For the past 12 years, I"ve had a love/hate/love again connection with America"s next Top Model. It to be pure head-over-ten-inch-heels love in the beginning. Ns learned how to not look supervisor ugly in photographs. I functioned on mine signature walk. Ns mastered the art of smizing. But then Tyra and also the judges began making decisions that made no sense (never carry up Saleisha"s victory to me due to the fact that I will most likely throw something or cry or both). I took to calling Ms. BanksTyrant. Because that mental health reasons, I had to quit the show for some time.

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I at some point made tranquility with the truth that ANTMisn"t really around who"s the best at modeling. V a few exceptions (Analeigh and YaYa, I see you), many contestantsdon"t really go on to execute much. As soon as I stopped taking the compete so seriously and embraced it for what that is — a fun, cheesy visual morsel of escapism—I was ago in love.

So i was pretty ravaged when I discovered out (in a sad write-up office of every places!) the the present season would be the show"s last. After ~ spending the critical day or so smizing into the sky and also yelling WHY?!?, i am lastly ready to relocate to the next stage of grief: thankful acceptance.

Here room 14ANTM moments from the last 22 periods that will live in my heart forever and ever:


Denzel"s weave beard. Yep, you read that corrently. Tyra provided this dude a weave...on his face! after that in the season, the turned out to it is in pretty homophobic so he had actually it coming!



Jade, the self-professed "biracial butterfly" / "undiscovered supermodel," to be the love-to-hate rogue of her season. She to be constantly feeling herself and also nobody else. Her delusion and also unshakable confidence to be troubling and inspiring in ~ the exact same time. Ns will always be thankful to Tyra for bringing her right into my life.

There are two means to notice an exhilaration challenge. A. Simply say "Hey, her next challenge is acting!" B. Pretend come collapse and also freak anyone out. Which choice do friend think Tyra walk for?

Actually, basically any kind of time Tyra acted to be pretty great, like as soon as she pretended to it is in a deranged diva (Naomi shade, anyone?).


When Russian Natashabroughther tantrum-throwing American competitor down to earth by remind her that some people have battle in their countries.

The models travel to an exotic location every season. During All Stars, castle flew to Greece, where the contestants were forced to lie under the hot burning sun in a substantial salad bowl of tomatoes, cucumbers and substantial blocks of feta cheese, whiledousing us in olive oil. Just a mad genius can come up v such a bizarre/brilliant concept. Bless you, Tyra and/or random under-appreciatedANTM producer.

If hangry was personified right into a minute and also a half YouTube clip, it would certainly be this one.

ANTM tried come spice increase their layout a couple of times. Short girls! college girls! brother girls! one of the contestants from the latter group couldn"t was standing the heat and also stormed out of the kitchen in one expletive blaze that glory and also waltzed right right into Top Model herstory.

I don"t prefer this moment one bit, yet it"s one I"ll never forget. A contestant is acquisition the judges" feedback in and also then faints backwardreallyhard, spooking also Tyra.

Sobbing once anyone mentions your mom who"s totally fine and also just chilling at house is normal, right? because that Victoria, that is.

I still have actually PTSD indigenous watching Shandi need to tell her boyfriend that she cheated top top him v some warm Italian dude.

Tyra required the models come write original songs and also work in the term "Potledom" (Top model smelled backwards). In spite of that high order, Allison created a legit bop.


When Lisa peed in a diaper because that no an excellent reason.

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And clear the solitary most vital moment in ANTM history—and probably U.S. History in general—is when Tyra snapped and let Tiffany have actually it, launching much more gifs 보다 the Internet also knows what to carry out with.