Use our guide to to win the Skeleton Lord through ease, avoid the worst the the skeleton horde, and then walk away v the Skeleton Lord\"s Soul.

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After finishing turn off Freja, it\"s time to gain stuck into one more boss fight versus the intimidating Skeleton Lord. We\"ll show you how to survive to this epic showdown through the undead, so that you have the right to walk away v the Skeleton Lord\"s Soul.

How to discover the Skeleton Lord

First things first, do your method to the Undead Lockaway bonfire, located in Huntsman\"s Copse. Leave the room you find yourself in and also go over the rocky bridge on her right. If you\"ve been adhering to our walkthrough from the beginning, you\"ll have actually been along this roadway before, but this time we\"re heading towards Harvest Valley.

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Carry on under this path, killing any type of of the opponents you encounter along the way, and then take a left at the an initial fork girlfriend come to. Kill any kind of other opponents you discover on this ar of the path, climate grab the items that\"s lied on the floor in the clearing ahead to get hold of 10 cram Knives.

Jump under onto the path listed below you, or additionally just head back the means you came and also take a left in ~ the fork come get earlier onto this lower path. Head towards the waterfall, and then bring on down the path that\"s simply to the ideal of the blocked-off door. Keep walking all the means around till you can see a cave that\"s over to your left.

Go within this cave, and also then kill every one of the skeletons skulking roughly inside. Seize the trio of flame Butterflies, then interact v the lever at the an extremely end to join both components of the cavern up. Currently head back to the waterfall, go up the stairs the are best underneath it, and also then walk v the mist ahead to begin the fight versus the Skeleton Lord.

There are a pair of different phases come the fight through the Skeleton Lord. First, you\"ll have to kill the three large skeletons, and also the good news is that they go under pretty easily. Next, you\"ll have to address a substantial pack the skeletons that go down just as fast, but represent a bigger threat because of their superior numbers.

How to death the Skeleton Lord

The minute you go into the boss fight area, go right towards the very first Skeleton Lord and kill the biology as quickly as girlfriend can. If you\"re fast, girlfriend should be able to take the down prior to the continuing to be two can get even get started. Now focus on killing one of the various other enemies. Just make certain you store one eye on her last opponent, for this reason you deserve to dart out of the way of any kind of attacks indigenous afar.

As quickly as you\"ve eliminated all 3 of the Skeleton Lords, make sure you prioritise death the skeletons top top wheels before any type of of the others. The factor for this is pretty simple: they move fast, and they struggle hard. Stay agile, save moving, and prioritise these particular monsters while maintaining an eye ~ above as numerous of the remainder as possible. You can, that course, dodge out of the means of any attacks the come close come landing.

Once this zippier adversaries have to be defeated, you deserve to turn your attention to the remainder of the pack. Don\"t take it them all on at once, instead keep relocating at all times so you have the right to take lock on in smaller sized groups. Follow this advice and you\"ll discover the remainder of this struggle really rather easy.

When the battle\"s over, just go through the door that\"s simply to the appropriate of the room\"s entrance. Store walking along the corridor on your right, then activate the bar when you come to it to reduced the bridge ahead. Go over it, walk with the corridor front of you, climate climb down the ladder once you with the end.

Carry on down the path you uncover yourself ~ above to get to Harvest Valley.

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