Pumpkins have many different step of growth from planting the seed come harvesting and also storing the pumpkins.

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In this write-up I’ve detailed the 7 pumpkin expansion stages together with some handy tips to help you to prosper a successful chop of pumpkins in your home garden.

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Stage 1 – Planting the seeds

Pumpkin seeds are flat, oval shaped and also pale in color.

I prefer to conserve a couple of seeds native my favorite pumpkin arrays to plant but you can also purchase some interesting pumpkin seeds to plant in her garden.

Jack Be tiny is a popular little pumpkin selection that is best for growing vertically ~ above a trellis or Jack O’Lantern pumpkins are right for carving.

Pumpkin seeds deserve to be planted directly in the garden about two weeks ~ the critical frost that the season.

You can also start your pumpkin seeds indoors if you have a short growing season.

Plant the seed in a seed starting tray at the beginning of spring and place the tray top top a heating mat if the temperature is still cool.


Stage 2 – Germination

Pumpkin seeds commonly take around 8 to 10 days to germinate yet it might take longer if the floor is cold.

The seedling increase from the soil v the seed covering attached to the reminder of the leaves.

The an initial two pipeline to show up are oval shaped leaves well-known as seed leaves or cotyledons.

About a week later the very first true leaves will certainly appear.


Stage 3 – expansion of the vine

Pumpkin vines spread out from the basic of the plant and also can prosper 6 inches (15 cm) each day if they get plenty the sun and also water.

The size of the vine have the right to reach 10 come 20 feet (3 come 6 metres) depending on the variety.

Ensure the the soil is same moist but shot to keep the leaves dry as soon as you’re watering to stop fungal infections.

During hot weather you may need to water your pumpkin plants every job or two.


Stage 4 – Flower development

Pumpkin flower will begin to bloom 8 come 10 weeks after ~ planting.

The flowers are large and glowing yellow in color with a lengthy stamen in the middle.

The masculine flowers appear an initial followed through the female flowers around 10 job later.

At this phase you deserve to start feeding your plants through a liquid plant food every 2 weeks because that an plentiful crop.


Stage 5 – Pollination

Male pumpkin flowers create pollen and nectar i m sorry is very sought ~ by bees.

After visiting the male flowers, the bees relocate on come the female flower where several of the pollen is transferred and pollination is completed.

If over there aren’t plenty of bees in your area you can hand pollinate the flowers making use of a small paintbrush to transfer few of the pollen from the male flowers come the female flowers.

After the pollination is perfect the plant will start to develop fruit.


Stage 6 – Fruit development

As the female flowers close you’ll notification small round green fruits in ~ the base of the flower.

Over the next few weeks, these little baby pumpkins will certainly rapidly boost in size.

If you’re cultivation pumpkins on a trellis you’ll need to create a hammock by utilizing an old t-shirt or pantyhose to assist support the weight of the pumpkin as it grows.

It generally takes in between 45 to 55 days because that the pumpkin to flourish to full size after pollination is complete. <1>


Stage 7 – Harvesting

Pumpkins are ready to harvest as soon as the vine beginning to turn brown and withered.

You can likewise tell as soon as pumpkins are ripe by tapping ~ above the outside of the pumpkin.

If you hear a hollow sound her pumpkins are ready to harvest.

Cut the vine with a sharp knife, leaving at least 3 inch (about 7 cm) of the stem enclosed to each pumpkin.


After the pumpkins are harvested they need to be left out in a clear spot come cure for around two weeks.

Curing hardens the skin the the pumpkins and improves your shelf life.

If over there is rain or frost suspect you’ll require to relocate the pumpkins to a spanned area to finish curing.


Pumpkins will certainly last for 6 months or longer if they’re save correctly.

Place the pumpkins in a cool, dark room in a solitary layer so that air deserve to circulate in between them.

Check the pumpkins every week and discard any type of that display signs that mold.


So there room the various stages that pumpkin development that you deserve to expect to view in her garden.

Watching the pumpkin life bicycle is interesting and it’s extremely satisfying to prosper your own pumpkins.


Have girlfriend tried cultivation pumpkins in her vegetable garden? allow me recognize in the comment below.

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