George Strait has actually revealed the track listing for his upcoming crate set, Strait out of the Box: part 2, which will certainly include brand-new material as well as past hits and classics.

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The nation icon partnered v Walmart for the exclusive new set, i m sorry is collection to drop gradually for the vacation shopping season. He will certainly release Strait out of the Box: part 2 ~ above Nov. 18 with an exclude, distribution deal with the retailer.

The follow-up to the 8X platinum-selling Strait the end of the Box from 1995 culls tracks from across Strait’s career because then, covering from 1996 to the present, including 26 No. 1 struggle singles, other radio hits, 18 album cuts and two new songs, as well as Strait's current single, "Goin' Goin' Gone."

The two new tracks are "Kicked Outta Country," which Strait wrote through Jamey Johnson, and "You Gotta Go v Hell," which that wrote with his child Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon.

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"Going earlier through all the songs because that this box collection does bring back a most old memories," he claims in a press release. "A lot of them we considered for radio singles and for every little thing reason, we simply picked miscellaneous else. It was no that hard to choose them after i looked with them because there are simply so plenty of that are my favorites."

Strait out of the Box: part 2 is currently obtainable for pre-order via the project's website together with select merchandise, including a silver-plated belt buckle the same to the one featured top top the collection’s cover. The restricted edition buckle arrives in one autographed craft wood box perfect for display.

Disc 1 (1996-2000)1. "Blue clean Sky"2. "Carried Away"3. "Rockin’ in the eight of your Memory"4. "I can Still make Cheyenne"5. "Round around Way"6. "Carrying your Love through Me"7. "One Night in ~ a Time"8. "Today My civilization Slipped Away"9. "The Nerve"10. "I just Want come Dance with You"11. "True"12. "Maria"13. "We really Shouldn’t be Doing This"14. "Meanwhile"15. "Write This Down"16. "The ideal Day"17. "Looking out My home window Through the Pain"18. "Go On"

Disc 2 (2001-2008)1. "She’ll leave You with a Smile"2. "Run"3. "Living and also Living Well"4. "My Life’s to be Grand"5. "Cowboys favor Us"6. "Desperately"7. "Four Down and Twelve Across"8. "I dislike Everything"9. "Seashores of Old Mexico"10. "She Let it s her Go"11. "Give that Away"12. "Wrapped"13. "It just Comes Natural"14. "Texas Cookin’"15. "How ’Bout them Cowgirls"16. "Come on Joe"17. "Troubadour"18. "River the Love"19. "I saw God Today"

Disc 3 (2009-2016)1. "Living because that the Night"2. "Out of sight Out that Mind"3. "Arkansas Dave"4. "Love’s Gonna make It Alright"5. "Drinkin’ Man"6. "Shame ~ above Me"7. "Here because that a good Time"8. "House throughout the Bay"9. "Blue Marlin Blues"10. "I’ll constantly Remember You"11. "Give It every We got Tonight"12. "I simply Can’t go on Dying prefer This"13. "That’s What break Hearts Do"14. "The Night Is Young"15. "I Believe"16. "Goin’ Goin’ Gone"17. "Everything i See"18. "Kicked Outta Country"19. "You Gotta Go through Hell"