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I’m the one who offered to be addicted come Pepsi.

I’m the one who drank a minimum of 4-5 Pepsis every day. I’m the one who drank Pepsi for breakfast, Pepsi for a late morning refresher, Pepsi for an afternoon treat, and also Pepsi v dinner. I’m the one who bought instances of Pepsi cans and also loaded mine cart v 2-liter bottles each time I went to the store.

I’m the one who took advantage of totally free refills in ~ restaurants by filling my cup over and also over and over. I’m the one who came up through excuses come go out to eat so ns could refill mine Pepsi cup over and also over and also over. I’m the one who had actually a dual standard – no letting my children drink soda, yet going through the drive-through every time i was the end so the I might get a huge cup of Pepsi, easy ~ above the ice.

I’m the one who ultimately learned much more about eat healthy, decided to make big changes in our diets, started buying free-range chicken and also organic lettuce, however still couldn’t provide up Pepsi. I’m the one who learned to hate high fructose corn syrup, but quiet couldn’t provide up Pepsi. I’m the one who had actually to land in the hospital due to the fact that I hadn’t been taking care of myself prior to I known my need to stop drink Pepsi and also fill myself v nourishment.

So I’m the one who understands others who have actually a tough time offering up your favorite soda. I’m the one. I entirely get it.

There to be two key reasons ns struggled to offer it up:

It tasted great to me. It was a treat!I love the fizzy burn the soda.

Now that I’m a recovering Pepsi addict (8 years clean!), I have actually pertained to a point that i don’t miss it any kind of more. That’s a total God thing, and I’m for this reason thankful for this!

But below are two points you need to know:

I still love drink that room a treat.I still love the fizzy burn that soda.

I love drinking plain water, believe that drinking level water is at sight important, and also make drinking several plain water a high priority every job to save my human body healthy. We must never instead of our water drink needs for “treat drinks.”

But similar to I think food is fun, ns think drinks space fun too. It’s funny to sit down v a cup that coffee topped with coco Whipped Cream. It’s fun to sip a warm Vanilla Soother. It’s fun to treat myself to a glass that refreshing iced tea. It’s funny to drink Creamy Orange Cooler with breakfast.


For my soda “fix?” right here are some fun treats I choose occasionally:

1. Mineral Water v a small Bit of Juice Added

I’ve discovered that about 1/4 cup of 100% juice (usually grape) mixed with around 1 1/2 cups of mineral water yes, really hits the spot. It’s mildly sweet, fizzy, and also fun.

2. 100% Juice cans of Soda

I to be so pleased that I continue to find much more and an ext varieties that “healthier soda” ~ above the market. It’s no cheap, and it’s still no going to market us lot in the means of nourishment – so we just drink this rarely. However it’s funny to stimulate a instance of this type of soda every when in a while for a unique treat. It’s fizzy and sweet – but not as well sweet since it only contains 100% fruit juice.


3. Flavored Sparkling Water

It has no sugar, and no fruit – for this reason if you’re looking for a sweet drink, this isn’t it. Yet the FIZZZZZZZZ!! i love the fizz in these. I think it’s funny that over there are different flavors prefer lemon, lime, orange, etc. I simply ordered a fun selection pack of talking Rain Sparkling Water online. I’ll reap one every couple of days together a refresh treat.

So how around you? have you kicked the soda habit? What room your favorite “treat drinks?”

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Kristine says

May 20, 2014 in ~ 9:01 pm

You could want to shot your hand at making homemade kombucha. You deserve to make it together zingy and also fizzy as you like. It’s delicious, refreshing and very low carb. And homemade is easy, inexpensive and also tastes for this reason MUCH much better than what you can buy. If you have a Nourishing heritages cookbook, the cooking recipes is in there. Girlfriend will need a scoby to start you off – deserve to be uncovered online or with someone who is willing to share. I just thought about soda as soon as I to be eating homemade pizza but I discover that kombucha is just the ticket. Ns drink the every day.

Laura says

May 20, 2014 in ~ 9:03 pm

Yes! I have actually a friend who makes awesome kombucha that she shares v me. And I’m trying my hand in ~ making the myself. :)

Breanna says

May 20, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Have you ever tried a Soda Stream? You have the right to put in your very own flavors and also then the device adds the carbonation because that you. I would certainly love to hear your evaluation on something favor that.

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Laura says

May 21, 2014 in ~ 9:21 am

Hannah VW says

May 20, 2014 at 10:45 pm

We drink water kefir regularly. Ns don’t make enough for us to be guzzling it however we drink a tiny serving every day on average. Periodically it is more fizzy 보다 others.

I concur v Melissa. I would prevent reading all the bad stuff about diet coke because I knew I need to stop. Ns haven’t review your blog in months, and also tonight i “happen” ~ above this one. This particular day I determined with the Lord’s aid to battered the habit. My only difficulty is the headache I recognize will come from absence of caffeine. I don’t favor to drink coffee every day. I also love the fizz, so ns am excited to shot some the the sparkling water recipes. Many thanks for the encouragement and being the tool that God provided in mine life today!