Just about every college student at some allude will be compelled to make a solar system diorama. The is a fun project and also Floracraft renders a kit you have the right to buy. I take this kit to another level and show you how to make her solar mechanism diorama spectacular. This tutorial mirrors you whatever including just how to paint the planets. And also I additionally have a youtube video clip if you desire to watch just how to execute it all. (at the bottom that the page)

And ns have had in this indict a solar system reality sheet for you. Download it and print it up to include to her project. Ideal here: Solar System truth Sheet


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Floracraft has actually a nice small solar system kit you deserve to buy at Walmart, Michael"s, joanne or other arts and also crafts places. I present you how to take it to another level and make it yes, really pop!

An easy and also fast method to make this diorama is to connect all the planets directly to the sun choose this:


But we are going to do it differently. We will placed all the planets on a base and also line castle up according to their aligment in the solar system -from closest come furthest away from the sun:

Mercury - Venus - earth - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto (Dwarf Planet)



You will need something to usage as a base because that this diorama. If you space going out to gain the floracraft kit ns recommend you additionally get a sheet of foam. This one you see here is gain a piece of foam. I used the floracraft 12 x18" piece that is around 2 customs thick. You have the right to improvise something else if you need to.

Materials needed:

Floracraft solar system kit A huge piece the foam for the base (I usage a 12x18" the is 2 customs thick) Paints: Yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Red, Brown, Green, Grey Some sort of glue (Hot adhesive gun, or white adhesive

If girlfriend don"t buy the floracraft kit below is what come get:

Ten foam balls of assorted sizes A bag of barbecue skewers or thin wood dowels.

Products in this video clip and tutorial:

If you love amazon every one of these assets are available:

Okay! Let"s do this job (Continue)

Or you have the right to watch the video here:

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