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Which the the following includes The greatest variety of representative particles: 1 mole the water molecules, 1 mole that copper ato

1 mole of salt chloride ions


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Gold has actually a molar massive of 197.0 g/mol. What is the concentration of yellow in seawater in moles per liter?(please show work)

Since friend didnt get asked for a spefic weight of gold lets assume it to be 5g


5g Au/197 =.02538 mols in 1 liter the sea water is

.02538/1L which offers you a Molarity the .012538 presume 5g if they ask for a different number just replace 5 with any weight in grams

What massive of salt benzoate should be included to 160.0 ml the a 0.17 m benzoic acid solution in order to obtain a buffer through a ph :

The mass of sodium benzoate that have the right to be added to benzoic acid is 5.07 g

Explanation :

The trouble can be solved with the help of Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.

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Step 1 : uncover concentration of salt benzoate

The equation is provided below.

} " alt=" p^H = p^Ka + log \frac " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

We have been given,

pH = 4.30

= 0.17 M

Ka of benzoic acid can be discovered out using standard reference table i m sorry is 6.5 x 10⁻⁵

pKa = - log (Ka)

pKa = - log (6.5 x 10⁻⁵)

pKa = 4.19

Let us plug in the above values in Henderson equation.

}(0.17M) " alt=" 4.30 = 4.19 + log in \frac(0.17M) " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

}0.17 " alt=" 0.11 = log \frac0.17 " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

}0.17} " alt=" 10^0.11 = 10^log \frac0.17 " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

The functions

cancel the end each other.

}0.17 " alt=" 10^0.11 = \frac0.17 " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

}0.17 " alt=" 1.29 = \frac0.17 " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

= 0.22 M

The base in this situation is salt benzoate.

Therefore concentration of salt benzoate is 0.22 M.

Step 2 : find moles of sodium benzoate

The volume of the solution is 160 mL.

Volume in l =


Moles of sodium benzoate deserve to be discovered as,




Moles of sodium benzoate are 0.0352

Step 3 : find mass of salt benzoate

Mass of salt benzoate deserve to be calculate as

Mass in grams = moles x Molar mass

The formula of sodium benzoate is C₇H₅O₂Na.

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Molar massive of sodium benzoate = 7 x 12.01 + 5 x 1.01 + 2 x 16 + 22.98

Molar mass of salt benzoate = 144.1

Mass of salt benzoate =


Mass of sodium benzoate = 5.07 g

5.07 grams of salt benzoate have to be added to the provided volume the benzoic acid.