The antecedent that a pronoun is the word the pronoun advert to. < there are number of style problems which writers and also speakers sometimes have actually when they do not complement the pronoun and also the noun that replaces correctly.A pronoun, uneven it is an unknown pronoun, must have an antecedent, a word the refers to. The pronoun must match the word the replaces- singular or plural, and, sometimes, mrs or feminine. > (More)
Literary Focus: ToneThe questions listed below refer to the selections Autobiographical notes . Ton in creating is finest described together a. The writer s mindset on the subject b. One essay s topic c. The setting or atmosphere of a selection d. An essay s object
Determine whether the underlined noun is concrete or abstract. After plenty of years of war, they lastly won your independence.a. Concrete b. Abstract
After countless years of war, they lastly won your independence. The noun freedom is an summary noun.

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The ballistic technique of developing flexibility is the safest type of stretching. Please choose the finest answer from the options provided.TF


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