Special children Connect’s at an early stage Start Family resource Center uses guidance to parents of children, periods birth come 3 years, that have, or doubt they have, developmental delays. With Monterey and also Salinas locations, one experienced and also caring Family source Specialist, and a resource library rich with educational materials, the Family source Center gives bilingual (English/Spanish) assistance to families and also caregivers once they require it most. 

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Therapy tools, adaptive equipment, puzzles, games, playthings and an ext are all a component of STAR Toy Library’s substantial inventory. Open 5 days a week, the library offers totally free memberships to regional families. (Having a child with a diagnosis is no required!) expert memberships are accessible for a nominal yearly fee.
Special children Connect’s reach Programs do it possible for kids with a wide variety of disabilities to participate in tasks that bite their interests and also talents in brand-new and amazing ways. With yearly offerings in a range of sports, such together basketball and also bowling, and also offerings in the arts, with gives youngsters the opportunity to get involved at their very own level and also at their own pace while developing gross motor skills, boosting cognitive abilities and also socializing through peers and also adults in nurturing, donate environments.
Equally crucial is the method REACH programs break down barriers between children who have special needs and also their typically occurring peers. Reach gives youngsters of all abilities the opportunity to interact, have actually fun, and also learn that, regardless of anyone’s unique and special needs, we are all much more alike than different!
Special Kids affix is partnering through the mountain Andreas local Center in a mentoring routine that provides one-to-one assistance to family members who qualify (or could qualify) for local center services. With a contract v the san Andreas local Center, sponsor by the California room of Developmental services (DDS), Special youngsters Connect and the mountain Andreas local Center look for to ensure that all Monterey County, local center-eligile individuals, nevertheless of age, culture, geographical location or primary language, obtain equal accessibility to advantageous services. Ours team that bilingual (Spanish/English) Outreach advocates (pictured, in ~ left) occupational with not only Spanish-speaking families, but are also able to call on indigenous-language translation support to foster communication with families in southern Monterey County that speak Triqui Bajo and Mixtec languages.
Raising a child with a distinct need can be isolating because that every member the the family – parents, grandparents and also siblings. You room not alone! special Kids connect offers household connections in a number of ways. 
First, one-of-a-kind Kids affix can offer parent-to-parent assistance for parents who are seeking guidance from who who has travelled the road they space on and also is wiling to be a friend and mentor. 
Second, Special youngsters Connect actively supports and also is a participant in a variety of parent support groups in Monterey, Salinas, Soledad and also Greenfield. 
Third, Special kids Connect’s targeted workshops, reach programs, Facebook web page and more provide opportunities for organic relations to construct – either in person or through social media. 

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Through that is website, parental e-newsletters, on facebook postings and various workshops, Special children Connect’s score is to empower families with knowledge and tools they have the right to use to end up being effective caregivers, supporters and also advocates for their own children.