The muscular god the the sea stop his famous trident and also stands astride his symbolic triple dolphin in the exclusive, grand-scale sculpt. This Italian-inspired, 18th-century replica exudes the strength attributed to one of the fabled god of mythology. The museum-quality designer resin investment has an antique rock finish to lend majesty, grandeur and also classical elegance throughout the seasons, whether in home or garden gallery. Bring inside throughout freezing temperatures. Basic assembly required.

Theme: NauticalMaterial: Resin/PlasticMaterial Details: Designer ResinOverall: 59'' H x 17.5'' W x 13'' D

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This gorgeous mythological Poseidon frostbite will add that Nautical coastal touch to your pool, patio, home, and also garden. It's a an excellent gift for the nautical minded gardener in the family or the neighborhood. The can be fried garden statue because that the nautical seafaring garden. This collection offers uniquely an innovative designs in elegant finishes with careful attention come every spectacular detail of the sea and also her creatures."

Theme: Animal; People; Greek & Roman; NauticalMaterial: Resin/PlasticMaterial Details: Cold actors Resin

A sparkling stream pour out from in ~ a jumping dolphin and a young Poseidon as they drive the tide atop our significantly sized, Italian-inspired fountain. Imagine the sound of its beloved water music falling right into a generous oyster shell basin set atop a columnar plinth ringed with dancing putty. Cast in stone-finished designer resin for simple assembly in your house or garden, this splendid fountain functions an integrated, UL-listed, indoor/outdoor pump. Pearl in 4 pieces.

Overall: 54.5'' H x 23'' W x 26'' DDesign: SculpturalOverall Product Weight: 74lb.Adjustable flow Rate: Yes

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Show off your personality when making an impactful declare to your décor v these stunning museum quality art pieces. Each item is published in ultra-high resolution top top your choice of premium ultra-HD metallic photo record back-mounted under transparent acrylic glass or a high definition print directly on high top quality diamond pearl white aluminum. Both outcomes are a totally realistic ultra-HD photo print which has vivid colors, interlocutor contrasts, UV protected and is halftone-free. Every pieces space backed v aluminum frame which produce a floating effect and also come ready to hang. Differences between Acrylic and also Aluminum: first thing to keep in mind is the you can’t go wrong with either medium!HD Acrylic: top top 1/4" acrylic pieces the image is back placed under the acrylic. The optical transparent acrylic glass enhances the effect of depth and brings the end the metallic UltraHD picture print’s precise contours and also details for stunning 3D effect. Due to the fact that the picture is published using metallic UltraHD photograph paper, this layout will give you trickster lines and also edges at higher resolutions. Over there is a reflective property with acrylic which light refracts with the acrylic glass, providing your photos substance and depth, as well as superb photo quality native edge to edge. Likewise notable that the all our acrylic art piece’s edges room hand diamond polished to capture the bordering light. HD Metal: ~ above the metal pieces the picture is printed / infused straight on diamond pearl white aluminum. The diamond pearl aluminum creates a stunning shimmer through a satin seen enhancing reflective nature of the image. Images show up crisp and also are an extremely visible in brightly light locations while keeping an overall metallic sheen. All our steel prints space made the weather-resistant material, exhibiting impressive color intensity utilizing UV color protected technology. This renders it suitable for outdoor locations or bathrooms and also come all set to hang.