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trying to find fun things to do in Spokane for brand-new Year’s Eve? There’s rather a lot walking on, however it deserve to be tough to narrow it all down. Luckily, we’ve done that for you!

Fireworks displays going right into 2021 will be a lot various this year, but you probably currently knew that! Here’s what’s walking on approximately Spokane because that the brand-new year, consisting of fireworks, food, and more! Also, don’t forget to pay fist on what’s walking on in your local Spokane ar – we’ve found civilization here generally like come shoot off their own fireworks, especially if there’s a hill nearby!


New Year’s eve in Spokane

Official brand-new Year’s night Celebrations

This year, Riverfront Park will not it is in hosting a new Year’s eve fireworks display screen (although you can take a look listed below at what last year’s looked like!).

Instead, the City of Spokane is setup up four different drive-in fireworks mirrors in several locations approximately the city on new Year’s Eve. Here are every the details:

Dwight Merkel sports ComplexFerris High SchoolAvista StadiumPlante’s Ferry sports Stadium.

Parking lots will open up to cars in ~ 7:30 p.m.. Fireworks start at 9 afternoon at every locations.

Fireworks show from downtown Riverfront Park critical year, courtesy of KREM:

New Year’s Eve online Concert through the Spokane Symphony

This year, listen to the Spokane Symphony on brand-new Year’s eve (beginning at 4 PM) virtually, indigenous the lull of your own home.

You can expect come hear a selection of classical music, a pre-recorded version of Cab Calloway’s ‘Minnie the Moocher’, and nationally-acclaimed singer electronic came Bradley will execute three songs. Additionally, best-selling author Jess Walters will certainly share an inspirational blog post for the brand-new year, according to KXLY.

The occasion is referred to as ‘New Year’s Eve with the Spokane Symphony & Friends’ and also you have the right to purchase tickets right here (free for medical care workers, as well as those financially affected by the pandemic).

New Year’s Eve v Lil Sumthin

How fun is this event/virtual party?! through Lil Sumthin’s brand-new Year’s Eve virtual Event, you’ll get a kit of fun including:

Lil Sumthin shoot glass3 cocktailsChampagne poppersand more!

Plus, there will be live (virtual) music from Misty mountain Pony Club, Ben & Ru and also Emilie fearbut & Marena Stewart. In between sets, Lil Sumthin will teach you exactly how to do all 3 of their anniversary cocktails!

Ticket price vary, learn much more here.

You can additionally find a full list of an intricate to-go cocktails, courtesy of KXLY, here!

The $24,000 All-Cash Giveaway from 1-6pm! There’ll be plenty the cash – consisting of a $15,000 cool prize heading out the door.
Prefunk in the Lounge in ~ Masselow’s indigenous 5-9pm! collection the mood with craft cocktails and also Tom Pletscher on the piano.
Party in the Pavilion native 7:30pm-1am! hit the run floor through live music by Sammy Eubanks & The Work’in Class, and also show opener chris Rieser & The Nerve at 7:30pm. $30 tickets encompass a champagne toast in ~ midnight and also admission to the party in EPIC as well. Get yours in ~ the door start at 4pm ~ above Dec 31. Show doors open at 7pm.
An epos Send-Off come 2020 from 9pm-1am in EPIC! DJ Stud will store you relocating through the NYE sphere drop on our 30 ft screen. The $30 cover will also get you into the Pavilion’s new Year’s eve Party.

Learn an ext about added events at northern Quest here. Kids Quest will also be open up for the kiddos!

Holiday Night Ski at Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

Over the holidays, Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park is providing six various night skis (including top top NYE and new Year’s Day). Food and also bar are open up with new items and draft beer. Six hrs on the slopes is just $27.

Make certain to purchase your ticket early! Learn an ext here.

New Year’s Champagne Brunch in ~ Max in ~ Mirabeau

Looking front to something after ~ December 31? Max at Mirabeau has you spanned with a to-go/pick up/curbside Champagne Brunch! ~ above January 1 native 9 am to 1 PM, you can obtain a variety of dishes to feed a household of 4 for $159.

You’ll additionally get Max’s renowned Mimosa Kit! uncover out an ext and location your order here.


New Year’s eve Meals To go in Spokane

Planning on staying inside however don’t feeling like cooking this new Year’s Eve? Yeah, us too! Luckily, Spokane restaurants have got us covered. Right here are numerous tasty options for her NYE meal!

Beacon Hill

One the our favourite go-to’s for vacation meals? Beacon Hill! Beacon Hill has lugged it again (like castle did for Thanksgiving in Spokane and also Christmas meals in Spokane!) v their NYE Special. You’ll get:

Artisan Cheese and also Charcuterie Grazing BoxClassic Crab CakesPork Tenderloin with Balsamic-Cherry and Rosemary CompoteMediterranean Plate and also Beacon Brownie Truffles!

You’ll desire to order soon – shipment is ~ above Wednesday, December 30!

High tide Lobster Bar

What far better way to ring in the new Year than with seafood? acquire your fix with this tremendous deal native High Tide!

Here’s what High tide is offering:

1 lb. Maine lobster meat⁠4 buttered rolls with tarragon mayonnaise⁠1 qt. Seashells chowder through Old just Seasoning⁠1 Wedge salad⁠1 lb chips⁠4 netted lemon halves and oyster crackers⁠

All for $99 (tax no included).Find the offer and also place her order here.

Zona Blanca

Can’t get enough seafood? You know Zona Blanca brings the an excellent stuff! For new Year’s eve in Spokane this year, shot this deal from Zona Blanca:

1 Dozen Hama Hama Oysters, mixto ceviche, bubbles, shucking kit, and a unique invitation for an exclude, 2021 event with us. Choices to include in extr oysters and upgrade your bubbly are available online.

Pre-order before 12/28 at 8am for choose up 12/31, 5pm-9pm in ~ our previous location inside steel Barrel Taproom, 154 S. Madison Street.

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Learn much more about this sell here.

Pop Balloon Bar

How fun is this: get a balloon bundle native Pop! Balloon Bar and a two-person charcuterie board (or below for a warm cocoa board!). You can also add additional boards!