The antecedent of a pronoun is the word the pronoun describes. < Tright here are a number of style troubles which authors and also speakers sometimes have as soon as they perform not match the pronoun and also the noun it replaces properly.A pronoun, unmuch less it is an indefinite pronoun, need to have an antecedent, a word it refers to. The pronoun have to complement the word it replaces- singular or plural, and also, periodically, masculine or feminine. > (More)
Literary Focus: ToneThe questions below describe the selections Autobiographical Notes . Tone in composing is finest defined as a. the writer s mindset on the topic b. an essay s subject c. the setting or mood of a choice d. an essay s topic
Determine whether the underlined noun is concrete or abstract. After many kind of years of war, they finally won their freedom.a. concrete b. abstract
After many type of years of battle, they lastly won their self-reliance. The noun independence is an abstract noun.

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The ballistic method of developing adaptability is the safest develop of stretching. Please choose the finest answer from the options gave.TF


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