The text to cutting board Rhett's debut single 'Something to carry out With my Hands' are as fun and lovable together the 22-year-old star top top the rise. The son of Rhett Akins inked his very first record transaction last year ~ above Valory Music Co. And also is anticipating the release of his very first full-length album later this summer. Meanwhile, fans just can't seem to get sufficient of his brand-new single which he co-wrote with Lee Miller and also Chris Stapleton.

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"I think that was around eight or 10 months back when we wrote this song," cutting board Rhett speak Taste that Country. "Lee and also Chris to be two males that I had actually been writing through a bunch. We type of booked an every Wednesday sort of thing to write together. We acquired in there one day, and we were beginning to litter our ideas out over there of what we want to write, and Lee had actually spit the end the location idea of ‘I need Something to carry out With my Hands.’ Me and Chris kind of looked at each other, and we to be like, ‘Alright! the is what we’re writing!’ Chris came up through this melody, and the song really took off from there."

"Well i smoke and also I fish / however not near enough to fulfill an itch / all the girls understand / I require something to perform with my hand / ns don't occupational on a car /  and also I'm as negative at pool as i am at throwing darts / and golf, not a fan / yet I require something to do with my hands," they wrote in the song's opening lyrics.

"So probably I might stick ‘em in her pockets / run ‘em through your hair and we can gain to rockin’ / over there you are and baby right here I to be / and I need something to execute with my hands," that sings in the song's chorus.

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"As a songwriter, you either have 5 hour days or you have an hour day," Rhett says. "This time, that was kind of among those deals wherein we actually finished the song in about an hour. I gained to live through the worktape a small while, and we finally demoed it. The factor I knew it was a an excellent song was since a couple of weeks after ~ we created that song, ns still preferred it <laughs>! Some other songs that i write have the right to leave my storage pretty quick after I compose them, so I know I have something cool in my hands as soon as I actually like it a couple of weeks later."

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