Man, if we gained a north Africa growth I'm doing every these achievements. However, I simply can't lug myself come it with the Berber ideas.

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While the principles are nice generic, and I don't choose that lock all acquire the exact same things, they room pretty good for the area. It's really boat and trade focused, for this reason going Naval and also Trade allows you see their genuine power. Making use of the exceptional navy to block Gibraltar is a good way to wage war on the Europeans.

R5: completed Sons of Carthage (As Tunisia, own and have cores on Siciliy, Sardinia, the Balaeric Islands, the shore of Algiers, and also the southern coast of Spain.) at 1558.

This to be a fun achievement, and also Berbers are kinda fun through the coastline raiding mechanic. Ns took so numerous loans, but that and also war ducats constantly kept me paying them off.

Tunis starts v an Ibadi province, so i converted come them immediately and chose spiritual as my an initial idea team so I can Deus Vult everyone roughly me.

Second Idea group Influence, which helped additional with AE. (Attacking catholics together Islamic is rough)

Third idea team was Naval, because after a couple of failed attempts at this I discovered that he that controls the Mediterranean controls the world, and between Berber ideas and naval concepts I had ridiculous Galley combat ability.

An alliance with the Ottomans likewise didn't help.

8/10 funny achievement.

*Edit, i forgot the stimulate of mine idea groups, this to be yesterday.

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Ram Raider

Ibadi gives a naval moral bonus, doesn't it?

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