May the 4th Be with You! May fourth is just around the edge so let’s celebrate with some Star wars Math Activities. The collection listed below includes principles for straightforward counting and also number recognition, enhancement and subtraction, shapes, fractions, measuring, coordinate planes, and also more!


Star wars Math Activities

Star battles Minifigure Math games – usage your favorite charactersto practice addition and subtraction.

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Ways to do Ten through LEGO Minifigures –Practicing means to make ten is more fun once you add in your favorite Star Warsminifigures.

Star battles Dice gamings – publish out the board game, grab part characters, and play today. Use the Star wars galactic dice for even more fun!

Star battles Math through Light Sabers – children will have actually fun counting, adding, and subtractingusing small light sabers in the task from Carrots room Orange.

Counting block Star wars Light Saber – build a light saber making use of counting blocks through this idea native the OT Toolbox.

Star Wars document Airplane compare – Royal Baloo made different Star Wars document airplanes and tested how far they each traveled. Measure up the distances and then compare!

Star wars Yoda form Craft – even younger children can evaluate the pressure while trying out shapes v this idea indigenous Toddler Approved.

Chewbacca shape Craft – Or tryyour hand at making Chewbacca choose JDaniel4’s Mom.

Star wars Themed daily Math – print out these worksheets indigenous 3 Dinosaurs to practice math withten frames, tally markers, place value, number bonds, and math facts.

Star Wars enhancement Mats – practice math equations using manipulatives v this Star battles themed mat from Royal Baloo.

Star battles Count and also Clip Cards – exercise counting and fine motor skills with these cards indigenous Raising little Superheroes.

Use math to create a Star wars Galaxy – Download the cost-free printable from Edventures v Kids to make a scale design of the planets in Star Wars.

Comparing Stormtropper fountain – use stormtroopers come learn around fractions through this idea native 3 Dinosaurs.

Star wars Coordinate Worksheets – help Luke Skywalker uncover Princess Leia and also map out whereby thecharacters space using a coordinate plane. 3 Boys and also a Dog proposal this for center schoolers.

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How to draw R2-D2 – Use simple shapes to draw everyone’s favourite droid (or do you like BB-8?). I wish i would have seen this when I made mine son’s R2-D2 infant costume.


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