Spider-Man and also Venom: preferably CarnageSystem(s): Sega Mega DrivePublisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Acclaim Japan (JP)

Developer: software Creations, The black color TeamLicensor: Marvel entertain GroupSound driver: Sound images v1.2Genre: Action<1>

Spider-Man and Venom: maximum Carnage, or just Maximum Carnage (マキシマムカーネイジ) is a beat-\"em-up game based on the Spider-Man universe. It to be released because that the Sega Mega drive in 1994.

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Sega master System and Game gear versions were planned, yet never released.<6>


Cletus Kasidy, alter ego the insane Super-Villain Carnage escapes indigenous Ravencroft maximum security prison and also teams up v equally bloodthristy villains Shriek, Carrion, Demogoblin and Doppelganger. Castle immidiately begin killing and causing mayhem approximately the brand-new York City.

Spider-Man ~ an encounter v Shriek and Demogoblin, gets wounded however saved by Cloak and Dagger. Meanwhile, vigilante venom hears about Carnage\"s return and also returns to new York and forms and uneasy alliance v Spider-Man in order to prevent the monsterous Carnage and also his partners-in-crime.

Realizing that avoiding Carnage and the remainder of his cronies will not be easy, Spider-Man additionally recruits a group of Super-Heroes.

Story is narrated despite comic book panels.


Maximum Carnage is a single player win \"em up. Controls space quite comparable to other games of this genre at the time such as final Fight or roadways of fury 3.

Players deserve to take control of either Spider-Man or Venom. There is tiny difference in between two personalities other 보다 Spider-Man is faster while venom hits lot harder.

Pressing button repeatedly allows players come launch a combo. After hitting opponents for a while, character\"s life bar will begin to blink. Hitting or grabbing & attack an foe while flashing life bar will certainly launch a \"Power Hit\" causing enormous damage.

Pressing front or back twice enables characters to run towards that direction. Pushing switch while running makes a running tackle attack.

button jumps. Pushing if jumping and also holding up will allow players to grab top top a vertical wall, if over there is one avaiable. Easily pressing ago and will certainly make a back-flip attack, causing damage to the foe in prior of the player.

Pressing when jumping up will certainly throw a run kick, while pressing while jumping forward will launch a paris kick.

Pressing and in ~ the exact same time will lauch a desperation attack, resulting in enemies about the player but additionally costing some amount of life.

Walking towards an opponent will enable players come grab them. If grabbing, repeatedly pressing will launch a seize combo attack. If grabbing and also enemy, pushing Up will permit the football player to lift up the enemy above their heads. Pushing while this state litter the adversary like an object. Pushing and at the exact same time if lifting the enemy over your head will certainly make football player to rotate the enemy about like a flail, causing damage all about the player but likewise reducing health. While doing the grab combo, pressing the the contrary direction friend are dealing with throws the foe behind you.

Tapping the switch fire a web shot. This will hold the adversary in place for a couple of second but only one foe can be stunned this way. Stop the button will create a web shield the will protect the player while standing still.

Pressing Left or Right and also at the very same time will fire a internet line. This line will certainly pull the enemy towards friend and enable you to grab them from distance. If there space two opponents at the same line in both of your front and ago firing a web line will certainly pull both enemies and damage them through a double Smash.

Pressing up while pushing , or pressing

with a 6-button controller will certainly fire a web line because that players to climb. It have the right to be shoot diagonally also and permit players to internet sling.

Player can climb walls through either web line or grabbing it. Players deserve to attack, run down, fire a internet pellet and also shoot a web line with the same control while climbing.

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Selecting back-up heroes have the right to be done through by pushing Start or pushing the

switch in a 6-button controller. Pressing and in ~ the very same time, or pushing
switch will contact that hero.