Prescription medicine abuse is ~ above the rise, v a study by the problem Abuse and also Mental health Services management reporting a 400-percent increase in therapy admissions related to non-medical use of prescription narcotics between 1998 and also 2008. Merged with alcohol, prescription painkillers frequently have undesirable and potentially harmful effects. While those that consume alcohol v pain relievers prefer carisoprodol do so because that the perceived pleasurable effects, they may not establish the risks involved, which incorporate courting an addiction to prescription narcotics and alcohol.

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What Is Carisoprodol?

Carisprodol (sold as Soma, Sopradol, and also Vanadom) is a prescription muscle relaxant supplied to relieve muscular pains that outcomes from muscle injuries or musculoskeletal conditions. It functions by interrupting ache messages in between the mind and the nerves therefore the patient have the right to rest and also take part in physics therapy.

Carisoprodol is well-known to it is in habit-forming and also can cause dizziness and drowsiness. Carisoprodol can likewise impair your capacity to think clearly and slow down your reaction times.

Potential side results of carisoprodol include:

DrowsinessLightheadednessBlurred visionInsomniaUpset stomachHeadacheIrritabilityFast heartbeatLoss the coordinationMuscle weaknessConfusionLoss that visionSeizuresParalysis

Suddenly avoiding taking carisoprodol can create withdrawal symptoms, also after only short-term use. For this reason, a sluggish decrease in the use of carisoprodol is generally recommended.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

HeadacheNauseaStomach painSleep difficultiesConvulsions

Emergency room visits pertained to carisoprodol an ext than doubled between the years 2004 and also 2009, follow to the Indiana Prevention resource Center.

Effects of mix Alcohol and Carisoprodol

Alcohol need to be avoided as soon as taking carisoprodol. Mixing alcohol and carisoprodol can result in increased dizziness and also drowsiness as well as other clinical complications, including, however not restricted to, impaired motor control, storage problems, difficulty breathing, and also convulsions.

When metabolized through the liver, carisoprodol is transformed into meprobate, which has actually anti-anxiety effects. Carisoprodol can develop an opiate-like high or euphoria, resulting in carisoprodol being abused together a entertain drug. Including alcohol come the mix boosts the effect and brings that on much more quickly, do the mix highly habit-forming. Teens are particularly susceptible come the allure the this drug and may no realize the potential hazards affiliated in mix it v alcohol.

The overriding danger in mixing alcohol and drugs prefer carisoprodol is the increased likelihood of overdose. The Indiana Prevention source Center notes that ER visits regarded the drug much more than doubled between the years 2004 and 2009. Overall, deaths early out to merged drug interactions rose 360.5 percent indigenous 1983 to 2004, follow to the staying clear of Prescription drug Misuse Project. These fatal drug combinations often had alcohol and also prescription medications.

If you take carisoprodol, it’s essential to acknowledge the symptom of overdose, for this reason you deserve to seek immediate treatment.
Overdose symptoms might include:

Vision problemsFast heartbeatHallucinationsConfusionLightheadedness and/or faintingSeizuresMuscle stiffnessShallow breathing

“The overriding peril in mixing alcohol and drugs favor carisoprodol is the increased likelihood that overdose.” as well as the hazard of accidental overdose, the threats of mix alcohol and carisoprodol include special needs of your driving abilities and increased hazard of falls and injuries resulting from dizziness, seizures, and also loss the muscle control.

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If friend feel that you or who you love is addicted to carisoprodol and also alcohol, contact for treatment information and support.