The belt squat is a squat accessory practice that reduces the level the spinal loading and also compression contrasted with a timeless barbell ago squat.

However, a belt squat device is an expensive piece of equipment and also not countless gyms fork the end the cash come pay for one. It’s an ext of a high-end purchase for gyms fairly than an all-out necessity.

So how can you reap the benefits of the i know good belt squat once you don’t have a belt squat machine?

The 9 ideal belt squat options are:

Let’s cover every of these exercises in greater detail below! But prior to doing so, let’s have actually a quick conversation on the belt squat benefits so you know how this motion may aid you.

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This post is an extension of my peak 10 former Squat Alternatives. There room some an excellent leg variations thorough in this short article as well. Open that attach in a brand-new tab and read that next!

Belt Squat Benefits

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Before diving right into the options to the belt squat, you should recognize the main benefits of this movement so girlfriend can pick the belt squat alternatives that target similiar goals.

There room 6 main benefits of the hip belt squat.

Increases lower body muscle mass

The belt squat is used mainly as a way to increase muscular hypertrophy of the legs. Together such, the movement is normally prescribed within the 6-15 rep range, and also performed to fatigue or close to exhaustion.

While you could technically usage a lower rep variety with the belt squat to construct strength (1-5), other exercises choose the squat, deadlift, and also leg push are less complicated to set up and also execute through heavier weights.

Reduces spinal compression and loading

The main draw of the belt squat is that you can train your reduced body without having actually the axial loading top top your back from a barbell.

Most compounded reduced body movements, such together the step-up, lunge, Romanian deadlift, or any squat variation, will certainly incorporate spinal compression.

While spinal compression shouldn’t be feared, together it’s one of the ideal ways to rise bone density, overall core strength, and also muscle mass, over there are certainly times when you would want to think about exercises without spinal loading.

Most notably, once you’re recovering native an injury, or have pre-existing earlier conditions. Or simply, you simply want to isolate your legs to a greater level versus your back.

Reduces elbow and also wrist extension

If you’re squatting as well frequently, you could start to notification that her elbows and also wrists begin to gain slightly to win up. The i know well belt squat removes any kind of elbow and also wrist expansion required come train the reduced body.

As such, you’ll discover temporary relief in your elbows and wrists when implementing the belt squat exercise.

Getting ache in your elbows and wrists is much more of an issue for lifters who usage the short bar earlier squat in their training, i.e. Compete powerlifters. If this isn’t you, then you have actually nothing to issue about.

Increases lower body cultivate without resulting in excess fatigue

Because the belt squat removes any type of spinal loading, it’s normally a less intensive exercise. Therefore, you can train the lower body quite difficult without developing a lot of overall fatigue.

As a result, you’ll be able to recover from your workout a bit quicker versus performing a workout v squats, deadlifts, and also lunges.

So, if you’re who who desires to train their lower body more, but is concerned about your capability to recover, then the belt squat is a great alternative to classic lower body exercises.

A stepping stone to enhancing squat frequency

If girlfriend are just squatting as soon as per week appropriate now but want to rise your frequency to twice per week, climate the belt squat is a good stepping stone to cultivate your lower body an ext often.

At some point, if you have strength purposes to rise your squat, you’ll have to be considering how many times every week you’re squatting. Girlfriend can’t obtain stronger only squatting once per week forever.

Therefore, once you decide you must squat twice per week, you can use the belt squat for a few weeks top top a second training work to acquire used to the included lower body training volume first. This is a smoother transition than simply jumping to twice/week squat frequency.

Can be easily modified come target either glutes or quads

The belt squat is a finish lower body activity that targets both the glutes and also quads. However, if you desire to target one much more than the other, the belt squat have the right to be conveniently modified.

To target the glutes more, you would shot to sit ago on her heels more and save your shins vertical. This is why you view some civilization who carry out the hip belt squat organize onto a railing and also really shot to ‘lean back’.

To target the quads more, friend would try to continue to be as upright as possible, and flex forward into the knee as you descend into the bottom position.

Note: a research be Evans et al. (2019), proved that the back squat activates the glutes significantly more than the i know good belt squat. Therefore, in compare the two exercises, it seems that the quads are likewise activated in between the ago squat and also belt squat.

Specific Belt Squat Alternatives

The very first 4 belt squat alternatives will be the most particular versions that the motion that doesn’t need the belt squat machine.

However, v that said, girlfriend will require a dive belt v a chain to carry out these exercises properly. I recommend the dive Belt from DMoose (click to check today’s price on Amazon).


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