This month’s contributors to be asked to submit approximately 200 characters around family as they witnessed it, as they experienced it. The focus was top top family in any form: one’s immediate family, the household of one’s dreams, the household of friends, or a household that just lasts seconds. Writers were request to use “family words” and to bring brand-new words into this month’s family of words.

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Some days we are among many part days us are numerous of one but everyday we room one family

CON GESTO AMARGO, ras familias despiden al gigante que desciende en vuelo precipitado de cáncer a ser padre; la y del esclavo nos delata, el amor no resiste el velo: los mejores versos se pierden al aire

My family is not defined by blood or proximity. The is constantly widening as ns discover civilization with whom I deserve to exchange truthful love and unwavering support. The is what opens up my heart.

I come from a broken family. Have the right to I say the family way everything? the blood is thicker than water? No. Family, a supportive, loving, prevailing family, is just an insulting illusion.

a time lengthy long earlier when there was no transportation and not electronic devices there was something call the external world. Supercalifragilisticexpialidosos is a good word to say and learn exactly how to spell.

Family is an ext definitions or indigenous then can even explain to me. My household is my team, my class. Household is gift there for her loved ones once no one else will. Without family members my life is abandoned.

My eco-friendly is mine only, my siblings my joy. My father is mine stability, while my mother constantly helps me improve.

Family is a dance v the ones girlfriend love. Careless and also beautiful, household is the alter of life.

Family is crucial thing in my life. We might fight, a lot however that’s mine family.

Family is prefer a contraption; each member is a cog in the machine keeping the running. As soon as one cog gets the end of synch they all are.

Family is crucial to me, for me family are the human being who space there when you need it. They choose you up once you fall. Love you unconditionally and never provide up ~ above you. Also friends are family.

Broken shards worn smooth with time your pain no much longer a spicy constant, however a dull ache Abuse deserve to break, but people adapt Their smooth surface ar a foundation now constructed on heavy for united state all to stand

Family, world fused and fueled through blood, mind, and also heart.

My loving family have viewed my skeletons and also still adopt me. Ns can’t be every bad

My family is home, wherein I always return, mine center, my beginning and end, the ground and sky, mine depth and also release. My family members is where definition originates, where I to be born and die, over and also again.

Es un enorme árbol, con cientos de ramas diferentes, todos unidos por un tronco y unas raíces, pero cada quien con su individualidad, unidos en amor, compartiendo los sueños.

Family is forever Love is for always As lengthy as I’m living my household you’ll be

Rushing and also flowing, your blood runs through my veins together we’ll be, forever you and me

Family, it is not just blood and also DNA, that is friends and also those that care, Those who love girlfriend each and every day, whether they’re right here or there.

It is fleeting and forever Loving but lonely yet family provides its all, gives every little thing it has actually In my heart and also soul for every one of time, past every problem imaginable

pinching toes in my back, spilled milk wetting mine pajama-ed shoulder, a pacifier plug to quiet the waking, for none other every night will certainly I sleep with you—a dream assassin.

It’s the family members that holds you down to save you safe, the household that starts your life and makes it better, your household is you and also a part of friend that will certainly be there and also stay v you forever.

Wherever we space My family members is special always in mine heart

fifth the eight, a solitary spirit deeply love and collection free

My home was a ranchland 3 feet down Vaqueros rode through ranch and town your tracks forever carved in ground like artefacts in aboriginal mounds.

My Cherokee tongue provides English difficult to swallow. The city is deeper 보다 language. My tongue is no the King’s, Shakespeare’s, mine parents, the teachers that washed my mouth out through soap. 

My son, mine dogs, my husband, my cats, human being might say what’s up v that? exactly how do we recognize who’s household or not? What does it matter, 2 feet or 4? All are my family, my household I love.

We became happy to leaving sad. Again. We room closest. Again. Fly.

My Mother’s Haiku Mourning my mommy Every day she disappears despite she is tho here

DECIMILIA Music and also food, that’s mine familia, memorabilia the spirit-brood, stunner or lewd, laughing the end loud, stray island crowd consisting of topics, memory’s tropics under a cloud.

Dad wasn’t square with us, hid that he was. Adman, mad Man, cad, dear old dad Told us he was French and also Italian. Where, ns wondered, to be la famiglia? In Lingayen Pangasinan, far away and also long ago.

Visiting her parents without you feels choose treason. Hung frames space well created without me, with human being well before me. I had no an excellent reason come infiltrate the structure with suspect execution.

Mama laughs and pretends that puffs that flour room dragon breaths. There are much more earthworms 보다 I dreamy possible. My arms wrap all the means around part of her.

Family may pertained to us from various other bloodlines— as soon as the ones with which we mutual a womb space unable come love us back. us realize then- the is an ext than blood that binding us. We are spiritual kin.

Her name, created in ashes floating over Bergen Belsen, Is mine now. I imagine she’s smiling, remembered in America.

La familia, fuente de perseverancia y pilar de todo aquel que ha caído. En ella encuentras la paz y el refugio cuando dare encuentras perdido. La familia, fuente de fortaleza Para todo aquel reprimido

We space the palliative care. The family. Cancer eats our kind however we circle, strong, tighten the pack, carry the weak to the next world, permit go just to discover them again later on calling united state home.

Seeing Father, a steely, major man, care for his dying mommy with exquisite tenderness, revolutionized in an instant a long, hard-held tardy of his coldness right into hot, exploding truth.

It’s not the surname nor is it the blood It’s the connection gathered through mind body and also soul her brothers are an ext than siblings and the just word to describe that connection is brotherhood

Two loving mothers Female sibling, dogs, and cat and also me, the one male

The Wilsons live life loud. If us make a sound us stand proud and also say it loud quite is not fun as soon as we run everyone have the right to hear united state we are louder than a bus

La Familia, mine Familia One loud, really loud familia consisted of of 20 beautiful encounters All different shades, never ever one the same Dominicana soy, Dominicanos somos constantly laughing, mine familia

Family is a place, whereby one finds there true selves. If perhaps, you lose “being yourself”. Family members is a place to go earlier to, reconnect, soil yourself. being grounded in life is difficult.

Two white mother Two eastern daughters hosted together through love not biology Biology sheep not define them Biology gives them the extra step to discover the enthusiasm this is mine family.

Familia are civilization who love friend unconditionally, and will do anything for you castle will execute things because that you that only familia will perform favor cutting up your knee come teach how to on slide into 2nd base

My family is a stunner bunch that people. Everyone solitary one of them has done miscellaneous ridiculous. Yet I guess everyone has. so wait, that means everyone is my family. Cool.

Long earlier we were more closely related, prior to eyes or hands, arguments or embraces. When our job-related dirty limbs are shoulder to shoulder and also we find a worn down laugh, i remember well that we space cousins.

And if you room queer and also if you space married currently Parents, and if they are twins, our hearts distinct naked apart from united state walking about.

Family is the Evergreen. Strong through changes, resilient to adversity. Tall and also proud as it will forever because that the sun. Bloom in brightness and also never cowering in the dark.

flee in ~ night house collection on fire photo records somber faced human being war 11 refugees this rests in me a generation past

Where love peels open up eyes Restarts the heart where laughter urges unchiseled Antics to new flights where reuniting stays

I take my daughter approximately the pioneer cemetery. It’s wherein bones speak and lilacs bloom. It’s wherein I’ll be buried with Civil battle veterans and also yellow heat victims. I love you.

She wake up At 4 in the morning Mashed the beans shred the cheese Peel the chile heat the tortillas Wrap every on in wax record She make dozens Every day because that years at dollar a piece simply to feed she family

(HAIKÙ) Para Elliot Endeble la rama remoto el viento Cae el niño

All night i listen to the house breathe, and also with the inhale each valuable heartbeat of those who sleep around me. While outside the stars flicker—semaphores that longing.

My darker brother wanders his cave, seeking light however never see My lighter brother yells indigenous the summit, “What’s takin’ ya? If girlfriend would just try!”

Thankfully I view there might never be life an ext precious than my family members tree provides; there is no it I’d never ever be complimentary to actors aside mine nonsense and also be me.

My child the wolf cried tears the longing.

Single Mom, broken and also afraid, creates a strong, loving and supportive household by choosing to enable only great into her home. The result was happiness. The players were a curious lot v a common goal.

Family is a gift sheathe in a red bow The bow is make of love The wrapping paper Is do of unit The gift inside Is common memories with winsome smiles and also ardor for life the is complex, the is light.

We were six. Brothers and sisters forever. The youngest, ns have buried three in the last two years. Besides me, just one left and many fond memories. Will the other write around me, or I about her?

i psychic what household used to be someone telling me i had a home that i could come back

i go my own way, i said streets became my bed ns took no a mam yet many lovers

nobody claims come back now

The aroma that roasted garlic fills the house, bringing me ago to my childhood. Sound of loud laughter native too countless cups of alcohol shakes the tables. This is mine family: unconventional but perfect.

I am exhausted of see him in myself, tired from trying to find him in the eyes and experiences of coffee shop fathers. I must live out myself. Whittle, scrape, and also mutilate through our mutual fingers,

You know, ns offered, our background is constantly pushing its means out.

My grandfather was simple. He to be proud of the family he constructed. He review Clifford the huge Red Dog to his sleepy grandson. Gramps’ smiles and also laughs to be contagious. A mensch, he important was.

I write since I am instructed to ns write due to the fact that it calms me I simply wish for one thing to be various I wish i knew how to write

Our biological Inheriting the same mouth which speaks and is heard The same ears Which hear when talked to Looking external We see the other and not ourselves and we forget that we look the same

Beating forever external my chest, my love is saturated. That seeps through love for you, little girl, and each of her despairs is a accurately decide poised to make it burst.

A cement and also iron wall divides mine familia. Only words deserve to cross it freely. Pictures and holidays encoded in zeros and also ones acquire squeezed into Ethernet cables. 011. Are you there? ¿Cómo están?

My mom no matter

The latter

Helped me when no one would

Loved me an ext than she could

Was always there for me

Told me I had strength of a grand oak tree and also like a willow v flexibility

We prosper wild. We flourish fierce. We grow scattered and stubborn, an ironweed blaze full afield— it’s so late summer crimson a torch scorching and lighting, burning and bearing. Exactly how it loves the rocky ground.

He schooled compromise to it is in Dad schooled compromise to it is in wise

The room in which us were sisters is wedged in thick passes of fern, is a door, and also only as soon as did it open for us.

There amongst the violet cellar roots we nuzzled in the night, tiny as a bedroom.

We room each other and also one meat primeval rivers deepening a route to the sea

We room Heart Writers, sisters in a family of words, creating from our hearts and rooted in love, stop each various other close, providing ourselves, acquisition what us need, never ever letting go.

Nana braids my hair, massages my scalp with coconut oil, fragrant grease filling my nostrils as her fingers bind the fibrous strands on my head choose the helixes of DNA the bind united state to each other

We eat sukiyaki ~ above Christmas Eve— the steel pot bubbling v tofu, onion, beef. The tree glowing. My children— ireland curls and also Japanese eyes—love Santa Claus, Buddha, the idea that a baby savior.

When ns think of the love we feel, ns can’t think my luck. This is mine family and we chose each other.

Juntamos domingo— household y friend laugh and also eat

contentos con carnitas y cueros sharing society and food at the very same table

we welcome new friends and old, con puertas abiertas come joy.

I once prospered a hair upon mine chin & psychic & recognized & recoiled seeing a just mammal—Us—We know exactly how these things grow. No that friend or I must care around an unruly heir.

My parental baked into their stays their scars and airplane tickets, their records and also books.

They served sections to us v photos and also diary entries; lessons of what castle were and also what we could be.

She had actually to weave to do ends meet, weave herself once her seams begin to loose, to rest into many pieces of shredded fabric, favor shards through no edges.

Leaving Miami Once we sat in static room. Shutters: xylophonic metallic tympani of rain. Hurricane drowned the end mindless tumult— psychological starvation. we were hungry shrieks, como el viento.

Suddenly there was a oriental child in ours family. Climate two. At an initial we made a large deal the end of adoption. Then, together the years went by, every korean on the street looked favor family. An Yong Ha to speak Oh!

Weaved choose the rebozo she wore, picante favor the salsa de chile de árbol Grandma use to make, the fresh viento that La Villa, to the noodle Rosaura choose to acquire her, our familia’s ideal to stay.

Los que están adelante porque quedaron para siempre detrás, Those we left behind to just see them facing us up, drinking our wine, glowing faces in the dark, Haciendo camino al andar.

Harmonious Ethereally real, genuine This bear of life revels through joy and Grows, thrives, shares in Love, bounty, life—joined v The sum of all Eternity Family. 9.18.15

My core, my heart, my essence, my foundation. Native whence ns come. Us experience, we share, we learn, us grow, we fall, we fail, us triumph, we soar—we soar. We are safe, we have actually one another.

That Barracuda Breezed into town, and also left in a fury I never had any use because that Plymouths.

Mama, Papa, sister Brothers, Compadres; Compadres those beautiful family members members the choice. A childhood friend, a college carnal, the friend who eased your pain the loss through a godson.

Life’s cruelest Spring; Unpromising on arrival. Sorrowful without warning; Tearing down dreams. Have to you operation your term?

La Familia, Mi Familia. Bracero mi padre, con manos llenas llega a casa. Mi madre cocina el amor de mi padre. My brothers the dreamers el béisbol por ras tardes. Y yo aquí estoy pensando y recordando.

I to be a tiny girl in one old woman’s body—I have three cats—LaNiña, LaPinta, y mi hijo, who is mine favorite. He doesn’t know exactly how much mine life counts on that on his never-ending hummm

We room kids, the actors of a actual life play ours colors Red, White and Blue.

Brothers and sisters, our family members is the key, our ancestors believed us the true meaning, the good honor to be American.

Beyond The very an initial day us met was favor magic over there was never ever to be static or discord between us We reached a point in our lives of blissfulness past what we could love top top our very own separately.

Terrifying delicate warmth that memory, ice cream breaking into the sea, tall grass in a field, light and dark, before and after, sooner and later I recognize where to go.

In this home, love was born. It’s what I continue to adore. Cherish days and also nights long too but I’ll always be a mother to you.

Freshly soaped, scrubbed, rinsed—hallowed it is in the milky scent of your skin. Native mine come after-mine. Mine lifeblood, your life; tastes of the neighbors, this country, our Earth.

My mother defended us and she could, sprinkled sugar on our grapefruit halves and, as if it to be a holy war, saved us from the onions dad would shot to sneak into the meatloaf chopped increase fine.

yo soy abuelo i am the grand like a farmer mi familia is my crop with sunshine, rain, and also love they grow and grow

Great grandson, we will rest our really hopes on her shoulders together gently as we can over the years, buoying them up with love and pride and prayers.

She made certain you ate seconds, brought leftovers home. She never ever came to any home there is no a gift or permit anyone leave her house empty-handed.

He grunts in bed between us Our tiny mammal The scent of to pee faintly wafting the is oblivious come his smallness His hand so light on my eight We sleep now, us mammals, Emitting small odors that life

Intimate eye contact in between the young dad striding by the park through his infant in a Bjorn and his smartphone which does no return his gaze

I pertained to the US seven years ago, with really hopes & desires & a heavy heart, i left mine beloved home. Carried a couple of hundred dollars, & part memories. I come out, do friends & enemies; I found a brand-new family.

Siempre the querido soñar en español como si fuera la única manera de sentirme más cerca de mi abuela. Mi memoria, sepia- skinned drupes pruning grey.

At birth my mom cradled me in she arms, told me I’d been born right into a people of birdsongs & bombs, conditions & deities.

Then she wrung ten sad song from the ghost in me & made me her new moon.

My only tribe. My only people. My only love and soul. The derekwadsworth.comation where i leave my heart and the derekwadsworth.comation my heart shall forever return.

I love ns love mom with these pink roses ns love dad through the gift i love siblings v the gift of irradiate The light ns share through them Siblings, siblings, Ribbon the roses Pink roses beneath

Tonantzin’s Cradle, Is lull It is unconditional love it is the lit candle to the darkness the lurks that is residence The cradle Mother planet has given me Es, FAMILY.

How go a household stay together? how to castle stick? just how do derekwadsworth.comk adhere right into one pulse One beat of breath One fastened undulation A clutch of two hands?

My mother is transforming to wood, a slim birch. Mine father’s human body is ashes. My mom bought him shirts for 65 years. She cries now and says she should have actually made the lamb shanks and also tapioca pudding.

The floor cultivated, the seed watered v love. The love grows with the increasing sun comforted through the stars. Mind, body and soul develop a fire only extinguished by cultural and historic ignorance

Cosmic Archipelago Dream my friends and also I would drink indigenous the clean cold currently in Makaha sink while long walking up there to pick sweet lilikoi passion fruit.

With a filigree snail heat side wade a black color cat glow

Family in ~ a ring table favor the complete moon’s circle, steamed crabs aromatize the banquet for the Moon Festival. The moon shimmering over California as soon as silvered the Silk Road across Eurasia.

The walls of class, had been washed away, by the waters, of our tears. Conceived in the womb the Katrina, birthed in the blood of disaster. Whose an initial breath to be of mold, a household of the bold.

2nd generation Scottish-American, 12th generation Mayflower, Constance 14 on the cruise. 1 grandfather deserting his family as soon as Dad to be 15. 0 parental to lose. Filiation is down to me ~ and you.

fur-persons, also four-footed not forfeited

I skipped appoggiatura to dance because that his smile my pa who taught united state to song wept when he left our five component harmony his through-composed life in plagal-cadence.

His measure up made the music us dream to.

Family outings, O what fun! whether at Yellowstone, the Smokies, or a Buffalo river run.

Grandpa’s face appears in the mirror when I shave my moustache I provide myself an additional chance

We will be back. Our memories top top a bleaching jetty, on sides barnacles, a Yellow watercraft with one outboard motor. This is whereby we go and also Time stops.

Mi Familia ns wanted united state sin accent sin darkness of shade sin loudness the voice of color I want bland to fit mix in through blondness and blueness

Good I pertained to my senses Would’ve been a sin

Nexus coffee stains on her yellowed cooking recipes card ns crack eggs into creamed butter and also sugar my grandmother’s voice tenderness sifts through fifty year calls my name

Mismo Cielo Mismo Cielo, Mismas Estrellas We room all one

He shook his head. “Do Better.”

My ideal not enough I quit.

He enervates me continually I’m tired.

Soon I’ll be free From “daddy.”

3 A.M. Snuggles, desperately sought and given. Us comfort every other. The rocking chair is the earth, drifting in one orbit so familiar to life, however terrifyingly new to those living in it.

The miraculous imperfect safe ar where i rooted

Filipina woman married German man. Increased 4 boys ideal as she could. Sampangita songs and menthol smoke. Sometimes had money; periodically broke. Love and also pain and toil and also gain. Mahjong games in the sky.

another winter eve candles flicker, the fireplace glows

cozy we curl together you, me, Jack and the cats

after pizza top top the floor we could stay like this forever.

Songsofhome Disgustingdirtyblanket Repulsiveanimal myfamily furlesssweatofshame SkinlesssparrowsOutsideawfulboundary socialcompetition Peerlessproofofplenty Oakeneyesofchildren burntwithhelplesslove

TIME TRAVEL Twenty-six years back I skilled Instantaneous cambio indigenous singleton to married through 3 kids my family members will never grasp just how much they intended me to adjust when all I intended was love!

After work-related he satellite in a chair reading the plain Dealer, a Manhattan clinking in a rocks glass. Why perform I psychic this? i drink bourbon cocktails, bitters. I bring him and also I don’t understand why.

just married… feeling rather lonely in the city she ears pick up a vendor’s ‘glass bangles because that sale’

A tanka—a 5 line lyrical city from Japan i am kin-keeper I usage Facebook, Twitter, email and also Instagram for an old purpose—the bringing with each other Of the clan.

My sons litter a soccer to my 2-year-old nephew at the beach. They dub her “Physics” and also teach her to to speak it by telling her “Here. Catch, Physics.”

I get in trouble intentionally, lashing scratches as I shot to speak my means into knowing things: the shock that the electric fence, the stammer the a morning doe, the way my uncle claims Sooie.

I fly into deep, dark, supportive eight circle forged, no born Soulmate-sister, love incontestable Lover, derekwadsworth.comks entwining me Mother cooking collard greens dad political, stoic, solid I am held.

We came in the so late 1800s. One man, one woman trying to find work and freedom native the mordidas. A family members that worked in the brick plants and fruit orchards of Alberhill, life in Los Olivos, at first.

Hand in Hand, Tía Pipa, Tía Lupe, Tía Licha, single, like stone rosary beads, hosted together in strength, in faith, by each other, las tías, una cadena de amor, año tras año

1 main Oregon coastline 1 home 32 human being Mom & Dad’s 50th Fires on the coast Laughter & tears over Card games Home cooking meals family within with Hugs hugs much more hugs

Millions of members in this family, plenty of I’ve however to meet; castle all have something to sell me. I use them shamelessly—sin compromise—some I’ve even forgotten, but they make my life complete. Books!

Through the home window You deserve to see Bits the our family tree An alter Dad A never there mommy A mute brother A typical girl and also me come this family members of 5 close up door doors Is all you can see once you find for me

Yesterday a hummingbird sped past me. A piece of storage in the viscera of mine mind, and also I knew it to be time for music, to make swans stream native the summary of our bodies.

They all tied knots, knew exactly how to start fires. How to stand favor men. Hosted tears from their sons. Lugged women they loved to tears & left torn to shreds. Al norte. Kid hombres. Flower tall & lean.

Friends have remarked how much girlfriend look choose your dad due to the fact that you burned your long derekwadsworth.comks for a faded cut and also pompadour. I problem your shoulders, broader than his now, bring the weight of his mistakes.

my body encircled through hundreds the cliffs no visitor various other than a drifting cloud

A closeness that lets you breath Comfort once you are uncomfortable v yourself You know me as well well I stated That’s why i love girlfriend she answered In the end, it was simple: Familiarity each other content.

Apologies blink up over there in the cosmos. Here, there is no door, the prairie falcon, swift, the understanding in that doing, streaks low over hard ground in pursuit, a pure asking for forgiveness.

Our very first was born in a hollow of night. Ns phoned anyone come say, “I have a son.” no one was angry; the men particularly were kind and their wives came on the line and also I apologized for the time.

what girlfriend cherish forever, the civilization you see as soon as you an initial open your eyes, and also hopefully when you last close them. Wherein involuntary and also unconditional love exists, a unit the irreplaceable souls.

An enchanting dream ~ above the former stoop indigenous the sidewalk Chaos in the living room come which us don’t talk about Illusions space a an effective force continually dreaming o f a thing referred to as family

i’m cutting feet in my roof. Mom, stiff, breathless left with the side home window i had actually run come open. Party lift-off. To jump back to she womb, with the feet in the roof i will certainly go.

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FAMILY IS A shelter OF MAGIC TALES offered WHEN I had TO go TO BED I remain IN THOSE desires AWAKE as soon as I need MY problem SAIL away IT gives ME A QUIET derekwadsworth.comation TAKING MY creativity TO A port OF HAPPINESS

You room loved, you room safe spread your wings; returning when you are fulfilled.

“Nagsakit ti biag”—thus, household be come verb that permits while climbing from pain. (Translation of Ilokano quote: “Life hurts”)

The arboretum work touches every tree, eyeing the source line. “I witnessed a wound,” that says, “but i can’t psychic where.” just how would a hurt tree cry, i wonder, and also how would I soothe it?