Swearing ~ above a Christian Server describes a collection of jokes around cursing in family-friendly online areas that have actually strict rules forbidding swearing. In 2017, they became the topic of photo macros and also other memes joking around the servers" strictly rules ~ above swearing ~ above the servers, an especially for the sandbox mining video game Minecraft.

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Christian servers have long been a part of digital gaming communities. For example, the faster Christian Minecraft server dates ago to as soon as the video game was introduced in Beta ~ above December 20th, 2010. On that day, user Spector17 the Minecraftforum.net<1> developed a thread cultivating a gaming "clan" referred to as Soldiers that Christ, a community of christian gamers with a committed server that would certainly be play Minecraft.


Christian servers for video games had actually existed former those because that Minecraft but have seen little online spread. One of the an ext popular instances of this servers being mocked in a humorous context appeared on April 1st, 2013, when YouTuber playing Gaemz uploaded a video in which the is killed by an admin in a Battlefield 3 game since he said "Holy shit," getting over 29,000 views (shown below).

Jokes about swearing top top Christian servers started appearing much more in the early half of 2017. On march 6th, 2017, Redditor CommanderQBall uploaded picture macro of an unnaturally muscular Winnie the Pooh captioned "Sorry sir this is a Christian server therefore no swearing" come /r/me_irl,<2> acquiring 2,100 point out (shown below).



Other image macros relating come swearing top top Christian servers and communities appeared in the occurring months, often in a similar manner come the Please execute Not swear On mine Profile, many thanks meme. Top top April 27th, 2017, a thread was posted come /r/OutOfTheLoop<3> inquiring about the origin and the spread out of the hoax on /r/dankchristianmemes. There, a user posted photo that to be a variation v Club Penguin (shown below).


The joke began being connected with Minecraft in the early on summer that 2017. ~ above June 12th, Redditor caomanderwhab posted an edit of the Pooh photo with a caption around a Minecraft server come /r/2b2t,<4> acquiring over 90 clues (shown below).

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In the complying with months, many more image macros about swearing ~ above Christian servers began appearing in meme-centric subreddits such together /r/dankmemes and also /r/MemeEconomy. A popular component of this jokes associated saying words prefer "frick" and "heck," which space family-friendly substitutes because that actual curse words. On august 31st, 2017, an modify using photo from Taylor Swift"s look at What you Made Me Do got over 10,000 point out on /r/dankmemes<5> (shown below, left). Another post from August fifth used a personality from Courage the Cowardly Dog and gained 1,500 points<6> (shown below, right). The tendency in memes has actually been covered by derekwadsworth.com<7> and also The day-to-day Dot.<8>