Statistically speaking, you have the right to never before be 100% safe from having actually a car crash, yet tbelow are so many factors connected that it’s tricky to attract even a stormy estimate for many vehicle drivers. It’s feasible to go years without having actually one, and it’s equally feasible for you to have several in a single year, if you’re really unlucky (or caremuch less, we suppose!). The huge majority of the moment, these mishaps won’t be serious enough that you’d should scrap your vehicle – yet also a minor fender bender isn’t welcome news for anyone!

So… how many crashes are you most likely to have?

For noticeable reasons, it’s hard to say specifically. Your exact likelihood of being associated in a crash will certainly depfinish vastly on your individual driving style, as well as just how frequently, just how long and also where specifically you drive. There’s the majority of statistical evaluation involved, but general approximates say that over the course of an average driving lifetime, you’ll be connected in around 3 to 4 crashes. That works out to an insurance case about as soon as eexceptionally 18 years. So if you acquired your driving licence at age 17, you’ll more than likely have actually gone to least grazed by the moment you’re 35. Even if you’re an exceptionally safe driver, you can’t apply that same discipline to everyone else on the road, and also sometimes you can be a victim of poor weather, bad luck, or someone else’s poor driving.

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However before, don’t forget that many of these official estimates define ‘accidents’ quite extensively. We’re not necessarily talking multi-vehicle pileups, or devastating crashes at top speeds on the motorway. If you clipped your wing mirror against another car on the means out of a car park, by many estimations technically that would count as an accident. (Unmuch less of course you did it deliberately, in which case you’ve gained some various other concerns to be working out.) If you’re worried about having actually a crash, you’ll be glad to understand while it’s not impossible to protect against every one of them, you can substantially alleviate your possibilities of being associated in one with numerous simple measures.

The 3 greatest components in UK vehicle accidents

Don’t drive distracted

Everyone knows not to be on their phones while driving, as it’s been solidly enshrined in British regulation for years now. (That’s not to say that everyone obeys, but they absolutely recognize about it!) However, texting or calling isn’t the sole meaning of distracted driving. You have the right to equally be distracted by altering CDs, or utilizing in-automobile infotainment devices, or by having pets bouncing around on the backseat. Avoiding these distractions is easier than some human being say it is – regularly, it’s simply a issue of making necessary preparations prior to the journey, such as queueing up your CD before you collection off, and also by placing your pets in specially-designed take a trip cprices. They might not favor them, however their happiness comes behind your safety, and that of various other road users!

Watch your speed

It’s fair to say that the majority of chauffeurs take the speed limit out on the motorway to be an advisory quite than a difficult and rapid ascendancy, and in some locations it’s not unprevalent to see chauffeurs gain up to 90 on the outside lane. This considerably reduces not just their reaction times, however the opportunities of various other chauffeurs to see them and get out of the method. After all, if you’ve been driving for years, the vehicle you’re approaching might be being thrust by someone who’s only been out on the roadways a couple of weeks test, and approaching them at rate have the right to cause them to panic.

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However, driving excessively progressively deserve to be equally dangerous. Sticking with the motorway as our instance, chauffeurs will be expecting you to be travelling at 50mph at the bare minimum – generally, it would certainly be 60. Driving slowly without great reason is equally dangerous as it’s aobtain conbeginning other drivers’ expectations of you. Travelling at 40 on a motorway isn’t acceptable unmuch less there’s a clear reason to be doing so, such as the dynamic speed warnings likewise visible to other chauffeurs. In short, there’s an excellent balance to be struck via speed, and also in fairness, it’s not challenging to do so!

Drink driving

You really don’t need us to tell you why this is a poor concept, and also exactly how it can finish up causing mishaps. Driving drunk seriously decreases your reaction times, and also erratic manoeuvring puts other road customers – not to cite pedestrians and also cyclists – in serious peril. Despite this, and the understanding of how dangerous it have the right to be, it still proceeds to be a huge difficulty below in the UK, which is part of why so many kind of people are sustaining in-auto breathalysers.

As lengthy as you stop these dangerous driving habits, your possibilities of being in a collision are sensibly low, and it’s especially unmost likely for you to be in an accident that’s major enough that you’d need to scrap your car. If worst involves worst, though, we’re here at Scrap Car Network. You have the right to gain cash for your automobile also if it’s not in driveable condition, which must be a decent silver lining! Of course, there’s nothing to say that you need to be in a collision initially to scrap your car with us – simply put your vehicle reg and also postcode into the areas above, and away you go!