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I want to use for both day and also night
I desire binoculars that deserve to be offered with a tripod
Orion UltraView 10x50 Binocular Solar Eclipse Kit


Orion UltraView 10x50 Binocular Solar Eclipse Kit
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usage this solar filter set and binocular combo to safely explore the Sun, and also use the included complete Solar Eclipse the town hall Guide and also 5-pack the Eclipse viewing Glasses to gain ready because that the august 21, 2017 complete Solar Eclipse!Included 10x50 UltraView Binocular provides 10-power magnification through extra-long 22mm eye relief because that comfortable viewing while wearing eyeglassesAttach the consisted of E-Series Solar filters to the 10x50 binocular to check out the sunlight safelyPrepare because that the august 21, 2017 complete Solar Eclipse through the consisted of 5-pack of Eclipse city hall Glasses and Orion 2017 complete Solar Eclipse city hall GuideCAUTION: never ever look straight at the Sun, also for an instant, through binoculars there is no solar filters mounted that completely cover the former lenses discover more
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Study the sunlight safely v this mix of E-Series Solar Filters and also the well-known Orion UltraView 10x50 binocular. Through the white-light solar filters installed, this combo allows you safely explore the sun at 10x magnification to check out sunspots various other solar phenomena. Once you don"t want to look at the Sun, simply remove the E-Series Solar filter from the 10x50 binocular and also use it there is no filters to check out daytime vistas and also starry skies.

Orion UltraView 10x50 Binoculars

Orion UltraView 10x50 Wide-Angle Binoculars are the ultimate in eyeglass- and sunglass-friendly binoculars! their extra-long 22mm eye relief allows the full ar of check out to it is in seen v eyeglasses on, simply by retracting the twist-lock rubber eyecups. UltraView binoculars are additionally long on optical quality. UltraViews feature the ideal BAK-4 glass prisms, and lenses finely ground and also polished come exacting specifications. All lens and also prism air-to-glass surfaces are totally multi-coated, giving much higher light transmission than have the right to be completed with the traditional coatings available on most other binoculars. Colors room pure and also images space tack-sharp appropriate out come the edges. The big center focus wheel allows quick focusing with simply a fingertip.

2.54" ID set of Orion E-Series Solar Filters for Binoculars

Once set up on 50mm binoculars, this E-Series Solar Filters display screen the sunlight in a pleasing, herbal yellow-orange shade unlike the unnatural blue shade actors by part other varieties of filters. The yellow-orange image of the sun yields high level of contrast and clarity for spicy solar views. The lightweight solar filter housings feature an within diameter (ID) the 2.54", which means they to the right binoculars who objective lens barrels have actually an external diameter between 2.38"-2.5" (60.3mm-63.5mm). Their 2.54" within diameter makes these solar filters a perfect right when installed on Orion 10x50 UltraView binoculars.

Are girlfriend "totality" ready?

We"re already excited about the respectable 21, 2017 total Solar Eclipse! occasions like eclipses definitely don"t take place every day, and it"s also rarer for the route of totality to be in our very own backyard, or simply a road trip away. If you want the ideal views that this rarely event, you"re in luck! Orion dead a full assortment of glass and also safety film solar filters because that derekwadsworth.coms and also binoculars. We"re your one-stop Solar Eclipse shop!

Orion Solar Eclipse safe Viewing Glasses, 5-Pack

Each collection of Orion Solar Eclipse safe Viewing Glasses feature solar polymer film because that safe straight viewing the the Sun. The solar film filters the end 100% that harmful ultraviolet and also infrared wavelengths of light, and they block 99.999% of extreme visible light because that a relaxing, comfortable and completely safe watch of the Sun and also the respectable 21, 2017 full Solar Eclipse. Due to the fact that five pairs are included, you have the right to safely re-publishing this rare experience with friends and family so no one feels left out!

Orion 2017 complete Solar Eclipse the town hall Guide

The thorough Orion 2017 total Solar Eclipse Viewing overview is packed with useful hints and viewing tips created by eclipse enthusiast Stephen James O"meara to help you gain this rarely spectacle from beginning to end. From first contact with totality and fourth contact, this guide defines everything you have to know and also describes what come look because that so you have the right to understand and also appreciate this awe-inspiring event.

Warning: never ever look straight at the sunlight through binoculars?even for an instant?without professionally made solar filters that completely cover the front lenses the the instrument, or long-term eye damage might result.


Limited Warranty against defects in products or workmanship because that ten year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the advantage of the initial retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details call us at 800-676-1343.


Please note this product was not designed or to plan by the manufacturer for use by a boy 12 year of age or younger.

Product Support
Visit our product support ar for instruction manuals and much more
Best for viewing
Brighter deep sky
Field of check out - linear
341.3 ft./1000 yd
Focus style
Center focus
Tripod adaptable
Diopter adjustment
2.0 lbs.
6.8 in.
Additional had accessories
Carry case, Deluxe wide neck strap, safety and security film solar filter
Other features
Wide angle, Twist-lock eyecups
In The Box

Orion UltraView 10x50 Wide-Angle BinocularDeluxe neck strapBinocular lens capsOrion Soft carry caseBinocular instance strap2.54" ID set of Orion E-Series Solar Filters because that BinocularsPack of 5 Orion Solar Eclipse for sure Viewing GlassesOrion 2017 full Solar Eclipse city hall Guide

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