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Where Uncle Ben’s Grave’s place Is (With great Power Trophy) in Spider-Man PS4

Here’s where Uncle Ben’s Grave’s place is in Spider-Man PS4 because that the trophy ‘With an excellent Power’.

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Spider-Man PS4 portrays a different kind that hero than the one we typically know. This time, Spidey is a jug superhero, much much more comfortable in his role as Spider-Man, however still having actually trouble top the dual life that a hero and also Peter Parker.

Of course, this is one older, an ext experienced Peter Parker, so plenty of of the events that happened in his at an early stage years as Spider-Man will just be referenced. In particular, the ghosts that Peter Parker’s past still linger, and also you have the right to even uncover the Uncle Ben’s dig in the game.

As you’re off experimenting the city of brand-new York, in the upper-left hand corner of the game’s map you have to spot a cemetery, and also as you can expect this is where you’re walk to find Uncle Ben’s tomb in Spider-Man PS4.

Check our screenshot below for a stormy idea of where you should head on your map.


After you’ve paid her respects in ~ Uncle Ben’s grave, you’ll have gotten your hands on the With good Power trophy in Spider-Man PS4.

You know, in referral to that renowned line indigenous Uncle Ben in the first movie the no one could stop saying and making jokes around for years.

That’s it, though! That’s all you have to know around finding Uncle Ben’s tomb in Spider-Man PS4, in order to obtain the With good Power trophy. For much more tips and guides on the game, make certain to examine out our expansive wiki.

Our wiki is filled v hand guides, together as how to beat Kingpin, Shocker, Tombstone, and also Taskmaster, where Uncle Ben’s grave ar is, just how to obtain landmark tokens, and challenge tokens, and also even how to deal with the frosting puzzle.

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Question: whereby is Uncle Ben’s tomb in Spider-Man PS4?

Answer: Uncle Ben’s grave can be uncovered in the northwest edge of the map wherein you’ll uncover a cemetery. Head come the very northern-most wall and look because that the gazebo through chairs underneath. Head in the direction the chairs are facing, and also you’ll some come across Uncle Ben’s grave. Check our overview here because that screenshots.