“Don’t” is the pinnacle of Bryson’s fresh R&B career, receiving end 70 million dram on his Soundcloud in under a year. The narrator the this vibey track speaks on exactly how he… read More 

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Don't, don't play through her, don't be corrupt (Ayy)Still no understandin' this reasonable (Ayy)I'm earlier and I'm much better (And I'm better)I desire you bad as everDon't permit me just let upI wanna provide you betterBaby, it's whateverSomebody gotta step upGirl, I'm the somebody, so I'm following upBe damned if i let him record upIt's straightforward to view that you're fed upI am on a entirety 'nother levelGirl, he just fucked you over 'cause girlfriend let himFuck him, girl, i guess the didn't know any kind of betterGirl, that man didn't show any type of effortDo every I have the right to just to display you you're specialCertain it's her love the holds me togetherLately you to speak he been killin' the vibeGotta be sick that this guyPull up, skrr, gain in the rideLeft hand is steerin' the other is grippin' her thighLight up a spliff and also get highShawty, you deserve what you've been missin'Lookin' in ~ you I'm thinkin' he should be trippin'Play this tune for him, tell him, "Just listen"

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Don'tDon'tGirl, claimed he keeps ~ above playin' gamesAnd his lovin' ain't the sameI don't understand what come say, butWhat a shameIf you were mine you would not obtain the sameIf you were mine girlfriend would optimal everythingSuicide in the autumn switchin' lanesAnd that point so fire, baby, no propaneGot an excellent pussy, girl, have the right to I it is in frank?To store it 100, girl, ns ain't no saintBut the the just reason the I'm feelin' this wayGivin' friend the world, baby, once you obtain spacePen game acquire me laid, baby, that's penetrateOh babyDon'tH-Town got a nigga for this reason throwedPour up, we have the right to party some moreYeah, gained this drank in my cupGot a young nigga feelin' therefore throwedSpit fire in a world so coldYoung money acquired a nigga feelin' oldSpit fire in a civilization so coldH-Town got me feelin' therefore throwedH-Town got me feelin' for this reason throwedRide paint and also we sip 'til us foldH-Town acquired me feelin' for this reason throwedSpit fire in a people so coldH-Town obtained a nigga for this reason throwed