I use the light formula (in the blue jar). I"ve additionally used the shampoo ~ above her as soon as she had a problem with cradle cap and also dandruff as a baby. It"s the just product i think that works on a regular basis, the formula probably hasn"t adjusted in years. Ns love it. I currently use or have actually used the listed below Sulfur 8 products with wonderful results...It"s a goalkeeper


I have actually suffered from dried scalp for years. Only constant washes disguise it, but at college i offered to use sulfur 8- thats when i washed my hair bi monthly. Ns don"t know around growth, but it works for flakes/itchiness. However i stopped using mineral/petrolium products
Ladies, give thanks to you every for the fast responses! I"m happy to recognize that I"m no the just one making use of this old product and that it"s likewise working for most of you together it"s occupational for me. Sulfur 8 is just one of those commodities that friend have buried with the hot comb however there"s something to it is in said around what functioned long ago. Friend have urged me to go back to using Sulfur 8. I"ll be certain to post my results!
when i get finished v my mtg/surge mixture ns am going to begin using this too. Its much cheaper 보다 mtg anyway.

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My mother bought be a huge jar the various other night. I love the tingle sensation on my scalp!
i just promised myself no to buy any brand-new products on another thread however i"m gonna rest that just this once.. And also buy this, ns cant place my hand on MTG anyway therefore might too buy this sulphur product. Hope i have actually your results!
I LLLLLLOOOOOVVVEEEEE part sulfur 8 grease!!! it is really, really an excellent for the tingly effect. I added a tiny sulfur flour to it and some peppermint oil and also BAM tingleville. Mine hair has actually thrived and also has yes, really grown, because of it.I initially scheduled myself to with APL in April or May, but I have reached beyond APL in the earlier while ns think mine front will certainly be APL roughly \April or May. The front of mine hair grows slower.And my left next grows faster than my right.All and all sulfur 8 grease is the BOM"B!!

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I love it too!! ns bought the a month ago, and also have started including it to my MTG mix. It an excellent for thinning edge too. I was utilizing it on my edges as a attempt for about a week and noticed the hair roughly my edges taking off! So...I began using it on my scalp 3 x a week because "SULFUR 8 IS...Guuuurrreeaatt!"