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I acquired a brand-new computer recently,(Will carry out list that specs if that may assist solve the problem). Anyway, gaining on topic, so I set up Star Wars empire at War and Forces of Corruption from the yellow edition set and EaW operation fine. The difficulty is whenever ns launch FoC it gives me the following error:
Exception! An exception occurred. See_logfile.txt and _except.txt for details. Press CANCEL to leave or RETRY to debug
I have actually searched for both files and also they don"t exist on my computer. Clicking Retry reasons the routine to stop working, windows tries to discover the solution and also then the just option is to close the program. I believed this difficulty may be fixed by a patch therefore I gained the latest patch from the official website. Once I shot to run the spot it says that I need to insert the original disc. As far as i know, the disc hasn"t been switched or anything.I deserve to run the original Star Wars empire at War just fine, it"s just pressures of Corruption that refuses come start. If everyone knows how to solve this, advice would be lot appreciated.
Re: Star Wars empire at War: pressures of Corruption crashes as soon as launching
Hi there,Are you running 64 bit? If so, have a look at this unofficialize patch. It seems to be a rather usual problem for people running FoC top top a 64-bit system.

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Re: Star Wars empire at War: pressures of Corruption crashes once launching
That solved the problem. Thank you for your assistance.
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