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a. Testes (Two).

The testes are 2 almond-shaped glands whose features are for the production of sperm and testosterone.

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The testes are suspended in the scrotal sac external the abdominopelvic cavity. It is thought that the testes lie exterior the body cavity bereason they are extremely sensitive to heat and the greater temperature within the body is unfavorable to the production of sperm.

Each testis is enclosed by a hard, white fibrous capsule referred to as the tunica albuginea. Exstress and anxiety of the capsule divides it right into a big variety of lobes. Each lobe has four tightly coiled seminiferous tubules (this is the place of actual sperm production). The seminiferous tubules empty sperm right into the testicular network where they travel to the epididymis. The epididymis is located external of the testis (check out figures 1-8 and 1-9).

Figure 1-9. Structure of the testes.

b. Duct System.

The duct device is the passagemethod for the sperm to departure the body. It contains the epididymis and also the vas deferens. (1) Epididymis. The epididymis is a coiled tube around 20 inches long. It caps the premium component of the testis and runs dvery own its posterior side. It forms the initially part of the duct mechanism and provides a temporary storage site for immature sperm.

When the male is sexually engendered, the walls of the epididymis contract to expel sperm right into the following component of the duct device. (2) Vas deferens (ductus deferens). The sperm continue their journey via the vas deferens. The vas deferens runs upwards from the epididymis via the inguinal canal right into the pelvic cavity and arches over the bladder (see number 1-8). It is enclosed with blood vessels and nerves in a connective tproblem sheath, which is dubbed a spermatic cord. The vas deferens empties into the ejaculatory duct that carries the sperm via the procedure to empty right into the urethra.

c. Accessory Glandular Structure.

The accessory glandular framework contains the seminal vesicles, prostate gland, Cowper’s glands, and also the penis.

(1) Seminal vesicles. The 2 seminal vesicles are pouches that store sperm. Sixty percent of liquid volume of seguys (seminal fluid) is produced tbelow. The secretion is wealthy in sugar (fructose), which nourishes and also activates the sperm passing with the tract.

(2) Prostate gland. The prostate gland also is a single gland also around the dimension and shape of a chestnut. It encircles the top area of the urethra simply below the bladder. It secretes a milky alkaline liquid, which has actually the role in protecting the sperm against acid conditions of the vagina.

(3) Cowper’s glands. The cowper’s glands are tiny pea-sized glands inferior to the prostate. They form a thick, clear mucus, which drains right into the urethra. The secretion is thought to serve primarily as a lubricant throughout sexual intercourse.

(4) Prick. The penis is a cylinder-shaped body organ located externally on the mons pubis, instantly over the scrotum. It is made of erectile tconcern with cavern-choose spaces in it. At the time of sexual excitement, blood fills these spaces, changing the soft, limp penis to an enlarged, rigid, erect organ.

The smooth cap of the penis is called the glans penis and also is extended by a fold of loose skin that creates the headlock foreskin. Surgical removal of this foreskin, called circumcision, is generally percreated. The penis also serves as part of the urinary tract in the male.

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