There"s a good question on what to do v dragon bones and also scales, and also there"s even a concern on whether you can buy them, however the concern I"m after:

Question: Where can one offer those blasted Dragon Bones and also Scales? Is there a perform of sellers that will certainly buy them?

Edit: I"m not looking for just a vendor, however preferably a perform of vendors (as I"ve collected about 25 of the them). The can be fried answer would also have an indication of (approximate) amount of gold available on the merchant.

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After some searching I uncovered a list of merchants on the Skyrim Wiki, yet that doesn"t answer my question. The page on Dragon Bone offers a little bit of details on marketing them, however no proviso on where to market them.

My follower would certainly be really thankful for any type of answer come this question, as she"s most likely getting worn down of hauling this loot around...

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Any general goods save will take it them: the two ones you"ll hit beforehand are the Riverwood trader in Riverwood and also Belethor"s basic Goods in Whiterun. Others include:

General products stores, there is no the "Master Trader" perk, generally seem to have approximately 750 gold.

I just evidenced LessPop_MoreFizz"s tip that apothecaries (potion shops) take it them, too: Arcadia"s Cauldron, for example. Others include:

Apothecaries, there is no the "Master Trader" perk, normally seem to have approximately 500 gold.

Beyond that, if you invest in the "Merchant" perk in the decided skill, you"ll have the ability to sell them anywhere you want, and if girlfriend invest in "Master Trader", every merchant will have actually a ton an ext gold.

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The most basic thing to do is execute a circuit amongst the basic goods stores and also apothecaries (or, if you have actually "Merchant" and/or "Master Trader", all stores in one area). By the moment you"re done rapid traveling, you"ll likely have spent 48 hours and also can market to the original merchant again. Yet if that"s still not convenient, sell to a merchant, and also wait 24 hrs twice: (relatively) immediate restock.